Kidrobot has dropped the Vultura Macabra 14-inch Art Figure by renowned artist Camille Rose Garcia. This version, the Moldy Mint Edition, is a limited edition of 150 pieces. The Exclusive green colorway measures 14" x 8" x 6" and has been produced by the folks at 3D Retro. It can currently be purchased for $155.00, but remember that it's a fairly limited edition run.

"My vulture love started early. It may have been from Disney's Snow White, those twin vultures perched on the rock ledge during the storm, aiding the evil Witch in her quest to ruin Snow White. Perhaps it was my teen goth obsession with Egyptian symbolism? It may have been seeing a baby vulture at the zoo, that adorably ugly head and those prickly undeveloped feathers." - Camille Rose Garcia

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