Mimoco has their MimoPowerBot available to pre-order via their website. There are over a dozen designs there, with prices ranging from $49.99 for artist MimoPowerBots to $59.99 for licensed ones. Those licenses are Star Wars and Adventure Time. These are a $10.00 savings off of their MSRP.

So here's the issue....

The MimoPowerBot originated via the BatteryBot Kickstarter project that Mimoco started in 2013 (ending in November 2013). I personally pledged $50.00 to back the project...since I like their USB Flash drives and have covered the company for years. Rewards were slated to ship out beginning in June 2014, with the product being able to make its grand entrance at San Diego Comic Con. Well, that got pushed back. And again pushed back. And so on.


My $50.00 pledge was the "Early Bot Special". There were 51 backers who got to shell out $60.00 for the same thing I did. That's a penny more than you can pre-order them for right now (They offer free shipping on orders above $50).  

Also, Mimoco stated on their Kickstarter page that MSRP for the BatteryBot would be $70.00 for the artist and $80.00 for the licensed BatteryBots. That would be either a 38% or 25% savings, depending on whether you snagged the "Early Bot Special". Rather than getting the promised 38% savings off of MSRP, I'll actually be getting 29%...and those people who thought they were getting a 25% savings will be more like 14%...the same amount anyone can get right now.

There's been little in the way of updates recently. The last was an offer to spend money on Mimoco items that are apparently in stock. And there's been no word of any extras for Kickstarter backers who are now waiting on nearly a year and a half old technology.


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