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All Dressed Up With No Place To Go


Wootini is pleased to present All Dressed Up With No Place To Go: Glass
Paintings by Kevin Herdeman
from September 11th to October 6th. The opening reception will take place on the 11th from 7PM until 11PM,
featuring music by the Wootini family, popcorn, and Kevin himself.

All Dressed Up With No Place To Go features
all new work, inspired by anything from pop culture (for example, the
reoccurring Bearded Spock), music (especially the Misfits and Tim
Waits), and jokes between Herdeman and his girlfriend. Herdeman
explains that the goal of his paintings is to make the viewer laugh—he
paints what makes him happy, and hopes that it will do the same for
everyone who sees it. Herdeman’s philosophy of painting makes sense of
his bizarre subjects. His serious giraffes in formal wear and Boston
Terriers with caveman beards are certainly good at their jobs.

200 N. Greensboro St.
STE A-9 inside Carr Mill
Carrboro, NC

Group Show at Wootini


The newest group show opened up at Wootini on August 14th. It brings together works from a variety of artists: Jerstin Crosby, Orvokki Halme,
Kelly Green, Amy Richards, and Leah Riley. The show will be on display through September 8th, so if you're in the Carrboro or Chapel Hill area...get to the gallery and check it out.

Historic Carr Mill
200 North Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510

Nahualli Blind Box Mini Figures


A project that has been three years in the making, Yahid "Serial Killer" Rodriguez and Wootini have recently released the Nahualli blind box mini figure line. (I remember when these were first introduced as 3D renders on the Kidrobot site back in the day)

The "Nahualli" according to Yahid is derived from an old tale told to Méxican children about creatures that made a pact with a demon called "Nahuales". While looking like normal people by day, the "Nahuales" could transform into various animals and cause mischief at night. This inspired a child to try to become a "Nahuale" when he 'grew up'. "Nahualli is naughty by nature and drives his entire town crazy with his pranks! He uses his costumes to scare everyone around, committed to one day be known as the greatest Nahuale in history," says Yahid. "His friends don't know whether to be afraid or just laugh at him, but one thing is for sure, he strives to become a real Nahuale no matter the consequences."

There are 10 different designs and each case contains one rare figure (or
ultra rare figure). Look for the line to retail around $9 each. For wholesale inquiries, contact DKE Toys.


MSR3 Visual Art By North Carolina Musicians


Music Sound Research is an art exhibition, now in its third year, that features pieces from North Carolina musicians. The artists will present their creative visions through sculpture, photography, drawings, serigraphy, woodwork, and painting.

Participating Artists and their Visual Compositions: Maria Albani of Organos; Laura Ballance of Superchunk; Anna Bullard; Catherine Edgerton of Midtown Dickens; John Harrison of North Elementary; Reid Johnson of Schooner; Nathan Oliver.

The show runs from Friday October 10th (opening reception at 7PM) until November 10th.  Music to be supplied by Uzi's "Family".

200 N. Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510


Daniel Danger at Wootini


Wootini will have the artwork of Daniel Danger on display beginning on January 11th through February 5th.  The opening will take place at 7PM.

If you like the unsettling surreal.  If you like ambulances lost in the
middle of snowy woods, girls turning into herons, beds floating into
the sky, ghosts with meanings on a thousand different levels, and lots
and lots of trees that are just too tall and don't seem to end.  Then you will enjoy this show.

200 N. Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510

Winter Fun at Wootini


This December, Wootini will be bringing together some local artists for a super special holiday show.  David Rose, Casey Porn, Paul Friedrich, Bloo Empire and Casey Robertson will all be showing new work together on December 14th.  Get there anytime between 8PM and 11PM.

Wootini will be unveiling a new project consisting of "Mysterious" blind-boxed 6x6" stretched canvas prints created by each of the participating artists. 

200 N. Greensboro St.
Carr Mill, STE A-7
Carrboro, NC

The MF Show at Wootini


Wootini will be showing off the work of Martina Secondo Russo and Frank Russo at The MF Show tomorrow evening (Friday October 12th).  The opening will begin at 7PM, so be there on time!

Martina Secondo Russo and Frank Russo of MF Gallery in Manhattan, NY are bringing down a visual onslaught of art that is sure to horrify the weak and tickle the fancies of the bold.  If you're a fan of Zombies, Monsters, GWAR, Metal, Sideshow Freaks or Horror Flicks, know this: these two are the East Coast's masters. They have endlessly and successfully shown some of the best art having anything to do with the pulp-monster universe that your fangs so fiercely crave.

Carr Mill Mall
STE A-7 (behind Weaver St. Market)
200 N. Greensboro ST
Carrboro, NC 27510

Jason Hankins and David K. Rose at Wootini

The folks at Wootini will be kicking off the fall season on Friday September 14th.  (Even though it's still in the mid-90's in these parts)   They'll be displaying work from two local artists in David K. Rose and Jason Hankins.



David K. Rose, whose work has shown far and wide, is best known for his knock-out use of monkeys, luchadores, robots, and ham. Throw in some T.U.R.D. power cords and you have the most creative guy in Durham.  Playful works urge the viewer to rabidly consume everything in sight and question American norms, his paintings never disappoint.


Jason Hankins, a strong up-and-coming Raleigh super-force focuses his time and energy on bold line work and powerfully imaginative pieces, presenting the viewer with this question: "Whoa".

200 N. Greensboro St.
STE A-7 (Carr Mill)
Carrboro, NC 27510

Paraskavedekatriaphobia: Richmond Represents


Well, this might be the most difficult show name you ever had to read, say or spell.  What it mean?  The fear of Friday the 13th.  That makes complete sense, since Wootini will be holding the opening reception on that unlucky day.  For this show, Jeremy Boyd has curated a show with artists from Richmond, VA.  The artists participating include: Jeremy Boyd, Rob Choi, Ben Yolton and James Callahan.


Show runs: July 13th - August 7th
Opening Reception: July 13th from 7PM until ??

Carr Mill Mall
200 N. Greensboro St. STE A-7
Carrboro, NC 27510
(919) 933-6061


Little Who of What at Wootini


Wootini's next show is entitled Little Who of What: New Prints by The Little Friends of Printmaking and is an exhibition of new prints by
award-winning artists & designers - The Little Friends of
.  The
Little Friends of Printmaking are J W & Melissa Buchanan, a
husband-and-wife team of artists & designers based out of
Milwaukee, WI.

The show will run from June 8th through July 8th, with an opening party at 7PM on June 8th. 

Carr Mill Mall
200 N Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC 27510
(919) 933-6061