wootini roadshow

Wootini Gallery has announced the opening of the Wootini Gallery Roadshow, a group exhibition of work from artists from the Wootini Art Tour, curated by Jess Wootini (aka “Team Sweet“). For two weeks this summer, Jess hit the road, traveling to Raleigh, NC; Philadelphia, NYC; Boston, MA; Chicago. IL; and Las Vegas, NV meeting artists along the way, interviewing them, snapping photos and collecting art to bring back to Carrboro. The opening will take place on Friday September 3rd 2010 from 7PM until 11PM, with the exhibit running through September 30th.

The Roadshow will feature everything from mixed media work to handmade plush figures. As an added bonus to all of those who come to the opening reception, Boston-based artist, Evoker will be in attendance, doing some live painting around the gallery. Evoker is one of three Roadshow artists in Project SF, an impressive international art collective that produces innovative artwork seen around the world.

The opening of the Wootini Gallery Roadshow also marks the grand opening of Wootini’s new gallery and storefront location at 101 Lloyd St, a building that currently houses The Merch and MiniCassette Tees, and at one time was the Carrboro Jail.

Artists include:

• Laurie Shipley (Raleigh)
• Peter Schenck (Philly)
• Mike Ski (Philly)
• Leontine Greenberg (NYC)
• Oliver Jeffers (NYC)
• Josh Falk (Boston)
• Fish McGill (Boston)
• Evoker (Boston)
• Shawn Smith aka Shawnimals (Chicago)
• Steff Bomb (Chicago)
• CHema Skandal (Chicago)
• Cristina Paulos (Las Vegas)
• Juan “Frijol Boy” Muniz (Las Vegas)

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