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For their next release, CrappyCat and FlunkMonkey shove off for a Multidimensional Schnapps Tasting tour. The first flavor on the tour is Oh Schnapps: Poison Plum. This is a plum based, fruity schnapps. The ingredients include plums, fermented heads of lost travelers, a dash of poison pink berry to add a sweet & smooth finish, and a trapped spirit to serve our thirsty friends. 100% proof … of life beyond death.

This exclusive is a limited edition of 125 2-piece sets. It will be released on Wednesday May 16th 2012 at 2PM ET, with the sale window being open for 48 hours.

For $35.00 (international shipping is extra), you'll get:

1 - Oh Schnapps : Poison Plum CrappyCat figure
1 - Oh Schnapps : Poison Plum FlunkMonkey figure
1 - 7.5"x13" Signed stamped & numbered Poison Plum screen print

crappy cat schnapps 2

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