It’s been over three years since we caught our first peek at Sket One’s crazy tomato character – Buckeye Rot.  If you remember, it followed Sket’s other produce related vinyl…the giant eggplant – Eggster.  And it was just recently that Wheaty Wheat Studios released the Buckeye Rot rotocast vinyl.



This is one of the best packaging jobs that we’ve seen recently. Each figure comes in a wooden crate that’s filled with shredded paper…to make a bed for the Buckeye Rot figure.  While there is no background reading on the crate, there is that great, weathered sticker that reads Buckeye Rot Pickled for Freshness.


The Figure

Buckeye Rot is approximately 2.5" tall by 8.75" wide. The rotocast vinyl figure features five points of articulation (shoulders, wrists and tail).  It comes with two sets of interchangeable hands: one set with a hole in the middle and one set featuring the middle fingers extended.  The piece also includes a pair of knives, which you can either place in his hands or in a small slot in the figure’s head.

Buckeye comes in two limited edition colorways: Regular Red and Black with GID eyes and teeth.  The regular edition is limited to 804 pieces, while the GID edition is limited to a run of 204 figures.


Our Opinion

That old adage “good things come to those who wait” might just be true when you’re talking about Wheaty Wheat’s Buckeye Rot vinyl.  Let’s first check out what I consider to be the standout…the packaging.

The wooden crate, which supposedly was part of the delay issues, feels like a real shipping crate.  It’s an amazing replication.  And considering Wheaty Wheat could have gotten away with producing a cardboard box that looks like a crate, it’s a great extra that you won’t throw away.


When it comes to the actual figure, there’s one thing we would have wanted to change – the open hands. The holes in those hands are much larger than the knives, so you don’t get a natural fit.  But if you’d prefer Buckeye flashing you the bird, you won’t have to worry.

It’s a fun, unique piece that includes some small graffiti elements, which Sket One is well known for: the signature on the bottom, Buckeye’s arrow tail and the tattoo on the back.

Overall, it’s a well-made piece that will please fans of the artist…and maybe even vegetarians who are looking for a kick ass mascot.


For wholesale inquiries, contact

You can pick one up at the following:

Wheaty Wheat Store: Regular $45

The GID edition is exclusive to the MPH booth at NY Comic Con for $50.

Buckeye Rot Grades:

Quality: 8/10
Paint: 8/10
Packaging: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Hype: 8/10
Fun Factor: 9/10
Value: 8/10

Overall: 9.2/10


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