Space Boys Invasion II

One of the Red Magic's upcoming CiBoy lines is the Space Boys Invasion II series.  The 13 figures are all designed as aliens, astronauts and the like.

6″ SAS CiBoy

Red Magic introduces their 6" tall SAS CiBoy figure.  Complete with a gun and pull-over mask, this figure is ready to raid your house.  And just think about time you go to rob a bank, you won't have to search for a disguise.  (We do not...

Dark Side of the Moles

Red Magic and DGPH have teamed up to produce a line of Ci Boys called Dark Side of the Moles.  The blind-boxed line will include 13 different designs from the Argentinian design collective.  Who wouldn't want a Cabello Ci Boy??

Spooky Daddy’s mr tum tum

Mr tum tum is the little man who lives inside your belly. He is the one who decides after your food gets down there what becomes good stuff your body uses and what becomes poop. Everyone has their own Mr. Tum Tum, from little cute babies to wrinkly old men. And...

SAM Artist Series 1

Oz from sent us some photos of his SAM design.  The 2" tall figure is blind boxed and features 12 designs from some of today's top artists.  Even though SAM has been around for a while, it's interesting that this is Red Magic's 1st...

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