I'm not sure what's the happier news for Adam Sandler - all of the Oscar buzz surrounding his performance in Uncut Gems...or having a boatload of new Pop! figures of him announced.

Funko has announced two new Sandler-inspired lines. The first in the Pop! Movies - Billy Madison Series. They'll let you re-live Billy Madison re-living his school years with the Pop! Deluxe Billy Madison in Bath, Pop! Penguin with a cocktail, Pop! Billy Madison, and Pop! Danny McGrath. Also, a Pop! Billy Madison with bag lunch will be available as a Target Exclusive.

Also, there's the Pop! Movies - Happy Gilmore Series. Fans of the golf comedy film can grab Pop! Happy Gilmore and Bob Barker as a two-pack, Pop! Happy Gilmore with a hockey stick, Pop! Otto, and Pop! Chubbs with a Chase.

And fans of comedy and water will be happy to see the Pop! The Waterboy Series. Bring home Pop! Bobby Boucher and you’ll never be dehydrated again. Also, there's a Target Exclusive Pop! Bobby Boucher in his football jersey.

Look for these to be available to pre-order over at Amazon.com
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