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Argonaut Resins 8 Ball T-shirt

Eric Nocella Diaz from Argonaut Resins has teamed up with Plastic Tree Designs to release a new t-shirt with a character that he's calling 8 Ball. "This new character is the head of a gang called the Billiardos (that might mean other color ways, stay tuned!) and ready to take on whatever comes his way. I designed this concept a bunch of years ago and like many things I work on sometimes the timing has to be right let these new ideas out into the wild." The shirts are available in red or white and are sized from Small to XXXL - stating at $25.00 plus shipping.

Tuttz Red Devil Cat T-shirt

Argonaut Resins has teamed up with Plastic Tree Designs to produce some exciting new t-shirts featuring some of artist Eric Nocella Diaz's most popular art images. The shirts will come in all sizes - from small to XXXL - and retail starting at $25.00 plus shipping. The first of the three planned will be the Tuttz Red Devil Cat based off of Eric's original sketch card art and sold out custom vinyl stickers. 

The Red Devil cat is now available to purchase here on the Plastic Tree Designs website. The next shirt style will be revealed soon...and Eric sent us a teaser of the image below.

Bone Ghost Agents Return!

Artist Sam Fout and Argonaut Resins team up again this year to release a blast from the past with a very limited return of sold out Bone Ghost Agents!
Agent 001 (Red with the standard pistol) and Agent 002 (Turquoise with the tricked out heavy firepower machine gun) will be available in the Argonaut Resins online store for sale on today (Monday, December 17th 2018) at 9PM ET. The agents are created, designed, and hand-painted by Sam Fout. They are sculpted, molded, and cast by END of Argonaut Resins. The agents will also be signed and numbered on their bottoms by artist Sam Fout. Pick one up for yourself for $125.00 each plus S&H.

Tuttz Holiday Catsicle Ornaments Now Available

Argonaut Resins has announced that the all new Tuttz Holiday Catsicle Ornaments are now available to purchase via their website. The run is limited to 10 pieces, for Christmas and New Years. Each 4-inch tall Catsicle will include a decorative Holiday styled ribbon ready for display. Also, they will be initialed and numbered on their bottoms. You can pick one up now for $13.00 each.

Halloween Glow In The Dark Sphinx Tuttz Cats

Argonaut Resins has dropped a trio of Halloween themed Glow-in-the-Dark Sphinx Tuttz Cats. Count Pinkula, the Mummy, and Purplestein are each sparkly and also glow in the dark. Produced by artist Eric Nocella Diaz, this Sphinx Tuttz cat series will be numbered and signed on the figure bottom. They are available to purchase for $60.00 each (which includes taxes, shipping and handling).

Halloween Tuttz Mini

Argonaut Resins is wishing everyone a Happy Halloween with a ten piece spooky glow in the dark Halloween Tuttz Mini resin release. The all new GID glitter and confetti cats will come in various colors, each a one of a kind, signed and numbered on their bottoms and custom box packaging. The Halloween Tuttz will sell for $40.00 each shipped in the US and go up in their online store today (October 15th 2018) at Noon ET.

Royal Pharaoh Hound Minis from Argonaut Resins

Argonaut Resins has released a handful of all new 5-inch tall resin cast, reflective gold, glitter and confetti infused Royal Pharaoh Hound Minis. The wave is a edition size of 25 pieces, available in various colors and styles. All Hounds will be signed by the artist - Eric Nocella Diaz - and numbered on their bottoms. You can pick these up for $50.00 shipped in the US.

Tuttz Sphinx Cats Release

The opening wave of the all new Tuttz resin cast Sphinx cats are now available in the Argonaut Resins online store. The new styled ancient Egyptian inspired pose was 3D sculpted by artist Francis Rivera, 3D printed, cast, molded and painted by Eric Nocella Diaz. There will be more styles and colors being developed and will follow this first wave with reveal announcements on the Argonaut Resins Twitter, FaceBook and Instagram pages. These new hand cast resin Sphinx Tuttz will retail for $60.00 shipped in the US.

Royals 2.0 Tuttz Mini

Argonaut Resins has released the Royals 2.0 Tuttz Mini. These 3.5-inch tall figures are limited to runs of 25 pieces of each colorway. The Tuttz cat concept was created in back 2010 and has been independently produced by artist Eric Nocella Diaz (founder, owner and operator of Argonaut Resins since 2008).

This new wave includes gold reflective pieces and onyx black with gold trim. They all will be numbered and signed on the figure's bottom. You can pick one up now for $40.00 (includes taxes, shipping and handling).

Tuttz Fairy Cats Series 3

Argonaut Resins has started dropping figures from the Tuttz Fairy Cats Series 3. If you missed out on the first two - sold out - waves, this is your chance. Some resins from the first few waves will be repeated along with a handful of new surprises. Keep an eye out on the store, as Eric will be adding a few every so often throughout the next week or so. There are currently a number of them available for $35.00 each.