PlayOn MimoPowerDeck

Mimoco has announced a new portable battery charger – the PlayOn MimoPowerDeck. Limited to 500 pieces, the PlayOn MimoPowerDeck is an original design inspired by the classic look of pixelated retro … Read More

Energizer Bunny x MimoPower Backup Battery Chargers

Mimoco has announced joining forces with Energizer to bring the Energizer Bunny to MimoPower Backup Battery Chargers. The Energizer Bunny x MimoPowerBot, Energizer Bunny x MimoPowerTube2, and Energizer x MimoPowerTube2 will … Read More

You can wait for your own MimoPowerBot…

Mimoco has their MimoPowerBot available to pre-order via their website. There are over a dozen designs there, with prices ranging from $49.99 for artist MimoPowerBots to $59.99 for licensed ones. Those … Read More

Bellicosity MimoPowerTube by Nathan Hamill

Mimoco has introduced their Artist Series x MimoPowerTube 2600 – Bellicosity by Nathan Hamill. The MimoPowerTube 2600 is a single cell rechargeable backup battery that powers up smartphones and other 5V mobile devices. … Read More

NYCC14: Mimoco Exclusives

Mimoco has announced their 2014 New York Comic Con MimoPowerTube Exclusives. The limited edition Monsters X MimoPowerTube designs featuring five monsters in special colorways…along with one r0b0t0 MimoPowerTube exclusive. There … Read More

SDCC14: MimoPowerTube Artist Series

Mimoco will be releasing their first MimoPowerTube Artist Series, featuring 17 designs from 10 artists on their line of universal backup batteries for smartphones and other USB-powered devices, at San Diego Comic … Read More

MimoPower BatteryBot

Mimoco has introduced MimoPower BatteryBot – a rechargeable backup battery for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. This is their first in the MimoPower line of mobile charging accessories. They’re going … Read More

SDCC13: Mimoco – 4 New Exclusive Mimobots

Mimoco continues to run down their 2013 San Diego Comic Con releases/exclusives. Four of the latest announcements pretty much have the entire gamut of collectors/enthusiasts covered. There’s the Chewbacca Variant … Read More

Workaholics’ Blake Henderson MIMOBOT

Mimoco has announced the release of the Blake Henderson MIMOBOT from the Comedy Central series Workaholics. Available in sizes from 8GB ($19.95) to 128GB ($109.95), the Blake MIMOBOT is a … Read More

Mysterion MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive

Mimoco has released the Mysterion MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive. Straight from the streets of South Park to your computer, Kenny…err…Mysterion protects all of your important files from the evils of … Read More

Hikaru Sulu MIMOBOT

Mimoco, under license by CBS Consumer Products, has announced the second installment in the Star Trek x MIMOBOT Series. The Hikaru Sulu MIMOBOT has been released in a limited edition … Read More


Mimoco, in collaboration with Lucasfilm and in honor of the Star Wars fan favorite holiday May the Fourth Be With You, announced the R2-A6 MIMOBOT. R2-A6, an astromech droid in … Read More


Mimoco has announced a brand-new character in the UGLYDOLL x MIMOBOT line: the Big Toe MIMOBOT. Available in sizes up to 128GB and in USB 3.0 capabilities, the MIMOBOT USB … Read More

Jar Jar Binks MIMOBOT – No longer an April Fool’s joke

We might have been fooled by the April Fool’s joke Mimoco played on collectors last year. But like a lot of these fake products that get some positive buzz, Mimoco … Read More

The Riddler Mimobot

Mimoco has announced the release of The Riddler Mimobot, the newest DC Comics villain character to be transformed into a Mimobot USB flash drive. The Riddler Mimobot is now available … Read More