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Simply Bubble Boom Blythe

blythe 1

Blythe has released the final design for the new CWC Exclusive Neo Blythe "Simply Bubble Boom". This doll, which uses their new 'Fairest' face mold, is scheduled to be released this month (June 2010). It's a limited edition of 1,500 dolls and should retail around ¥10,290 (about $113).

blythe 2

Doronjo x Blythe


Is it a Blythe doll superhero?  This is the final design for the collaboration doll with the live
action movie Yatterman, Doronjo x Blythe (Doronjo meets Blythe).
Her costume is based on Doronjo's costume from the movie. This is a limited edition Neo Blythe.

Regina Heinlein at Ogilvy & Mather‏


has announced a special exhibit featuring the
work of Regina Heinlein and the Bilderklub artists at Ogilvy &
Mather NY
on May 8th from 5PM through 7PM.

Which Way is the Beach? will include a painted mural and other original artwork by Berlin illustrator Regina Heinlein,
one of the newest artists to join the CWC International roster.  Heavily
influenced by nature and folk art, Regina frequently combines imagery
of trees and women for work that is compelling both in its beauty and
social statement.

A collection of prints by the acclaimed BILDERKLUB group of illustrators ( will also be on exhibit.

Ogilvy & Mather
12th floor of the Worldwide Plaza
309 W 49th Street, NYC, NY

LILLIPUT ~ my little friends


~ my little friends
opened on April 10th to a steady crowd of eager
Blythe fans, Japanese art aficionados, and the simply curious, all of
whom were encouraged to climb into a bed at the center of the exhibit
and experience the sensation of being approached by a multitude of
wide-eyed dolls.

The exhibition runs through May 14th.  All of the artwork in the
exhibit, including each of the one-of-a-kind, customized Blythe dolls
in the installation, is now available for purchase online via

ALFORT at Gallery Hanahou


Japanese avant-garde art collective ALFORT will be customizing 80 Blythe dolls to create a dreamlike scene of little people who inhabit a landscape of unconscious memory.

Titled "Lilliput ~ my little friends", the exhibit will run April 10th until May 14th at gallery hanahou, with an opening reception on Thursday, April 10th from 6PM until 9PM.  All of the dolls and artwork from the show will also be available online via beginning April 16th.

gallery hanahou
611 Broadway, Suite 730
NYC, NY 10012

Pure Blythe Custom – Plum


This is Plum and she loves everything that is purple. She is a quietly confident girl who looks best in summer gardens where the sun illuminates her face and her hair shines with rich colour. Her freckles give her that cutie girl-next-door look whilst her dramatic eye make-up lends a mischievously playful edge. She likes nothing more than to collect and press flowers (purple ones of course) and go faerie hunting in the nearby woods.

Emma from Pure Blythe has created another amazing custom Blythe doll.  It's currently available for purchase on ebay...only a few days left.


Neo Blythe “Gentle River”


Last year's winner of the first Natural Beauty competition for
the "Blythe Beauty Contest", Team Sibley's doll became an official CWC
produced Limited edition Blythe doll.

Like the Grimm story of Hansel and Gretel, Gentle River lives in cottage
in the forest and lives together with her favorite animals. Because
River loves nature, her outfit is designed for outdoor play, but also
very cute play!

Stay tuned for more news on the Team Sibley Petite Blythe "Lemon Butter!"


Petite Blythe – Lavender Love


Lavender Love is a Petite Blythe wearing an apron just like the very
popular Alice series Marmalade  Heart and Cherry Ash. Her straight
hair, eyes, and eyelids are all lavender color just like her name.

The set includes:

Doll (Tip Toe), apron, one-piece dress, hair accessory, bloomers, shoes, stand

The figure will only be available at the following:

April 22, 2007 (10AM) Kiddy Land Harajuku (100 dolls)
April 22, 2007 (12 Noon) CWC Shop "Junie Moon" (100 dolls)


Spanky Panky Blythe by Devilrobots


The newest Petite Blythe figure - "Spanky Panky" - has been designed by Devilrobots.  They're known for creating cute but edgy characters...and they've now brought that edge to Blythe.

The set includes:
Doll (Tip Toe), hat, jacket, dress, belt. leg warmers, shoes, Black Cat Tofu mascot, and stand.

Petite Blythe "Spanky Punky" collaboration with Devilrobots
Price: 3990 yen (about $34)
Date Available: Friday March 30th, 2007

REVIEW: Running Deer and Treasure Hunt Petite Blythes



Cross World Connections (CWC) is the company behind the popular Blythe doll.  CWC, who works in conjunction with Hasbro, holds the Asian license rights for Blythe.  Blythe is produced in several different sizes, from several different materials.


The Petite Blythe dolls we are reviewing are Treasure Hunt and Running Deer.  Both figures were released this past summer in Japan. 



The two figures differ in packaging.  Since the Treasure Hunt Petite Blythe seems to be more of a “deluxe” set, she is packaged in a clear plastic box showing all of her assorted accessories.

On the other hand, Running Deer is packaged in a box with a window front.  It’s probably not as impressive to display, in case you prefer keeping figures in their packaging.

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