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INSTALLATION 5: Self Portrait


Installation 5 Art Tour
will arrive in Minneapolis, MN on April 3rd at the Rogue Buddga Gallery. The opening reception will take place on April
from 7PM until 11PM.

For Installation 5, each artist was asked to create his or her literal,
or non-literal interpretation of the theme 'Self-Portraits'.
And if you can't make it out to the opening, the show will run through April 25th.

Rogue Buddha Gallery
357 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Jared Deal’s Kanji Project

New From The Sucklord

The Sucklord has announced a trio of brand new products that we're way too excited about:



This is the Sucklord's tribute to JAWS, "a yet-untapped Suckadelic Influence
that needed some ironic attention. He is a little hand-sculpted Great
White Shark (carcaridon carcarius ). He comes with a water base for him
to terrorize." The figure is limited to 40 pieces and cost $45 each. (STAR SHARK, the PSYCH SHARK, and the SHIT SHARK coming later this



This is the latest installment in the dwindling BOOTLEG series. Only 9
more in the so called "FINAL ELEVEN" to go. MISS
THING, MONSTERS IN DRAG is kind of a 1950s style Gorilla-Robot
hybrid, but with the soul of a woman. It's a run of 40 pieces and will sell for $35 each.



The classic color is sold out, but the new version is in glow-in-the-dark. (it doesn't count towards the final eleven) It's not carded, the figure is bagged. This is a 50 piece
edition, a steal for $30 each.

Custom Stitches and Glue Munnys

Gombi 1 small


Ohdo small

Stitches and Glue sent us photos of their submissions for the APW Custom Toy Contest, which will take place from April 3rd until April 25th. The opening reception takes place on the 3rd...from 6PM until 9PM. The event will happen in Long Island City, NY at the APW Gallery.

Paul from Stitches and Glue did some killer customs for the show. If this is an example of what will be on display, you need to get out to this show.

Gombi back


Gombi small


Ohdo back


Ohdo face

A Look at Blind Boxes

Blind-box-header-5're not at the wrong website. We wanted to let you know that we gave our two cents to ToyCyte's blind box discussion. It's an interesting write up featuring voices from companies, fans, shops, bloggers and artists.

Onell Design’s Custom Corps


Onell Design has opened up their special Custom Corps
section. "You may get a Lost Sincroid Soldier, any number of strange Govuroms or
a super rare version of Phanost or Sarvos in a mysterious black bag." Each figure will have a hand cast, hand painted head attached to a
customized production PVC body. They will each run $20 and be shipped randomly.

Kaiju Big Battel – Kaiju in 3D


Kaiju Big Battel returns to Brooklyn on Friday April 3rd

for a show that will include 33 Monsters in 6 matches.
KAIJU in 3D will take place at 8PM and feature musical guest Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears.

The Spring thaw has arrived and that means the return of monster fighting to the large apple. On April 3rd find
yourself watching 33
of the meanest monsters ever assembled in one place duke it out for your entertainment. Also see Earth defender extraordinaire Neo Teppen take on the space menace
Uchuchu for galactic
supremacy. The answers to questions like “Will Hero Intern 08 ever become more than an unpaid assistant?” and “Who will challenge the Furious Furries for tag-team
dominance?” will be
answered as well.

Warsaw in Greenpoint
261 Driggs Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

Hindi Love Song Show


Running from April 4th until May 2nd, Gary Taxali will be having a solo show
next week at Jonathan
LeVine Gallery
in NYC.  The exhibition, entitled Hindi Love Song, has an opening reception on Saturday, April
4th from 7PM until 9PM.  Just under 40 new works consisting of
works on paper, metal, plywood and other surfaces will be in the
show.  Also in the exhibition is a brand new bronze sculpture which is
limited to an edition of 9. 

Jonathan LeVine Gallery,
529 West 20th Street, 9th floor (between 10th and 11th
New York, NY

Kanji Resin


Argonaut Resins has posted photos of Jared Deal's first wave of the Kanji resin toys. These are set to be released on April 1st via the Argonaut webstore. The photos are of the first two colorways of the 5" tall solid resin toy.