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WWS Warehouse Liquidation Sale

Wheaty Wheat Warehouse Liquidation Sale


Wheaty Wheat is having a huge blowout sale with up to 90% off of well known products (just look over there to the left to see what I'm talking about).

This warehouse liquidation sale will only run through April 1st. So if you were ever putting off picking up one of these figures, you probably won't get a better deal on them.

REVIEW: Space Crab



One of the newest figures released by Wheaty Wheat Studios is the Space Crab designed by Pixelfillu. While there’s not a lot of background information on the character, you can deduce by looking at the vinyl piece (and by its name) that these are giant crabs dressed in space suits. The piece was released in four different colorways – red, green, white and black.



The figure is packaged in a window-front box that features Space Crab artwork on three of the panels (the sides and back). There is no background information included about the character.  And each figure is contained in dual plastic trays.

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REVIEW: Buckeye Rot



It’s been over three years since we caught our first peek at Sket One’s crazy tomato character – Buckeye Rot.  If you remember, it followed Sket’s other produce related vinyl…the giant eggplant – Eggster.  And it was just recently that Wheaty Wheat Studios released the Buckeye Rot rotocast vinyl.



This is one of the best packaging jobs that we’ve seen recently. Each figure comes in a wooden crate that’s filled with shredded paper…to make a bed for the Buckeye Rot figure.  While there is no background reading on the crate, there is that great, weathered sticker that reads Buckeye Rot Pickled for Freshness.

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Cabin Fever Blowout


Wheaty Wheat's Cabin Fever Blowout will continue for a limited time.  With up to 40% off select products, you'll want to pick up something.  For wholesale pricing and inquiries, contact

Wheaty Wheat Cabin Fever Sale


Beginning this Monday (February January 19th) the Wheaty Wheat Store will begin running their “Wheaty Wheat Cabin Fever Sale”.  It will run through Friday February January 23rd and feature drastically reduced prices on many of their products, such as Pixelfillu's Space Crab and Sket One's Buckeye Rot.

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GID Black Buckeye Rot at NYCC


Wheaty Wheat Studios will be releasing the Glow-in-the-Dark Black Buckeye Rot at NY Comic Con - only at the My Plastic Heart booth.  Sket will be there for signing at 2:00PM Saturday, so you might want to get that killer packaging signed by the artist himself. MPH will also hold a raffle for a Regular AP (Artist Proof) Ringo Bear. You'll get a raffle ticket with the purchase of the Buckeye Rot figure.


Now Available From Wheaty Wheat


Wheaty Wheat Studios has released two highly anticipated vinyl figures - Buckeye Rot and Space Crab.  Now available via their online shop (ask them about wholesale), the regular version of Sket One's Buckeye Rot is limited to a run of 804 pieces and comes packaged in a cool wooden crate - $45.

The Space Crab figure is available in three different colorways - Red (304 pcs), Green (160 pcs) and Black (80 pcs).  Each of these figures are currently $59 from the WWS shop.


Space Crab and Buckeye Rot…On The Way


According to Wheaty Wheat, Space Crab and Buckeye are on the ocean steaming to a store near you.  They should soon be available at finer vinyl toy retailers and via Wheaty Wheat's online shop.

Space Crab by Pixelfillu comes in 4 limited color variants: Green (limited to 160 pieces); Black (limited to 80 pieces); White (limited to 560 pieces); Red (limited to 304 pieces).  Each figure comes with removable helmet, articulated eyes and claw arms.

Buckeye Rot by Sket-One has been a long time coming, but worth the wait.  The figure comes in 2 limited color variants: Regular Red (limited to 804 pieces); Black w/ GID Teeth and Eyes (limited 204 pieces). Each piece comes in its own wooden crate with two sets of interchangeable hands and 2 knifes.

VTN and Toy Crazy Shows


Wheaty Wheat has announced a pair of new shows that they'll be a part of.   Of course, the VTN Dec show is just around the corner.   This 2 day event at the Pasadena Convention Center will include a custom show among other events.  These photos are of the Vinnie custom.

They'll also be taking part in the “Toy Crazy” Show at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC.   The show is on view from October 15th until February 1st.   The opening reception will be on Thursday November 7th, from 7P until 9PM (6PM to 7PM for members).

A wildly diverse and irreverent selection of toys and games, from vintage mechanicals, Star Wars, GI Joe and Transformers to contemporary Japanese vinyl and plush toys—this exhibition is a reminder that there should always be time to play! Wheaty Wheat’s contribution to the show is the original paint master and approved test shot of Mr Bunny produced by Wheaty Wheat Studios, from the 2D works of Joe Ledbetter, along with the production Roto cast molds and spray masks from the Mr Bunny figure.