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Little Axe is the newest figure from Erick Scarecrow. Each 6" tall hand painted resin figure is signed, numbered, and packaged by artist. Little Axe's black axe accessory is removable. The Dark Hood colorway is an ESC-Toy exclusive and limited to only 30 pieces worldwide. Less than 30 pieces will be made available on May 28th 2010 through the ESC Ebay store 11AM. You can pick one up for $110.

little axe 2

Here's the background story:

Once upon a time, there was a badass little girl that lived in a city near a forest. She was in need of gloves because her little hands were cold. She entered the forest and encountered a loud mouth wolf that boasted about how his claws could shred little girls like herself into pieces. The little girl wasn't threatened but intrigued by the wolf's paws. Especially since they would match her boots. They exchanged a few looks and moments later the little girl came out of the forest with a new glove. The wolf managed to escape and decided it was best not to mess around with little girls.

little axe 1

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