What happens when Frank Kozik’s iconic pop art figure the Labbit collides with the classic nostalgia of Ch-ch-ch-chia? A glazed terracotta, mustache wearing, butthole baring, cigarette smokin', pack-Labbit, of course.

Kidrobot has introduced the Chia Pet Smorkin Labbit Terracotta Art Figure by artist Frank Kozik. Just spread those soaked chia seeds (packet provided) and water on your smoking Labbit friend and wait for the magic to happen.

Available in three different color versions, each figure retails for $29.99. The Black Edition (400 pieces) is available for order only at Kidrobot.com. The Orange Edition (200 pieces) is also only available from Kidrobot. And the White Edition (400 pieces) can be found a art toy retail stores.

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