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Monsters & Misfits IV


Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus (T+CP) will be opening Monsters & Misfits IV, an exhibit of new work that will be on display at Shibuya Hikarie at Creative Space “8/” from April 1st through April 7th.

Monsters and Misfits IV will feature returning artists Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, Andrew Bell, Stan Manoukian, and Carisa Swenson. Shing Yin Khor, Leslie Levings, Lana Crooks, and Kevin Titzer join the returning exhibition as new additions to the roster.

This museum level exhibition will bring you through a parade of strange and fantastic creatures and characters from these top contemporary designers, toy makers, and fine artists. This year’s group of Circus Posterus' artists and guests present a hand-made sideshow of beady eyed night critters, devils, reptilian oddities, mouse kings, kappa skulls, ghost children, and more that promise to leave you awash in starry-eyed wonder. The fourth installment of this show features primarily hand made toys and sculptures inspired by cryptozoology and an idealized, re-imagined animal kindgdom.

To purchase original artwork and, or view the Monsters and Misfits IV exhibition online, please visit on April 2nd (11AM local Tokyo time) when the web preview is launched.

Shibuya Hikarie (Creative Space “8/”)
2-21-1 Shibuya
Tokyo, Japan

Batman and Batmobile Cosbaby Collectible Set


Hot Toys has announced another figure based on their Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice license. This's a little smaller. The Batman and Batmobile Cosbaby Collectible Set includes a 3.75-inch tall Batman with a 6.3-inch long Batmobile. That Batmobile features a cockpit can be opened to put in the Batman Cosbaby. Look for the set to begin shipping around Q2 – Q3 of 2016.

Mopeez: Futurama Series


Funko has announced a new series of their plush collectibles - the Mopeez: Futurama Series. The Futurama Mopeez will include Fry, Leela, Bender, Professor Farnsworth, Zapp Brannigan, Zoidberg, and Nibbler. Look for the entire series to be released in July 2016.


Threezero’s Titanfall M-COR Ogre


Threezero is currently taking pre-orders for their Titanfall M-COR Ogre collectible figure. The nearly 20-inch tall pieces runs $450.00 with worldwide shipping included in the price. Each Ogre features a fully operational hatch with a detailed cockpit. It also includes a 6-inch tall detailed and articulated pilot; missile launcher on the left side (launcher hatch can be opened and missiles are removable); light-up feature for top, hips and afterburner with interchangeable red and blue lights.  In addition to massive 40MM Cannon (with detachable ammo drum), the Threezerostore Exclusive version of the Titanfall M-COR Ogre collectible will include an ARC Cannon. 

The Titanfall M-COR Ogre features the following:

  • 40MM Cannon with detachable ammo drum
  • Fully openable hatch with cockpit;
  • Light-up feature for top, hips and afterburner with interchangeable red and blue lights
  • Articulated tri-missile launcher (launcher hatch can be opened and missiles are detachable)
  • M-COR Battle Riffle Pilot figure with R97 “Submachine Gun” and fabric clothing

NECA’s Life-Size Slimer Foam Replica


NECA has announced an item that might make Ghostbusters fans swoon - the Life-Size Slimer Foam Replica. This is a life-size replica of everyone’s favorite non-terminal repeating phantasm, based on the 1984 Ghostbusters movie and was re-created from original movie molds. The figure measures 3 feet tall and is made of foam rubber and latex that’s carefully hand-painted for realistic detail. It's anticipated to be released in August 2016. No word yet on pricing.

First Order Stormtrooper Life-Size Collectible


Under the license by Sideshow Collectibles, Hot Toys has announced the latest figure from their Life-Size Masterpiece Series - the new First Order Stormtrooper Life-Size Collectible from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The movie-accurate and realistic life-size collectible stands approximately 6' 1.25" tall (6' 8.375" with base). It features authentic and detailed likeness of First Order Stormtrooper, meticulously sculpted First Order Stormtrooper helmet and armor, specially applied glossy painting, a striking presence with blaster rifle in hands, and a Star Wars themed circular base.

Sideshow Collectibles is currently taking pre-orders for this life-size figure. There's a turn-around production time of 3 to 6 months after ordering, and the piece runs $7,999.99.

Hellraiser Lament Configuration Fuzzy Dice


Fans of the Hellraiser film series know it by many names - the puzzle cube...Lemarchand's box...the Lament Configuration - but Mezco Toys is bringing them to collectors as large plush dice. The pair of 3-inch cubes are permanent affixed to each other with a black cord and come complete with an informative hangtag. The Hellraiser Lament Configuration Fuzzy Dice can be summoned into collections around September or October of 2016 and can be pre-ordered via the above link for $12.00.


Brent Nolasco’s Bloodthirst – Sunshine Yellow Edition


Toy Art Gallery will be releasing Brent Nolasco's Bloodthirst - Sunshine Yellow Edition today (March 30th 2016) at Noon PST. The pieces is available in bright yellow unpainted vinyl and stands 9 inches tall with articulation at the arms, feet and head. Made in Japan, the vinyl will be available via the above link for $65.00.

Mezco’s 12-inch Pinhead from Hellraiser III


Mezco has announced the pre-order availability of their Hellraiser III: Hell On Earth 12-inch tall Pinhead figure.

Pinhead's detailed portrait sculpture captures each grid scar and nail of his infamous visage. Looking into the eyes of the figure, one can almost feel his insatiable craving for souls. Great care has been paid to each detail of Pinhead's attire. His vestments perfectly capture the look from the legendary film. The flayed portions of Pinhead's flesh bear witness to his suffering with a realistic wet-look finish. His sacred instruments, a trio of blades, dangle from his holy robes.

The figure includes two sets of hands - one set to hold the included Lament Configuration for summoning the Cenobites and a second set to wield his instruments of transformation. 

The Pinhead figure is currently available to pre-order for $44.00. It's expected to begin shipping around September or October of 2016.

Chaingun Luke Bootleg

The Chaingun Luke is a Star Wars bootleg art toy that was the result of a collaboration between SkipBro Toys and Chaingun!. The Figure will be available in two styles: Dark Side - black and blue standard version and a Light Side - variant black and white version that will include a removable helmet (not seen in the pics).The figure drops on April Fool’s Day (April 1st 2016) and will be available from SkipBro Toys for $35.00 plus shipping.