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PlayOn MimoPowerDeck


Mimoco has announced a new portable battery charger - the PlayOn MimoPowerDeck. Limited to 500 pieces, the PlayOn MimoPowerDeck is an original design inspired by the classic look of pixelated retro video games. It's available in both 4000 mAh ($29.99) and 8000 mAh ($49.99) capacities. To put that into context, the MimoPowerTube is 2600 mAh and the MimoPowerBot is 5200 mAh. The PlayOn MimoPowerDeck features a four level LED light charge indicator, dual USB outputs for charging two devices simultaneously, and compatibility with Android, iPhone, and most other 5V USB devices. Each MimoPowerDeck also comes with a Micro USB to USB charging cable to ensure that you'll be ready to charge your devices out of the box.

Energizer Bunny x MimoPower Backup Battery Chargers


Mimoco has announced joining forces with Energizer to bring the Energizer Bunny to MimoPower Backup Battery Chargers. The Energizer Bunny x MimoPowerBot, Energizer Bunny x MimoPowerTube2, and Energizer x MimoPowerTube2 will be joining Mimoco’s extensive line-up of pop-culture-infused portable backup battery chargers.These will be available to purchase later in 2016.

You can wait for your own MimoPowerBot…


Mimoco has their MimoPowerBot available to pre-order via their website. There are over a dozen designs there, with prices ranging from $49.99 for artist MimoPowerBots to $59.99 for licensed ones. Those licenses are Star Wars and Adventure Time. These are a $10.00 savings off of their MSRP.

So here's the issue....

The MimoPowerBot originated via the BatteryBot Kickstarter project that Mimoco started in 2013 (ending in November 2013). I personally pledged $50.00 to back the project...since I like their USB Flash drives and have covered the company for years. Rewards were slated to ship out beginning in June 2014, with the product being able to make its grand entrance at San Diego Comic Con. Well, that got pushed back. And again pushed back. And so on.


My $50.00 pledge was the "Early Bot Special". There were 51 backers who got to shell out $60.00 for the same thing I did. That's a penny more than you can pre-order them for right now (They offer free shipping on orders above $50).  

Also, Mimoco stated on their Kickstarter page that MSRP for the BatteryBot would be $70.00 for the artist and $80.00 for the licensed BatteryBots. That would be either a 38% or 25% savings, depending on whether you snagged the "Early Bot Special". Rather than getting the promised 38% savings off of MSRP, I'll actually be getting 29%...and those people who thought they were getting a 25% savings will be more like 14%...the same amount anyone can get right now.

There's been little in the way of updates recently. The last was an offer to spend money on Mimoco items that are apparently in stock. And there's been no word of any extras for Kickstarter backers who are now waiting on nearly a year and a half old technology.


Bellicosity MimoPowerTube by Nathan Hamill


Mimoco has introduced their Artist Series x MimoPowerTube 2600 - Bellicosity by Nathan Hamill. The MimoPowerTube 2600 is a single cell rechargeable backup battery that powers up smartphones and other 5V mobile devices. It includes a USB charging cable with multiple tips (microUSB, miniUSB, Nokia, Apple 30 pin, Apple Lightning) and a velvet carrying pouch to stash it all in one place. You can pick yours up, with Nathan's Bellicose Bunny adorning it, for $29.99.


NYCC14: Mimoco Exclusives


Mimoco has announced their 2014 New York Comic Con MimoPowerTube Exclusives. The limited edition Monsters X MimoPowerTube designs featuring five monsters in special colorways...along with one r0b0t0 MimoPowerTube exclusive. There are only 75 pieces of each design, and you'll be able to pick one up at Booth #154.


SDCC14: MimoPowerTube Artist Series

mimoPowerTube SDCC

Mimoco will be releasing their first MimoPowerTube Artist Series, featuring 17 designs from 10 artists on their line of universal backup batteries for smartphones and other USB-powered devices, at San Diego Comic Con 2014 (Booth #5245 and #2913M).

Artists include:

Nathan Hamill; Marc Johns; Nathan Jurevicius; Andrea Kang; L’Amour Supreme; Shawnimals; Sucklord; TADO; Julia Rothman; Julie West

All of the Artist Series MimoPowerTube styles will be produced in limited editions of 100 pieces or less. If they're priced similar to the original MimoPowerTube, you're looking at a price around $29.99.

MimoPower BatteryBot

Mimoco has introduced MimoPower BatteryBot - a rechargeable backup battery for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. This is their first in the MimoPower line of mobile charging accessories.

They're going the Kickstarter route in order to get the initial 10 BatteryBot designs kicked off. These designs are from the Animal Critterz and Core Series collections. Personally, I feel like they would gain much more support (and funds) by not including the licensed BatteryBots as part of their stretch goals.

This project will only be funded if at least $65,000 is pledged by Friday November 22nd 2013 at 11:59pm EST.

SDCC13: Mimoco – 4 New Exclusive Mimobots

Mimoco continues to run down their 2013 San Diego Comic Con releases/exclusives. Four of the latest announcements pretty much have the entire gamut of collectors/enthusiasts covered.

Mimoco Star Wars Chewbacca SDCC

There's the Chewbacca Variant Mimobot, featuring C-3PO in pieces strapped to his back. This one is limited to a run of 1,000 pieces.

Mimoco My Little Pony Fan Favorite

Also, the Fan Favorite My Little Pony Mimobot. Bronies rejoice! 850 of you will be able to pick one up.

Mimoco Adventure Time Ice King

The Adventure Time Ice King Mimobot is sure to warm the cockles of your heart. And there are 850 of them available as well.

Mimoco Legends Bruce Lee

Finally, there's the Bruce Lee Variant Mimobot, featuring a cut up Bruce from some film called Enter The Dragon. Obviously, he has been attacked by a magical dragon. It's limited to 400 pieces.

Workaholics’ Blake Henderson MIMOBOT

Mimoco Workaholics Blake MIMOBOT

Mimoco has announced the release of the Blake Henderson MIMOBOT from the Comedy Central series Workaholics. Available in sizes from 8GB ($19.95) to 128GB ($109.95), the Blake MIMOBOT is a limited run of 1,000 pieces. If you're a fan of the show (I've admittedly never seen it), you can pick one up now.

Mysterion MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive

Mimoco South Park Mysterion MIMOBOT

Mimoco has released the Mysterion MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive. Straight from the streets of South Park to your computer, Kenny...err...Mysterion protects all of your important files from the evils of your desktop. (Or something like that). Currently available in sizes ranging from 8GB to 128GB ($19.95 to $109.95), there are only 850 pieces in existence.