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REVIEW: Bossy Bear Vinyl



David Horvath, the creator of Uglydolls, Little Bony and plenty other popular characters, has launched his first picture book – Bossy Bear.  While Bossy Bear is produced by Hyperion Books for Children, grown-ups will also find the domineering blue bear a comical read.

Bossy Bear is very bossy.  He wants everything HIS way, and he wants it NOW!

In conjunction with the release of the book, and David’s reading tour, Toy2R has developed and released the vinyl version of Bossy Bear. 



The figure is packaged in a partial window-front box.  If you’re a fan of seeing 2D work along with your 3D toy, you’ll obviously be pleased.  You can see how much Horvath artwork is peppered around the box.

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SHOW: Devil’s Sweet Smile


Furi Furi has returned to the designer toy scene with a bang.  Their Devil's Sweet Smile show at Pixie Gallery in Taiwan showed off the new VIL the Devil vinyl figure.  The figure was produced by Phalanx Creative.  And if you're interested in checking out the show, it will continue to run through June 3rd.



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I.W.G. Nehanda Exclusive at Freebento



Nehanda, the eagerly awaited limited edition vinyl from Rocketworld
goes on sale Tuesday May 22, 2007 at  The figure will
ship in early June.

The 7" pink elephant is a limited edition of 100 and only available at

Nehanda, designed by Patrick Ma of Rocketworld, sports a lethal RPG and a swank Terminator Skull graphic.

Retail Price:  $50.00

Sleep Walker Plush


Here's a look at the Sleep Walker Plush that will be released this summer from EYEFORMATION and Re:Mind Studio.  There will be a total of 3 suede/plush characters that feature bendable arms and a zip away pouch located in the body...filled with top secret content. Toys will also come in a very cool cardboard box!  These plushies will be limited to only 100 per character.

Seamour Sheep and Marty Mole

Crazy Label's other big release in their Spring/Summer line are the Seamour Sheep and Marty Mole figures from Dutch designer - Metin Seven.  They have released all of the important info on the line, which should be available in August 2007.


Item: Seamour Sheep

6" tall
w/removable goggles

Edition size: 600 pcs

SRP: $54.99 ea.


Item: Marty Mole


Edition size: 1,500 pcs

SRP: $15.99 ea.

One red-nosed Marty is inserted in every master carton (1 out  of 108).  They're super rare...only 14 in existence. 

Cameron Tiede’s Vader Helmet


In celebration of Star Wars Celebration IV, several artists have customized life-sized Darth Vader helmets.  Cameron Tiede sent a photo of his customized piece, which will be shown off at the show in LA (running May 24-28).

House of Liu…


Crazy Label has released information about their Spring and Summer lines of vinyl toys.  The House of Liu line is designed by veggiesomething (aka James Liu) and is made up of 2 figures: Mei Mei and Di Di.  Both will be available in August of 2007.


Item: Mei Mei (Classic edition)
6.5" tall (sword accessory)
Edition size: 800 pcs
SRP: $49.99 ea.

Item: Di Di (Classic edition)
6.0" tall (sword accessory)
Edition size: 800 pcs
SRP: $39.99 ea.


Huge Sale at Fugitive Toys


Fugitive Toys is having a massive sale with a huge percentage of their
stock being marked down. Some items are marked down to almost
wholesale. So there are definitely some great deals to be found.

The Vader Project


The Vader Project, a re-imagining of the iconic Darth Vader helmet by some
of today's hottest pop and underground artists, will have its World
Premiere May 24 to 28th, 2007 at Star
Celebration IV
, a landmark event being held at the Los Angeles
Convention Center to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. The
five-day event is expected to attract more than 25,000 Star Wars fans
from around the world


The Vader Project is presented by
Master Replicas Inc. and curated by Dov Kelemer of DKE Toys. Kelemer gathered 75
of the hottest underground and pop surrealist painters, artists and
designers to participate.  Each artist was given a Master
Replicas 1:1 scale prop replica of the actual Darth Vader helmet used in
the Star Wars films. Each helmet served as a blank canvas for each
artist to paint, design, mash up, and customize. 

Here is a partial list of artists, as well as some smaller photos of some of their work.  When they say 75 of the top artists...they really mean it!  We've shown you works by Suckadelic (top) and Alex Pardee (middle) thanks to DKE Toys!


Toy Break Episode 7


Episode 7 of Toy Break has been posted.  They have a new goal of making shorter episodes and trying to get them out at least every two weeks, maybe even weekly.  As always, there is a bunch of inside info, contests and banter from the three collectors on the couch.