Yummy World Samantha’s S’more Plush

Kidrobot and Yummy World have released their newest plush – the Yummy World Samantha’s S’more Plush.  This plush combines chocolate, graham crackers, and a pair of marshmallow friends. You can … Read More

Catcus Plush: Can’t Touch Hiss Edition by Linda Panda

Kidrobot has released their newest plush collectible – the Catcus Plush: Can’t Touch Hiss Edition by Linda Panda. Standing in at 8 inches in height, the Catcus plush has a … Read More

Money 5-inch Metal Dunny – Rose Gold Edition

Kidrobot has released the Money 5-inch Metal Dunny – Rose Gold Edition by artist Tristan Eaton. Limited to a run of 1,000 pieces, this Dunny can be picked up for … Read More

Kidrobot – Sexy Deadpool and X-Force Deadpool Plush

Kidrobot has dropped a pair of Deadpool Phunny plush collectibles from their Marvel Plush Collection. The Sexy Deadpool Phunny (shown above)is propped on his elbow, holding a rose, and giving you … Read More

Exquisite Corpse Dunny Series

Kidrobot has released a new 3-inch tall Dunny series – the Exquisite Corpse Dunny Series. This collection features a brand new version of the Dunny, one that is magnetically held … Read More

Hello Kitty Time to Shine Mini Figure Series

Kidrobot and Sanrio have announced the new Hello Kitty Time to Shine Mini Figure Series. Following up on the Hello Kitty Time to Shine Keychains and Hello Kitty Time to Shine … Read More

Kidrobot Harbinger 8-inch Dunny by Martin Ontiveros

Kidrobot has released the Harbinger 8-inch Dunny Art Figures by Martin Ontiveros. Available in two editions, the Harbinger 8-inch Dunny Art Figure comes in a Blue Edition and the Kidrobot.com Exclusive … Read More

Smorkin’ Labbit White 14-inch Plush by Frank Kozik

It sorta feels like I’ve been seeing Frank Kozik’s Smorkin’ Labbit character for a good portion of my life. And I am pretty old. Nonetheless, Kidrobot is bringing fans, collectors, … Read More

Kidrobot x Godzilla 65th Anniversary Collection

After debuting at San Diego Comic Con this year, Toho Studios and Kidrobot have partnered to introduce the Godzilla65th Anniversary Collection. From plush to vinyl to apparel – the collection spans … Read More

2019 Chunky Holiday Dunny 3-inch Art Figures by Alex Solis

Kidrobot is getting in the holiday spirit with the release of their 2019 Chunky Holiday Dunny 3-inch Art Figures by artist Alex Solis. The 2019 Chunky Holiday Dunny Art Figures are available … Read More

New Kidrobot x Hello Kitty Releases – Vinyl, Pins, and Keychains

Kidrobot and Sanrio have dropped a handful of new Hello Kitty items, including the following… The Hello Kitty 9-inch Art Figure – Golden Gloom Edition by Candie Bolton follows up that … Read More

Yummy World: Charlie the Cherry Pie Medium Plush

From Kidrobot comes the newest addition to the Yummy World…world? The Charlie the Cherry Pie Medium Plush is a 10 inch slice of plush cherry pie (with a cherry on top). … Read More