2” C.i.Boys the KAIJU series

Everyone's getting into making kaiju...and now Red Magic is introducing an entire 2" C.i.Boys line - The Kaiju Series.  It will take everyone's favorite little C.i.Boys characters and turn them into creepy little monsters.  Or not creepy?  Maybe...

2” C.i.Boys Beach Boys Series

Red Magic has introduced their 2” C.i.Boys Beach Boys Series. Why would a place with wonderful Sun, Sea and Sand fill with horror? It’s because the trouble-making C.i.Boys are here to spend their holiday! Deri and Nomi playing from the shore to the deep blue sea, from...

6” Chinese Vampire Deri

Red Magic has released the above photo of their 6" Chinese Vampire vinyl figure (which looks a little like Deri from the C.i.Boys)There is an ancient myth saying that when a person dies unpeacefully, his body will become a vampire for vengeance. The notorious...

Crazy Park Original

The 2" tall Crazy Park Original line from Red Magic contains 8 different designs...all of which are flocked.  Each little figure is on a display base, which has Crazy Park printed on the front and little flocked trees next to the figure.

Railroad Engineer Nomi

Red Magic has released the above pictured 6" tall Railroad Engineer Nomi.  Decked out in a hardhat, safety vest and whistle, he comes with what looks like a rather large lantern.

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