Kidrobot is bringing DesignerCon 2020 to you this year with several exclusive releases. Starting today (Friday November 13th 2020) at Noon ET, Kidrobot will drop their Comic Con Exclusives and customs for pre-order on 

Kidrobot partnered with Arte Marakame and a village of artisan natives of the Wixarika communities of Tatei-Kie (San Andres Cohamiata) and La Laguna of the Sierra Madre Occidental in the Jalisco state of Mexico for a new series of custom hand-beaded art pieces. These artists spend up to 400 hours on each art piece, applying up to 90 thousand beads by hand to tell a story of their culture. Prices range from $150 to $3,650.

Also, the next terracotta Dunny from Cristina Ravenna and Chia Pet will be available. The Rubesco Pink Edition is a limited edition of 200 pieces worldwide and will sell for $40.00.

And Kidrobot has teamed up with Sanrio for three Con Exclusive 3-inch Vinyl Figures as an extension of the Kidrobot x Hello Sanrio Mini Series. Each limited edition figure is limited to 350 pieces (the first half of the set quantity sold-out at LA Comic Con). Each figure will sell for $13.00.

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