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Sket One – Kidrobot 13


Sket One's newest piece is Kidrobot 13...the pirate.  The figure includes the following: a treasure chest, map, hook, removable beard, eye patch, and hat.  It's limited to 1,000 pieces and will retail around $39.95.  Signing events are taking place in NYC (May 15th), San Francisco (May 16th) and LA (May 17th).

Dwayne Wade All-Star Vinyl


Upper Deck continues to release figures from their All-Star Vinyl line.  Miami Heat guard, Dwayne Wade, will be the next NBA superstar figure.  Look for D-Wade to drop on Tuesday May 22nd at 9:03 AM PT.  The figure will be limited to a run of 1,500 figures in the black jersey and 500 in the red jersey.

New Products at Frozen Empire Toys


Now in stock at Frozen Empire Toys:

Orange Toxic Swamp Dog 8" Qee by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2R  (Previews Exclusive)
Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll - Dalek  (Both Colorways Available)
CI Boys - 7 Deadly Cins by Kidrobot / Red Magic
TV Heads - Artist Series 1 by Kaching Brands
Clear Pink Gabulin by Touma / Wonderwall
Bossy Bear by David Horvath / Toy2R
Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll - Kozik
Gama-Go - "Pistols" Womens Tee
2.5" OXOP Series 3 Qee
And more great new items to follow in the weeks to come! Keep an eye on the Frozen Empire Toy's website for frequent updates.

REVIEW: Star Wars mimobots



Mimoco, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., recently released Series 1 of their Star Wars mimobot Designer USB Flash Drives.  The first series includes 4 of the most recognizable characters in the Star Wars galaxy: Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, R2-D2 and Chewbacca.  You’ll now be able to store data on one of your favorite sci-fi movie characters.



The Star Wars mimobot line come packaged in a clear cylinder that is about 6” in height.  The Star Wars and mimobot logos are both prominent.  The top lid details what character, what number in the run, and the size of the mimobot.

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Glenn Barr – Hell’s Proprietor Vinyl


This is bound to be our favorite Dark Horse produced figure.  Dark Horse will be producing a new line of Glenn Barr figures.  September will bring the first in the lineup - the Hell's Proprietor vinyl
figure.  Available in two colors and standing 11" tall, the figure should retail around $75.  The brown figure will be limited to 1,000 pieces, while the blue will be a run of 500.

SHOW: Vinyl Toy Network


Robert, from Kung Fu Toys, has sent us photos of the Vinyl Toy Network show.  It took place on May 6th at the Pasadena Convention Center, and from most accounts, felt like a mini San Diego Comic Con.  There were a number of toy companies, retailers and artists, so vinyl collectors could spend lots of time and money.



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REVIEW: Sports Picks NBA Series 12



McFarlane’s Sports Picks has become one of the company's most recognizable figure lines (perhaps second behind Spawn).  They currently produce figures for the four major US sports – hockey, football, baseball and basketball. 


Their NBA line is now in it’s sixth year, with Series 12 being released in March 2007.  Many of the most recognizable names in the sport have been immortalized in action figure form.  Series 12 includes the following players: Gilbert Arenas (Wizards), Chris Paul (Hornets), Elton Brand (Clippers), Dwayne Wade (Heat), Allen Iverson (Nuggets), Tony Parker (Spurs) and Ben Wallace (Bulls).



McFarlane uses it’s clamshell packaging for the Sports Picks line. Once your remove the figure, you won’t be able to replace it in the packaging for display.   Collectors are often conflicted with clamshell, because it protects but it’s a pain to open.

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Second Annual 3 Feet High Show


Presented by, the 2nd annual 3 Feet High show is being curated by Andrea Breitman.  The theme f the show is 'skate decks and their adventures at the carnival'.  Jared Deal has sent us some photos of the skatedecks he has customized for the show.

May 12th - June 23rd
opening reception: Monday, May 14th 2007
7 pm - 11 pm

1039 Washington St.
Hoboken, NJ
(201) 653-1703


Alexis’ West Glo-Kock Prototype


The talented artist - Alexis West - has sent word of the completion of his Glo-Kock figure.  It's the first in a series of his hand
made prototypes and is hand-carved from hardwoods.   Detailed photos of the tooling and production process can be viewed at Alexis' website - "The Swinging Seesaw"

Mr. Hahn Ningyo Project Signing


The Mr. Hahn Ningyo designed by Joe Hahn (Linkin Park) and produced by
Super Rad Toys will drop this coming Monday on May 14th at 7 PM.  The event will be taking place at Joe's SURU boutique on Melrose.  Joe Hahn will be on site to  sign
his Ningyo for the release event.  Get there early!!!


7662 Melrose Ave,

Los Angeles, CA
(323) 655-0770