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Now Shipping From adFunture

Two new adFunture products are set to begin shipping out in the near future. Teddy Troops Series 2 will start shipping out in late September. Each figure is about 3.5" tall and will be individually packaged (NOT blind boxed). The...

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Designer Toy Reading

Two new books will be released this fall about the designer toy market. Dot Dot Dash!: Designer Toys, Action Figures and Character Art is from the editors of Pictoplasma 2. The book is 288 pages and is set to be...

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Toy Reviews, Wheaty Wheat

REVIEW: Andrew Bell’s Zliks

Background ZLIKS are a strange species of creatures that live primarily underground. They often travel in packs and will only emerge from their burrows in search of food, fun, friends... or revenge. The line, produced by Wheaty Wheat Studios, has...

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Site News

The Official Logo

We at Plastic and Plush - which is essentially me (Brian) - have decided on an "Official" logo. It has been designed by the ultra-talented Shan Michael Evans (tragicmagichead). We're hoping to produce some shirts, posters, etc. Hope you like...

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New Doktor A Custom

Doktor A is at it again with an amazing Munny custom. This time he went with a pirate theme. It looks like the figure could have come straight out of the Pirates of the Carribean Disney ride.

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8″ Qee Mama’s Boy Bear

Huck Gee's Mama's Boy Qee design will be one of the lucky customs to be produced in a run of 500 pieces (400 pieces for retailers and 100 pieces of an exclusive Club Toy2R colorway). Look for the design to...

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Carnival Cartoons

Harriet in Wax

Jared Deal is showing off photos of Carnival Cartoons' Harriet vinyl figure...however...she's currently in wax form. They are getting ready to do the tooling and detail on the sculpt. It will be the 2nd figure from Carnival Cartoons Carney's line.

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2.5″ Hump-Qee Dump-Qee Eggs

Toy2R has announced the 2.5" Qee Magic of Color Series 1 : Hump-Qee Dump-Qee Egg assortment. They are designed by Gary Baseman and available in 6 different colors (Gold, Silver, Black, Red, Light Purple and Light Blue) with a limited...

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The Bomb Project

The Bomb Project is a custom toy exhibition taking place in Denton, TX. The show will feature both local talent and artists from all over the globe. Artists will be customizing BUDS and NADES (by Jamungo). If you would like...

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Shows, Wootini

Ron Liberti and Doug Barker at Wootini

In the Triangle area of North Carolina? Well…you’ll want to swing by Carrboro’s Carr Mill Mall and Wootini on September 8th (from 7pm to 12am) That’s when the opening reception of Ron Liberti & Doug Barker’s gallery show will take...

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