SDCC13: DKE Toys – Crapzombies

DKE Toys will have a very special GID Version of Crapzombies by Van Beater at San Diego Comic Con 2013. Each pair of Crappy Cat and Flunk Monkey comes with … Read More

FlunkMonkey MEME Six Pack

TVM has announced details for the FlunkMonkey MEME Six Pack tribute to memes. The exclusive is slated to be released on Monday September 24th 2012 at 2:00PM ET. It’s … Read More

Crappy Cat Invades SDCC

Crappy Cat will be will be well represnted at San Diego Comic Con 2012. The Driver Red figure will be limited to a run of just 200 pieces. Each figure … Read More

DKE Toys’ SDCC Exclusive CrapZombies Set

DKE Toys has announced their first 2012 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive. This is the CrapZombies Set by Van Beater. It will run $20.00 for the pair, and DKE Toys … Read More

Oh Schnapps: Poison Plum

For their next release, CrappyCat and FlunkMonkey shove off for a Multidimensional Schnapps Tasting tour. The first flavor on the tour is Oh Schnapps: Poison Plum. This is a plum … Read More

CrappyCat Poison Plum

For their next release, it appears that CrappyCat and FlunkMonkey will be available in a nice purple shade: Poison Plum. CrappyCat and FlunkMonkey shove off for a Multidimensional Schnapps Tasting. … Read More

Crap Stink Splasher

Getting drunk and making waves, the Crap Stink Splasher will binge for days. This exclusive is an edition of 125 sets. Each set includes: • CrapStinkSplasher CrappyCat figure • … Read More

CrappyCat Teaser

TVM has posted up this teaser image of what appears to be some expanding of the CrappyCat line. It looks like this one uses the Flunk Monkey platform. Could it … Read More

REVIEW: CrappyCat Series 1

Background Yo Ho! CrappyCat is drunk, down on his luck, and stuck between “who knows” and “who cares.” His life used to be amazing. Red carpet fashion shows, High tea … Read More

CrappyCat: Series 1 – Released

Brought to you by UnaCat, featuring designs by VanBeater, CrappyCat: Series 1 has been released. The series is blind boxed, featuring figures that are 2.75″ tall. There are 16 designs … Read More

Crappy Cat Series 1 – On The Way

TVM has announced that the Crappy Cat Blind Box Series 1 figures have started their journey to the United States. While they will be display at the DKE Toys booth … Read More

Crashed Crappy Cat

Trevor Van Meter has posted another peek from the Crappy Cat Series 1. This one is called “Crashed” and is described as: “After a long night, Crappy has finally crashed, … Read More

Time for a Crappy Cat Intervention

TVM is offering up another sneak peek at a Crappy Cat Series 1 design. This one is named Puked. It appears that Crappy Cat has had a little too much … Read More

What a Crappy (Cat) Teaser

Van Beater has posted up another teaser of one of the designs that will be a part of the upcoming Crappy Cat Blind Box Series. Apparently, Series 1 might be … Read More

CrappyCat Series 1 Peek

VanBeater has offered up another peek at a character from CrappyCat Series 1. This one is named M.Skull and appears to use the FlunkMonkey figure sculpt.