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Operation: ReDorbz – Supporting the USO


Over 200 hand-painted, limited edition Funko Captain America “Dorbz” are going up for auction exclusively on eBay (that's the link for bidding) beginning on July 21st 2016, with 100% of proceeds going to the United Service Organization (USO)

Marvel, Funko and eBay for Charity are joining together to celebrate Captain America’s 75th Anniversary with a charity auction of customized figurines to support the USO’s 75th Anniversary. Through Operation: ReDorbz, over 300 artists from Marvel Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, and Funko were invited to customize blank 18-inch Captain America “jumbo” Dorbz figures. Following a kick off as part of San Diego Comic Con (where 75 custom figures will be on display at Funko's San Diego offices), these unique pieces will be auctioned exclusively on eBay in support of the USO, a nonprofit, charitable corporation that supports US soldiers.

Sideshow teases 1/6th scale Dengar


I've been waiting for this one for a while. Since Sideshow Collectibles appears to be on a role with their 1/6th scale Star Wars bounty figures, it was only a matter of time before they introduced the drunken uncle of the clan. The guy who garnered all of 0.5 seconds of fame, yet still had a fairly popular 3.75-inch toy released of him - Denar. No clue as to when he will go on sale, but the limited edition of 2,000 pieces means you might need to jump at this one.

SDCC16: Leo the Otter as Rescue Wampa


Flat Bonnie will have a limited edition Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot plush available at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con San Diego Booth #1729. It's Leo the Otter as Rescue Wampa, an 11-inch handmade plush. It's made from faux fur, vinyl pleather and safety eyes. And comes with a magnetic life preserver, an adoption certificate, and a special Giant Robot/Comic-Con numbered tag. You'll be able to pick one up at the show for $50.00.

Also, there will be a limited number of Rescue Wampas available on the Flat Bonnie website for people who can not attend SDCC.



Ghostbusters Phunny Plush


Kidrobot has released their new Ghostbusters Phunny Plush line of three Ghostbusters themed plush. There's Slimer, the Ghostbusters Logo, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - each one measuring about 8 inches in height. You can order them now for $11.99 each. And then bring them with you to watch the new reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise...if you'r into that sort of thing.

SDCC16: DKE Toys Batch #5

DKE Toys has released their 5th and final batch of San Diego Comic Con 2016 items that will be available at Booth #5045 during the show.


Bird is the Word by Frank Kozik
50 pieces
Frank Kozik’s iconic Mao with ears character, “Bird is the Word” makes its debut as a 3.75” scale action figure. Each figure is hand cast in red resin and is limited to 50 pieces. Card back art by Frank Kozik. Sculpted by George Gaspar.


Ewoking Dead by Killer Bootlegs
100 pieces
Killer Bootlegs has come up with another installment in his Ewoking Dead series. This time focusing on our favorite little critter. Each figure is hand cast, flocked and painted in a very undead kind of way. There is actual dirt mixed into the flocking from the Evans City Cemetery where the original 1968 horror classic Night of the Living Dead was shot. This carded figures is 3.75" scale but measure about 2” cuz he’s short.



Che Trooper by Special Ed Toys x UrbanMedium
50 pieces
UrbanMedium’s iconic Che Trooper, generally found wheat pasted in the streets, has now been transformed into a 3.75” resin action figure that you can take home with you. If your other action figures are not behaving then you can sic this guy on them. ¡Viva la Revolución! This “Winter of 59” edition is hand cast in resin and hand painted. Measures 3.75" on card. Sculpted By George Gaspar.


Our Only Hope & For the Empire figure set by Special Ed Toys
20 sets
Special Ed Toys has a very special set of figures just in time for election season. The classic good vs evil political fight is on. This one is a little more cut and dry compared to real life. Set comes with two customized 3.75" figures on card.


Darth Candy by Good For You Toys
30 pieces
Good For You Toys’ third installment in their Django Uncloned series (the “D” is silent). This is the Debut Edition of the evil villain Darth Candy. Each card will feature "custom galactic spray” and have mesmerizing silver highlights. All previous editions of Django Fett and Slave Hildy sold out. Get this one while you can. Hand cast 3.75" resin carded figure. Sculpted by George Gaspar.


Django Uncloned “Animated Edition” by Good For You Toys
30 pieces
Good For You Toys is back with yet another Django Fett (the “D” is silent) in their classic mash up series of our favorite space opera and our western hero Django. This colorway is based on the classic animated bounty hunter look with remixed front and back card art. Why do they keep making more Django colorways you ask? Because they keep selling out!!! Hand cast and painted 3.75" resin figure on card. We fully expect these to rocket fire away…

3A’s Destiny Hunter Pre-Order


Bungie and 3A have announced the highly anticipated Destiny Hunter – the third class of Guardian in 3A’s 1/6th scale collectible figure series from the critically acclaimed game, Destiny. The Hunter comes in three exclusive editions – each edition comes complete with Ghost and are outfitted in shaders, armor, cloaks, and an array of weaponry curated by 3A and the team at Bungie. Pre-orders will begin on Thursday July 21st 2016.



Destiny Hunter - Edition

Figure features the following:

  • Chatterwhite Shader
  • Shattered Vault Cloak
  • Ghost - Standard Shell
  • Primary Weapon - Imago Loop Hand Cannon
  • Special Weapon - Broken Truth-LR1 Sniper Rifle
  • Heavy Weapon - Dowager SA/3 Heavy Rocket Launcher
  • Exotic Weapon - Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle
  • Two Pairs of Interchangeable Hands

$190.00 from (8PM ET on July 20th 2016)


Destiny Hunter - Edition

Figure features the following:

  • Goldspiral Shader
  • Dead Revolution Cloak
  • Ghost - Quest Shell
  • Primary Weapon - Fatebringer Hand Cannon
  • Special Weapon - Efrideet’s Spear Sniper Rifle
  • Heavy Weapon - Dauphine SA/4 Heavy Rocket Launcher
  • Exotic Weapon - Ice Breaker Sniper Rifle
  • Two Pairs of Interchangeable Hands

$190.00 at the



Destiny Hunter - Retail Edition

Figure features the following:

  • Autumn Splendor Shader
  • Cloak of Taniks Cloak
  • Ghost - Vanguard Shell
  • Primary Weapon - Imago Loop Hand Cannon
  • Special Weapon - LDR-5001 Sniper Rifle
  • Heavy Weapon - Tomorrow’s Answer Heavy Rocket Launcher
  • Two Pairs of Interchangeable Hands

$190.00 at ThreeA Stockists