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Foox: As Within So Without

foox show

Artist David Foox will be exhibiting new and recent works at Lyons Weir Gallery in NYC. The opening of As Within So Without will take place on June 25th, 2010, with the show running through July 17th, 2010.

FOOX continues his campaign to promote organ donation through a series of paintings on x-ray film from celebrities. FOOX won’t disclose which celebrities have exposed themselves on x-ray, but it is not to be missed. Five other artists have also painted unique Organ Donor toys to be displayed in the show.

Renaissance Reduxx – The Solo Show of Kelly Castillo


The opening of Renaissance Reduxx - The Solo Show of Kelly Castillo - will take place on Saturday, June 5th 2010 from 6PM until Midnight. Taking place art Art Whino Gallery, the show will run through July 5th.

The premier of her 2010 series, Renaissance Reduxx, is a feminist critique of the modern day Renaissance women submitting to and breaking out of societal confines. Renaissance Reduxx follows the pursuit of women out of the banality of the traditional roles that subjugate women, portraying them on the verge of their journey in finding more exotic pursuits by way of eastern religions and empowered sexuality. The series will premier on the East Coast at Art Whino in June and then debut on the West Coast in print in art magazine Guardians or Bravery (GOB) with a corresponding art exhibition hosted at Rothick art haus in July.

Art Whino Gallery
173 Waterfront St.
National Harbor, MD 20745

Strangekiss Super Sale – 40% off Everything

strange ollie


Strangekiss is having a super spring cleaning warehouse BLOW OUT!. SAVE 40% PLUS ON EVERYTHING!!!

Want a Bart Simpson Qee for $40.00? They found quite a few in the warehouse. These are ultra rare. Email Strangekiss if you're interested. YES! Even the Mono version of Ollie is on sale. Tweet and Rock on!

Yukinori Dehara’s The Jizo

gr2 dehara

Giant Robot is proud to host The Jizo, an art show featuring new work by Yukinori Dehara. An opening reception - featuring a rare U.S. appearance by the Japanese artist - will take place from 6:30PM until 10:00PM on Saturday, June 5th 2010.

For this show, Dehara's inspiration will be Jizo, the Buddhist divinity who protects the departed souls of deceased children, babies, and unborn fetuses, whose likeness can be found in cemeteries and on roadsides in Japan. In Dehara's words, these statues are "Japanese stone angels.”

Ninja of the Month: Ninja-Ninja

notm06 1

The Shawnimals crew is set to release the newest Ninja of the Month: Ninja-Ninja. This NOTM piece will be available on Wednesday June 2nd 2010 at 1PM CDT. The Ninja-Ninja handmade 7" × 7" plush is limited to only 100 pieces - at $30 each.

From the tag:

"They say two heads are better than one – at least when one of the heads isn't sleeping! If these conjoined Twinjas™ worked to get their sleep schedules in alignment, they'd surely be double the trouble for any evil doer nearby. Not to mention all-you-can-eat buffets."

notm06 button sticker

Roller the Reindeer

toy2r Roller The Reindeer

This summer, Toy2R and David + Sun-Min will be joining forces to bring collectors the newest Bossy Bear friend - Roller the Reindeer. This 5″ tall figure will retail for $18 and drop late this summer. Bossy, Turtle and Crocadoca have a new friend, so make sure everyone’s ready!

Painted Ladies Show

painted ladiesfront
painted ladiesback5

The Painted Ladies show opening reception takes place on June 5th 2010, from 6PM until 10PM (running through July 3rd), at OhNo!Doom Gallery. This group exhibit celebrates the art of the female form. It features all new lady-themed work by painters, illustrators, designers and animators:

Shannon Bonatakis; Chucho; Kristina Carroll; Craig Elliott; Stephanie Inagaki; Jeremiah Ketner; Steph Laberis; Netherland; Vince Newkirk; Dave Palumbo; Jason Rudolph Pena; David Rettker; Arkady Roytman; Scott Tolleson; Alex Willan

A portion of the gallery proceeds from this event will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Walk (taking place June 5-6th) / Avon Foundation for Women.

OhNo!Doom Gallery
1800 N. Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Wish Come True Festival takes over Toronto

rainbow city

Coined the Wish Come True Festival, FriendsWithYou (Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III) has been commissioned by Luminato to immerse the city of Toronto in a magical world of color, happiness, and fun...a Rainbow City. Next month, from June 10th through June 20th 2010, they’ll be taking over the city with FriendsWithYou magic. You can read more of the details at

The Cartoon Utopia

cartoon utopia

Taking place at Domy Books in Austin, TX, The Cartoon Utopia - new work by Ron Rege Jr. - will open on June 12th 2010. The reception will take place from 7PM until 9PM, with the show running until July 29th.

The Cartoon Utopia began in early 2008 as a series of 60 small drawings focused on ideas relating to a futuristic “utopian” world. After attending Alchemical lectures in Los Angeles, the project was expanded to include larger drawings, and longer comics pieces relating to aspects of the the present “consciousness” movement, as well as taking inspiration from older esoteric traditions.

Kechoudan Custom Munny

munny kechoudan

You might recall the unique plush line that Gangtoyz released w hile back. But in addition to producing plushies, the folks behind Gangtoyz also work their magic on customs. Their latest custom piece uses a 7" tall Munny as the base figure. Named Kechoudan, this is yet again another impressive custom.