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Brent Nolasco has changed gears (somewhat) and announced a new project by the name of N.L.S.O. Why did he do this? Well, Brent describes below:

The whole idea under this Branding of N.L.S.O is to do [something] totally different from my fine art and not have them run it to each other. I [definitely want] to keep them separate. This art will be more polished and have more of a [manufactured] look [than] my fine art. Products will range from mix media art, prints, clothing, skate decks, resin, gallery shows and so on. [I'm] very excited about this project.

Brent will be bouncing back and forth between the N.L.S.O. name and Brent Nolasco for his custom pieces. However, by the end of the year, he will no longer be doing customs under the Brent Nolasco name...that will be strictly for fine art.

The first N.L.S.O piece was unveiled at the Mr. Powers Show at ToyQube. Named N.L.S.O Nike SB 01, the custom was prepared using a Nike SB Shoe, Mr. Powers Figure, Found Objects, Sharpie Pen, Thread, Spray Paint, Acyclic Paint, Paper, and Screws.

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