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Locals Only at Wootini Gallery

wootini locals only

Wootini Gallery has gathered some of their favorite local artists for their upcoming group show - Locals Only. The show will feature Triangle (North Carolina) artists. Every piece will be $100 or less, and customers can take their purchased art home with them that night.

The show takes place on June 17th 2011 from 7PM to 11PM.

A partial list of artists includes:

• Citrusface
• Mat Curran
• Evoker
• Andy Foltz
• Dave Graedon
• Kelly Green
• Sean Kernick
• George Lamontagne
• Brockton McKinney & Bo Fader
• Eric Morin
• Poe
• Laurie Shipley
• Chris Schwing
• Jason Strutz

Wootini Gallery
101 Lloyd Street
Carrboro NC

Opening Tomorrow: Little Green Men

wootini Little Green Men 1

Tomorrow night (Friday April 15th 2011), Wootini Gallery will host the opening of the “Little Green Men” show. The reception runs from 7PM until 11PM, with a show featuring artwork from current and former employees of North Carolina-based game development company, Red Storm.

Partial list of participating artists:

Richard Case, Andy Foltz, Travis Getz, Randy Greenback, Keith Kadera, George Lamontagne, Sebastien Lienard, Rob Newns, Doug Oglesby, Steve Reid, David K. Rose, Lee A. Williamson, Andrew Bosley

Wootini Gallery
101 Lloyd Street
Carrboro, NC

Little Green Men at Wootini

wootini Little Green Men

Wootini Gallery is proud to present Little Green Men, a show featuring artwork from current and former employees of North Carolina-based game development company, Red Storm. The guest curator, Andy Foltz, is a current employee of Red Storm and chose to include his co-workers because of the talent fostered and brewing at the gaming company.

The Opening Reception takes place on April 15th 2011 from 7PM to 11PM. The Little Green Men show will run until May 15th 2011.

Of the theme choice, Andy says, “The theme of little green army men seemed like a natural overlap of Red Storm's game franchises and the toy and pop culture interests Wootini represents. But the name 'Little Green Men' also invites associations with aliens, Area 51, and top secret wartime research projects. So it started with the seed of military themed entertainment and toys and expanded into the wider universe.

Wootini Gallery
101 Lloyd Street
Carrboro, NC

Wootini Gallery Presents “Blood Brothers”

wootini bloodbros

Wootini Gallery is proud to present Blood Brothers, a group show by a trifecta of talent: Abe Lincoln Jr., Evoker and MCA. It was inevitable for these artists’ mischievous, cute, strange and wonderful work to come crashing together in one show. You can see their artwork publicly, lining the streets on stickers, in galleries around the world and in boutiques on vinyl art figures for Toy2R and Kidrobot. All influenced by popular culture and cartoons, yet each with a distinct art style that translates fluidly from the streets to canvas to vinyl.

Blood Brothers will feature prints, stickers, original paintings, and customized designer figures. The opening reception will take place on Friday March 4th 2011 from 7PM until 11PM, while the show runs until March 31st 2011.

Wootini Gallery
101 Lloyd Street
Carrboro, NC

New Zealand Goes Pop at Wootini Gallery

wootini NZGP

Wootini Gallery is excited to announce the New Zealand Goes Pop group art show featuring artists living in - or originally from - the proud little country down under. The opening reception will take place on Friday, February 4th 2011 from 7PM to 11PM. If you can't make it to the opening, the show will run until February 28th.

Jess George aka Team Sweet is acting as curator for this show held at Wootini Gallery in Carrboro. The New Zealand Goes Pop show will feature prints, original paintings, plushies and customized designer figures from a group of over 10 artists.

Artists include (but aren't limited to):

Becky Dreistadt, City Down, EDMO!, Jake Hope, Karla Hansen, Marc Streeter, Michael Kennedy, Paul Shih, PNTR, Podgy Panda, SHOo, thisisrabbit, and Xander Laytin

Wootini Gallery
101 Lloyd Street
Carrboro, NC

The Addams Family Show at Wootini

wootini addams family show

The Addams Family Show will be opening at Wootini Gallery in Carrboro, NC on January 7th 2010. This show is inspired by everyone's favorite inversion of the ideal American family - The Addams Family. The opening will take place on January 7th beginning at 7PM, with the show running until January 31st.

Participating artists include:

Doktor A, Scott Blair, Evoker, Andy Foltz, Mike Groves, Chris Hamer, George Lamontagne, Eric Morin, Laurie Shipley, Ben Walker, Bruce White

Wootini Gallery
101 Lloyd Street
Carrboro, NC 27510

Wootini presents Bruce White’s “Velveta”

wootini velveta show

It’s been a year and a half since Bruce White brought us “It Came From .. Planet Velvet”. Now bolder and cheesier than before, Wootini Gallery is proud to unveil Bruce’s new work on Friday, December 3rd, 2010 at 7PM with his new show “Velveta”. They recommend signing up for the event on Facebook, to find out more info and keep updated.

New inspirations of icons presented to you in a way never before seen in all their glorious Velvet. Come out early on December 3rd, because you will be very sad when you see a ‘red dot‘ next to the painting you just had to have in time for Christmas.

*a red dot means that it is SOLD

I Remember Halloween at Wootini

wootini CrimsonGhostScionFlyer

Wootini is proud to present I Remember Halloween (sponsored by SCION), a group Halloween themed show, featuring local artists and artists from all over the states. The opening reception will be held at the new Wootini Gallery location in Carrboro, NC on Friday, October 1st 2010 from 7PM until 11PM.

Participating artists include:

James Rheem Davis, Martin Ontiveros, David Rose, Danny Miller, Ron Liberti, Motorbot, Adam Saul, Eric Morin, Kevin Herdeman, Jonas Britt

Wootini Gallery
101 Lloyd Street
Carrboro, NC 27510



Wootini Gallery Roadshow and New Gallery Space Opening

wootini roadshow

Wootini Gallery has announced the opening of the Wootini Gallery Roadshow, a group exhibition of work from artists from the Wootini Art Tour, curated by Jess Wootini (aka “Team Sweet“). For two weeks this summer, Jess hit the road, traveling to Raleigh, NC; Philadelphia, NYC; Boston, MA; Chicago. IL; and Las Vegas, NV meeting artists along the way, interviewing them, snapping photos and collecting art to bring back to Carrboro. The opening will take place on Friday September 3rd 2010 from 7PM until 11PM, with the exhibit running through September 30th.

The Roadshow will feature everything from mixed media work to handmade plush figures. As an added bonus to all of those who come to the opening reception, Boston-based artist, Evoker will be in attendance, doing some live painting around the gallery. Evoker is one of three Roadshow artists in Project SF, an impressive international art collective that produces innovative artwork seen around the world.

The opening of the Wootini Gallery Roadshow also marks the grand opening of Wootini’s new gallery and storefront location at 101 Lloyd St, a building that currently houses The Merch and MiniCassette Tees, and at one time was the Carrboro Jail.

Artists include:

• Laurie Shipley (Raleigh)
• Peter Schenck (Philly)
• Mike Ski (Philly)
• Leontine Greenberg (NYC)
• Oliver Jeffers (NYC)
• Josh Falk (Boston)
• Fish McGill (Boston)
• Evoker (Boston)
• Shawn Smith aka Shawnimals (Chicago)
• Steff Bomb (Chicago)
• CHema Skandal (Chicago)
• Cristina Paulos (Las Vegas)
• Juan “Frijol Boy” Muniz (Las Vegas)

The Metal Masters Show

Tonight - Friday January 8th, 2010 (the date in the video is wrong) - from 7PM to 10PM, Wootini Gallery will be premiering The Metal Masters Show. This show will feature paintings, prints, drawings, and sculpture inspired by heavy metal album art of the 80's. A partial list of participating artists include:

Skinner, Martin Ontiveros, Bwana Spoons, Drew Millward, Dwitt, Mike "Maximum Flouride" Fisher, Paul Friedrich, Brendan Wiuff, David K. Rose, Lee Williamson, and more!

Carr Mill Mall
200 North Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510