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Hello Kitty Kaiju Cosplay 16-inch Plush

Kidrobot x Sanrio have released a new plush collectible - the Hello Kitty Kaiju Cosplay 16-inch Plush. After a sold out San Diego Comic Con 2019 debut, this Kidrobot x Sanrio Hello Kitty Kaiju Plush is available to purchase for $29.99. Stomping around in her perfectly constructed dino costume, Hello Kitty is ready for a movie, a comic con, costume contest and most importantly your Hello Kitty collection.

NYCC19: Kidrobot Exclusives (and a Pre-Sale)

Kidrobot has announced their New York Comic Con Exclusives and a pre-sale opportunity that will take place via their site on Wednesday, August 14th 2019 at Noon ET. They'll be at NYCC (October 3 - 6) at Booth #110 with three limited edition exclusives from Bob's Burgers, The Simpsons, and Sanrio's Hello Kitty. The pre-sale orders will ship after NYCC (so...if you're not attending the show...)

The exclusives are listed below:

Kidrobot x The Simpsons Nigiri Blinky Mini Figure - Rainbow Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition 
Limited to 1500 pieces
$20.00 each

Kidrobot x Sanrio 3" Hello Kitty Unicorn - Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition
Limited to 1000 pieces
$20.00 each

Kidrobot x Bob’s Burgers Louise Dragon with the Girl Tattoo Mini Figure - Red Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition
Limited to 500 pieces
$15.00 each

Kidrobot x Disenchantment – Luci Plush

From the popular Netflix series - Disenchantment - by Matt Groening (yeah...The Simpsons guy), Kidrobot has announced their Disenchantment Luci 8-inch tall Medium Plush. In advance of the September 20th debut of the season numero dos, Kidrobot opens the gates of medieval hell to the one and only Luci the Demon. You can currently pick one up for $11.99 and have it in time for your binge-watch party.

The Many Faces of Andy Warhol Series by Kidrobot

Kidrobot has released The Many Faces of Andy Warhol Vinyl Mini Figure Series, which features 14 collectible vinyl figures of the greatest Pop Art icon: Andy Warhol. Covering three decades of famous looks - including his black glasses and white hair - this 3 inch tall blind-boxed mini-figure series brings Andy’s fashion forward looks to your vinyl collection. You can currently pick them up for $9.99 each.

Sanrio Cute Scoops Ice Cream Plush

Kidrobot has released their latest Sanrio collaboration - the Sanrio Cute Scoops Ice Cream Plush. Coming with four adorable ice cream scoop flavors, the Kidrobot x Sanrio Cute Scoops ice cream carton plush lets you scoop up your favorite characters and build your own Sanrio fun. Packed with four colorful velcro ice cream scoops - Hello Kitty, Badtz-Maru, Keroppi, and Pompompurin - and two cones, this plushie Ice Cream sweet treat can be purchased now for $29.99.

Kidrobot x Kronk – Buzz Kill Chia Pet Dunny

Kidrobot and South Africa based artist, Kronk, are excited to release the white edition of the Buzz Kill Chia Pet Dunny. This 5-inch tall clay terracotta Dunny figure comes with a packet of chia seeds for you to use. This version is a limited edition of 400 pieces. Just remember to water those little guy...or else you'll end up with the bald Buzz Kill shown below. Look for it to retail for $39.99.

Godzilla King of the Monsters Mini Figure Series

Kidrobot returns to the minifigure game with their Godzilla King of the Monsters Mini Figure Series. This blind-box series features versions of Godzilla throughout the years, with versions from various Godzilla films. Each blind box runs $9.99. The series includes 13 collectible Godzilla figures, including the following:

Godzilla 1954
Godzilla 1985
Burning Godzilla
Two Mystery Chase Godzilla Figures
Godzilla 1995
King Ghidorah
Mothra Larva
Shin Godzilla

Arcane Divination – The Lost Cards Dunny Series

Kidrobot has released their latest Dunny series - the Arcane Divination - The Lost Cards Dunny Series. This new collection includes designs from artists Camilla d’Errico, Doktor A, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Tokyo Jesus, and J*RYU. New figures include The Emperor (Doktor A), The Chariot (Jon-Paul Kaiser), Strength (Camilla d’Errico), Justice (Tokyo Jesus) and The Star (J*RYU) - all meticulously created to reflect the spirit of Tarot. You can currently grab this new blind-box series over at Kidrobot for $11.99 each.

Two New Gudetama Eggstra Lazy Collectible Lines

Kidrobot x Sanrio have announced several new Gudetama Eggstra Lazy collectibles, including the Vinyl Mini Series and Enamel Pin Series.

The Gudetama Eggstra Lazy Vinyl Mini Series includes 10 blind-boxed Gudetama figures. Whether he’s climbing into an avocado bed, getting a gude tan on or setting sail for your heart, you can grab these for $9.99 per blind box.

Also, there’s the Gudetama Eggstra Lazy Enamel Pin Series by Kidrobot x Sanrio. Featuring 10 effortlessly adorable Gudetamas, you'll want to collect all the Gude Looks - like Nerd, Eggcellent Cook, Sailor and Bacon-Wrapped. You can grab these pins for $5.99 each.

Futurama Good News Everyone Vinyl Mini Series

Now available from Kidrobot comes the Futurama Good News Everyone Vinyl Mini Series. Coming straight off the dark matter exhaust of the Universe X “best of” mini figure series, Futurama x Kidrobot have announced this new 3-inch tall series. For the first time in 3-inch Kidrobot vinyl, you can collect Professor Farnsworth, Scruffy, Bubblegum Tate, and more. The blind-box series is currently available to purchase for $9.99 each.