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Pop! Marvel – Endgame Series

Funko has announced several additions to their Pop! Marvel - Endgame Series. You can celebrate your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains with this new roundup: Pop! Captain America holding a broken shield and Mjolnir; Pop! Iron Spider with the nano gauntlet; Pop! Hulk with a taco; Pop! Gamer Korg; Pop! Casual Thanos with the gauntlet; Pop! Thor with pizza; Pop! Captain Marvel with new hair.

Look for these plus a number of already released Marvel Avengers Endgame Pop! figures over at

Pop! Heroes – Batman Series

The Dark Knight is celebrating his 80th Anniversary and all of Gotham City is celebrating its favorite Super Hero. DC first introduced Batman — then called Bat-Man — in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. And Funko is going to help you celebrate 80 years of the Dark Knight with three additions to their Pop! Heroes: Batman Series. They include the Pop! 1st Appearance Bat-Mite and Pop! Red Son Batman. Additionally, there will be a Hot Topic Exclusive Pop! Merciless Batman. For the can grab them over at

Pop! TV – Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy

Funko has announced some new additions to a pair of their Pop! TV Series - Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy.

The Pop! TV - Stranger Things Series adds two more characters from Season 3 of the Netflix show. You can grab Pop! Robin Buckley - wearing her Scoops Ahoy uniform - and Pop! Alexei - the Russian scientist - for your Pop! collection. You can grab these or add some of the already released Pop! Stranger Things figures over at

The Pop! TV - Umbrella Academy Series features a number of characters from the Netflix series. You can bring home Pop! Luther Hargreeves, Pop! Diego Hargreeves, Pop! Allison Hargreeves, Pop! Klaus Hargreeves, Pop! Ben Hargreeves, Pop! Vanya Hargreeves (with a Chase), the time-jumping Pop! Number Five (with a Chase), and the Pop! Pogo the chimpanzee. Also, there's the Pop! Cha-Cha and Pop! Hazel and an exclusive glow-in-the-dark Pop! Ben Hargreeves (Hot Topic).

Pop! Games – Apex Legends, Guild Wars 2, and Dungeons & Dragons

Funko has announced a trio of new Pop! Games Series based on video and tabletop games.

The Pop! Games Apex Legends Series includes eight characters straight from the game, including Pop! Wraith, Pop! Mirage, Pop! Lifeline, Pop! Gibraltar, Pop! Caustic, Pop! Bloodhound, Pop! Pathfinder, and Pop! Bangalore. Look for them here on Amazon.

The Pop! Games Guild Wars 2 Series includes three characters from the videogame, including Pop! Rytlock - the Blood Legion Tribune stationed in the Black Citadel; Pop! Palawa Ignacious Joko - the powerful undead lich; Pop! Baby Aurene - the dragon with the gift of prophetic visions. (A digital item download code is included with each Pop!) Look for them here on Amazon.

And the Pop! Games Dungeons & Dragons Series includes a trio of characters from the tabletop role-playing game. They include the Pop! Asmodeus - the Lord of the Nine Hells, Pop! Mind Flayer, and Pop! Minsc and Boo. Look for them here on Amazon.

Savage World – Thundercats Wave 2

Funko has announced the lineup for their Savage World: Thundercats Wave 2. This second series includes Cheetara, Tygra, Monkian, and Jackalman. Look for these to be available to order over at, where you can currently grab the first wave of the Thundercats Savage World collectibles.

Pop! Movies – Tombstone Series

“I’m your huckleberry.”

Funko has announced the new Pop! Movies - Tombstone Series. Celebrate the wild west with your favorite Tombstone characters, including Pop! Doc Holliday, Pop! Virgil Earp, Pop! Wyatt Earp, and Pop! Morgan Earp. In addition, there will be several shop exclusives...including Pop! Doc Holliday with Cup (Target) andPop! Doc Holliday in a tense standoff (Walmart).

These figures are currently available to pre-order over at, where you can grab them for $10.99 each.

Pop! Trolls Series

They’ve got big hair and even bigger personalities. Funko has announced six new color options from their Pop! Trolls Series. There's the Pop! Teal Troll, Pop! Rainbow Troll, Pop! Pink Troll, and Pop! Orange Troll. Also, there are a pair of exclusives - the Pop! Yellow Troll (Funko Web Exclusive) and Pop! Blue Troll (Barnes & Noble). And all of these figures have real hair.

You can currently pre-order these over at for $10.99 each.

Pop! Movies – The Purge Series

Funko is gonna help you relive the spine-tingling terror of your favorite action horror-thriller franchise with the Pop! Movies - The Purge Series. This group of five figures includes Pop! Lady Liberty, Pop! Big Pig, Pop! Betsy Ross, and Pop! Freakbride from The Purge: Election Year and Pop! The Waving God from The Purge: Anarchy.

Look for The Purge Pop! Figures to be available to order over at

Pop! Disney – Kingdom Hearts III Series

Funko has announced seven new figures as a part of their Pop! Disney - Kingdom Hearts III Series. Celebrate friendship and embark on an epic journey through a magical world inspired by some of Disney and Pixar’s finest characters. The adventure begins with Pop! Sora with the Ultima Weapon, Pop! Kairi wearing her hood, Pop! Aqua, and Pop! Lea. In addition, there are a few exclusives: Pop! Kairi with the Keyblade (Funko Specialty Series); Pop! Dark Aqua with Keyblade (BoxLunch); Pop! Lea with keyblade (Hot Topic).

Look for these to be available to purchase over at

Pop! TV – The Office Series

Funko is helping you bring home your favorite colleagues from the hit sitcom  The Office with the Pop! TV - The Office Series. This drop includes Pop! Dwight dressed as an elf,Pop! Michael dressed as a classy Santa, and Pop! Dwight as Belsnickel. There are several exclusives, including Pop! 3 Hole Punch Jim for (Funko Shop), Pop! Prison Mike (Hot Topic), Pop! Dwight as the Hay King (Walmart), Pop! Goldenface Jim (Target), Pop! Andy Bernard (Target), and Pop! Jim as Dwight (Box Lunch).

You can currently grab these Pop! The Office figures over at Plus, they have plenty of additional Pop! The Office characters from previous releases.