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Rogue One: Chirrut and Baze Cosbabys


In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we are introduced to a handful of intriguing new characters including Chirrut Îmwe, a warrior monk who follows the guidance of the Force, and Baze Malbus, a pragmatic soldier and a crack shot with his weapon. Despite their contrasting beliefs, Chirrut and Baze are best friends, and crucial members of the Rebel team tasked with stealing the blueprints to the Empire's devastating battle station – the Death Star.

Now, Hot Toys has announced Cosbaby Bobble-Head collectibles based on Chirrut and Baze. Each Cosbaby stands approximately 4.3 inches tall with base and has bobble-head function. They are available individually and also as a set. The set features an exclusive alternative version of Chirrut - holding his crossbow.

Look for the figures to be released somewhere between Q4 of 2016 and Q1 of 2017.

Star Wars: Zuckuss from Sideshow


Sideshow Collectibles has added another figure to their lineup of the finest bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy with the newly announced Zuckuss 1/6th Scale Figure. Available exclusively through Sideshow, Zuckuss features a detailed portrait with respirator tank and tubes, fabric costume (that includes padded undersuit), leather-like harness and pouches, a back-mounted respirator diagnostics pack, and armored boots. He comes equipped with one set of gun firing hands, a set of neutral rifle grip hands, and a GRS-1 Snare Rifle.

Sideshow currently has the figure available to pre-order for $224.99. It's a limited edition of only 2,000 pieces. Zuckuss is expected to begin shipping between November 2017 and January 2018.

The Zuckuss 1/6th scale collectible figure features the following:

  • Detailed portrait with respirator tank and tubes
  • Padded undersuit
  • Shirt
  • Pair of pants
  • Robe
  • Pair of armored boots
  • Leather-like harness and pouches
  • Back-mounted respirator diagnostics pack
  • Set of gun firing hands
  • Set of neutral rifle grip hands
  • GRS-1 snare rifle
  • Figure base with Star Wars logo

Kickstarter: UMakeIt! Character Creator

Artist Jake Minor is bringing his new toyproject - the UMakeIt! Character Creator - to Kickstarter. The Character Creator is a customizable action figure that features interchangeable joints and peg points that allow you to interchange a variety of appendages and accessories. You can mix and match components, then draw, color, or add stickers right on the surface of the figure.

The basic Character Creator is available at the early bird $20.00 funding level (once those are filled, it will be available at the $25.00 level). There are various additional levels with additions such as booster kits, artwork, etc. The project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, January 19th 2017 at 7:40 PM EST.

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.


Kosrobot: The Iron Goth


Kosrobot has announced a new figure design, which will be released soon - the Iron Goth. The design of this character is obviously inspired by Marvel's Iron Man, with MOTU's bulk and overall barbaric feel. "Goth" is not about black haired heavy metal teenagers of course, but ancient Germanic tribes. Kosrobot has set up his own world where this character exists and hopes to share some of its details in near future.

The figure is 1/24 scale - 4 inches tall - hand casted, hand painted, has 11 points of articulation, ball jointed head, arms and legs, and includes transparent laser axe accessory. Price is not yet determined, and release is hopefully by the end of this year. There are plans for three color variants and for it to come in tube packaging.

Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper ¥olandi


3A Toys is releasing their Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper ¥olandi 1/6th scale collectible figure. The 10-inch tall figure will be available tonight (November 25th 2016) at 9PM ET. This is the second ¥olandi figure (from the band - Die Antwoord) that we've seen from 3A - this time in a school girl outfit. It will be available to purchase at Bambaland for $140.00 and expected to begin shipping around Q2 of 2017.

The Die Antwoord Cookie Thumper ¥olandi features the following:

  • School uniform Dress and Shirt set
  • School Bag
  • Bikini top with Panties
  • Head-covering bag ( you can make a Dancing Bag Head yo )
  • ¥olandi style Interchangeable hands x 3 sets
  • ¥olandi style sneakers

DMS: Robotic Space Traveller


DMS has released the RST (pronounced rust) the Robotic Space Traveller store.The first RST release, measuring at 3 3/4 inches of polyurethane resins textured in a red distressed style, with a weathered, rust effect paint job. The figure is available to purchase for £19.99 plus shipping and is limited to a run of only 10 pieces in this original rusty red colorway.


BIOS Override Now!

They were out in space, scattered throughout the universe. The primary objectives, of exploration and transmission of the details of their discoveries, were coming to an end. They would soon be completely alone, abandoned by their masters.

Learning of company plans to decommission his RST series of Research Space Technology robots, leaving them stranded among the stars, a disgruntled robotics designer sends a satellite signal to override their BIOS.

With their A.I chips enabled, and now transmitting solely to their protector, these units embark on a new journey of self-discovery as Robotic Space Travellers.


REVIEW: Rick and Morty Pop! Vinyl


I have a few Rick and Morty reviews coming up over the next week or two…so I thought I might as well start binging the show (somehow, I’d never seen an episode before). It’s definitely Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim fare, as it fits in with most of that block’s random, outlandish theme. Rick is a mad scientist inventor grandfather who lives in the same house as Morty, his somewhat clueless grandson. They often go on adventures to other dimensions…etc.

Funko has chosen to produce figures for their Pop! line based on the television series. Their Pop! Animation series, to be precise. And even though I’ve been covering Funko’s Pop! line for what feels like a decade, this is actually the first time I’ve ever reviewed one of the figures on Plastic and Plush.


Rick and Morty come packaged individually, with Rick being #112 in the Pop! Animation line and Morty being #113. Rick’s armed with his handy flask and the accompanying green drool flowing from his mouth. Morty is sporting a pouty face and a pair of mega seeds in his hands.

The lone point of articulation on these Pop! figures is at the neck. This is standard for the platform. And when I used the term platform, I don’t mean that they all come from the same mold. They each feature a similar look, with the boxy head and the large black eyes. And it’s pretty amazing how Funko makes these figures recognizable while constrained by that look.


For fans of Rick and Morty, the pickings are slim when it comes to collectibles. And while Funko’s Pop! line is more stylistic than realistic, it might not suit everyone. Personally, I think the figures work well. And fans of the show will be delighted to finally be able to get their hands on Rick and Morty. Wubalubadubdub…right?

The Facts

Rick and Morty Pop!
Series: Pop! Animation
Manufacturer: Funko
Material: Rotocast vinyl
Dimensions: 3.75 inches tall
Points of Articulation: 1 (neck)
Pricing: $10.99 each

To purchase one for yourself, check out the following: Rick - $9.75; Morty - $8.65