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Laptop Bags by Supreme Love Story


Shannon South sent us news of her designer-type laptop bags.  With all of the hearts (and a heart mirror),  these are definitely targeted towards the ladies.  Plastic People Design has produced the bags in two sizes...O...and they're animal friendly.

HenShu Bros Kanser


ToyQube has released photos of the next set of Kanser figures - Hen & Shu (Red & Green).  The HenShu Brothers are designed by
Keith Poon. Hen is limited to 300 pieces while Shu is limited to 200 pieces.  They are all individual numbered.  Keep an eye out for the Artist Series.

Going Once…


David Horvath has posted a Dunny prototype for sale on ebayKidrobot sent him a few, before the first line was produced, so he would have an idea what the line was like for his Two-Faced Artist Series.  So it's really one of the first Dunnys ever.  I'll have to put this on my watch list!

Chack + Rolito = Pity Rolitoboy


presents in its May issue, the new exclusive collaboration
between Mori Chack and Rolito – The new Pity Rolitoboy figure from
Toy2R. This new figure shows Pity after a tough day with Gloomy. The figure is limited to 500 pcs worldwide.  Each month
Previews will feature a wide selection of designer figures including
several surprise exclusives in its newly developed designer toy section.

Jared Deal’s Cereal Killers Piece


Jared Deal, the co-founder of Carnival Cartoons, has sent us photos of his submission for the upcoming Cereal Killers group art show.  His take on Frosted Flakes adds a little special something...killer snakes.  It's part of a complete balanced breakfast...or something like that.

The Modest Host


Part one in the Space Terror in Space series - The Modest Host - is a limited edition print from Squinktown.  The print is limited to 20 copies worldwide and come signed and numbered
at a cost of £20 shipped in UK, and £25 shipped overseas. It is an A3
print on photographic paper, and is part one in an upcoming series of
lunar based artworks.

Vinyl Fantasy: The Final Elements


Dr. Bao and Spive (the NVC Crew) sent us photos of their Vinyl Fantasy: The Final Elements custom for the Vinyl Elements custom show. They've taken a BUD, a Sqwert and a Dunny and gone crazy with it. The theme is the 5 Chinese Elements - mainly the fire, earth and wood elements - crossed with a little Final Fantasy.


Sleep Walkers


Re:Mind Studio sent us another photo of EYEFORMATION's Sleep Walkers plush line.  This time it includes all 3 characters in the line.  They'll be sending in photos of the character packaging, so continue to look for updates on this line.

GID Liberty Vinyl


Erick Scarecrow sent us a sneak peek at his glow-in-the-dark Liberty vinyl figure (produced by Kaching Brands).  Details have yet to be released, but we do know that the figure will be an exclusive to the UK website - Neon Martian.

Who Wears Short Shorts?


The first thing I thought when I saw the new Bill Russell Sports Pick figure from McFarlane Toys was "What the...??".  That must be the most interesting pose I have seen.  But apparently, that was Russell's unique rebounding style.  And he agreed to the figure only if he was in his signature rebounding pose.  I would think that those short shorts and the high leg kick might lead to a show for the first few rows of spectators.