Crappy Cat Invades SDCC

Crappy Cat will be will be well represnted at San Diego Comic Con 2012. The Driver Red figure will be limited to a run of just 200 pieces. Each figure … Read More

SDCC Revolver Girl 6ix – Barenaked Edition

Rotobox Vinyl Anatomica will be releasing their 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Revolver Girl 6ix – Barenaked Edition. This will be available at the Kuso Vinyl booth (#4937). It … Read More

Chester Runcorn – PORT Edition

Kuso Vinyl has released the Chester Runcorn – PORT Edition. Designed by Doktor A, this 6-inch tall vinyl is packaged in a gift box with a flocked blister. This is … Read More

Fuluto Mini Series

Kuso Vinyl has released the Fuluto Mini Series. Designed by TobyHK, and produced by Kuso, the skull rabbit mini figures each measure about 4″ in height. There are 6 different figure … Read More

Kuso Vinyl’s Fuluto News

It appears that Kuso Vinyl – and Toby HK’s – Fuluto vinyl figure is coming closer to a release date. It’s the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, so it seems … Read More

Nakanari’s Spikiemon

Kuso Vinyl (Booth #736)will be releasing their 4” tall Spikiemon figure by Nakanari at WonderCon (from April 1-3). Spikiemon is limited to 400 pieces, with 100 of them being special … Read More

Red Lucky Cat Spiki

In (the) Chinese tradition, color red represents luck, good fortune, and happiness. And KusoVinyl is ready to send Lucky Cat Spiki to be the mascot and bring luck, good fortune, … Read More

Kuso’s Fahrenheit Kurogane

“When DARK arrives, Fahrenheit becomes a concealer, waiting to terminate Celsius. With his black suit, an advantageous position is taken!! Will Celsius be able to defeat Fahreheit Kurogane??????” Kuso Vinyl’s … Read More

Shadow Mictlan Japan Exclusive

Tomenosuke-syoten has announced their Shadow Mictlan Japan Exclusive from Jesse Hernandez and Kuso Vinyl. The predominantly silver and black vinyl figure is limited to a run of 50 pieces. You’ll … Read More

KusoPop + Nakanari’s iPhone Covers

We told you about KusoPop’s iPhone Covers. Well, Nakanari is showing off his designs, which will be a part of the line. They featuring your choice of Skitty or Spikiemon … Read More

KusoPop iPhone Cases

KusoPop will be releasing a series of iPhone cases. The series will feature artwork by Rotobox and Nakanari. If you’ll be at DesignerCon this Saturday, they’ll be on display at … Read More

KusoVinyl’s OG Mictlan

KusoVinyl will be releasing a very limited quantity of the OG Mictlan from artist Jesse Hernandez at DCon on Saturday November 20th 2010. Jesse will also be there to sign … Read More

Mikazukin Necklace from Kuso

It’s getting close to the start of the holiday shopping season. KusoVinyl and KusoPop want to thank customers for their continuous support, and they will be throwing in a free … Read More

Kuso’s Fahrenheit OG Release

Kuso Vinyl will be releasing their Fahrenheit OG tonight at Midnight PST (or 3AM EST on October 19th). Each figure comes with a blackboard, 4 swords, a cape, and the … Read More

Golden Lucky Cat Spiki

Kuso Vinyl has announced that a new Spiki colorway will be released at the J-POP Summit taking place in San Francisco this Saturday, September 18th 2010. This mini Golden Lucky … Read More