Lulubell Toys has another exciting Splurrt Saturday lined up for you on October 3rd 2020 at Noon ET. This month's roster includes Splurrt's Hot Pink Hambone, Cotton Candy Mecha Brain Cadaver Kid, and Poison Usir Kid in both unpainted and painted versions. Made in Japan in sofubi, these are between 4 and 5.5 inches in height and articulated in the neck and arms.

The Hot Pink Hambone is cast in unpainted bright pink and runs $70.00 plus shipping.

The Cotton Candy Mecha Brain Cadaver Kid is cast in teal base vinyl (with a clear brain cap) with pink, orange, and red spray detailing and hand painted accents. It's priced at $75.00 plus shipping.

And the Poison Usir Kid is cast in a yellow and black marble. The unpainted version goes for $60.00 plus shipping, while the painted runs $75.00 plus shipping. The painted features red, brown, and gold sprays with hand painted detailing.

All photos by Robert Howell / Manic Images

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