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CCC’s Hen Wen and Black BuBu


Charles Creature Cabinet has released a pair of new anthro ball-jointed pig dolls.

Hen Wen, The White Oracular Piggy is make of white resin and measures about 5.5" in height. The figure includes face-up and RANDOM glass eyes, wooden CCC box, and an authenticity card. It will run €239.00 (about $304). 

Black BuBu, The Wizard Apprentice Piggy also measures 5.5" in height and is made of black resin. The figure includes face-up and RANDOM glass eyes, wooden CCC box, and an authenticity card. It will be available for €249.00 (about $317).

The outfits shown on the photos are by Linda Stephan's Lin Murasaki Design and are NOT included.

DCON14: Overlords of the Desert


Aaron Childs (Overlords of the Desert) will be bringing the above pictured robotic bear sculptures to Designer Con 2014, where he'll be selling them at his booth (#226). They are made out of cardboard and tacky glue, and each one features a spray paint base coat and are then hand painted. The sculptures measure about 9 inches tall. They'll be available to purchase at the show for $200.00 each.

DCON14: Plaseebo


Bob Conge and Plaseebo will be represented at Designer Con for the first time. Some new one of a kind vinyl figures will be available from the Gorgoloid Booth #933 (along with works from Mechavirus and Gorgoloid).

Below are some of those pieces:

The Spotted Mega Warui Neko (pictured above) is a one of a kind 8-inch tall custom mash up with Kaiju Coup featuring swirled glass eyes, resin fangs and a motion activated color changing LED unit.

The Blue Eyed Skullo Tank (pictured above) is a one of a kind 4-inch long custom mash up of a Max Toy tank with a Plaseebo hand cast resin Skullo head.

The Robo Kong Fighter (pictured bottom) is a one of a kind 5-inch high custom mash up of RealHead and Max Toy parts featuring cloth and an inset eye.

The Plaseebo Mummy (pictured top) a one of a kind 7 inch high custom hand paint with swirled glass eyes.

One-Eyed Girl’s “The Burton Show” Customs

Kasey Tararuj a.k.a. One-Eyed Girl has several new custom pieces that will be on display and for sale at PopZilla Gallery's "The Burton Show" opening November 1st 2014 at Rothick Art Haus. The two Beetlejuice inspired pieces (Shown above) are Betelgeuse, a custom Mini Munny with a sandworm stuck to his head, and Harry The Hunter, a full sized Munny body with sculpted head and clothes. Also, below, is Little Pee Wee, a custom Micro Munny, and the Martian One-Eyed Girl, a 3D 8" x 10" painting based on Mars Attacks.