Now in stock at Frozen Empire Toys:

Orange Toxic Swamp Dog 8" Qee by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2R  (Previews Exclusive)
Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll - Dalek  (Both Colorways Available)
CI Boys - 7 Deadly Cins by Kidrobot / Red Magic
TV Heads - Artist Series 1 by Kaching Brands
Clear Pink Gabulin by Touma / Wonderwall
Bossy Bear by David Horvath / Toy2R
Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll - Kozik
Gama-Go - "Pistols" Womens Tee
2.5" OXOP Series 3 Qee
And more great new items to follow in the weeks to come! Keep an eye on the Frozen Empire Toy's website for frequent updates.

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