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TAG’s Red Rub Vertebrata Lottery


Toy Art Gallery will be releasing the Red Rub Vertebrata vinyl beginning today (Wednesday August 26th 2015) at Noon PT, with a lottery that runs through Monday August 31st 2015 at Noon PT. From Paul Kaiju x Blobpus, this fully painted metallic colorway is on a deep red vinyl.The figure stands 8-inches tall and is articulated at the head, shoulders, hands and waist.The Vertebrata Red Rub Edition will sell for $85.00 each and to qualify for the lottery, you will need to email with “Vertebrata Lottery” as the subject...along with your Paypal address and shipping info. 


NYCC15: Sofia Margherita by UME Toys

Sofia Margherita-Front

As New York Comic Con 2015 quickly closes in on us, folks are already starting to announce their show releases and exclusives. This Convention Exclusive is from Rich Page of UME Toys and will be available via the guys at Big Kev's Geek Stuff. Named Sofia Margherita, this dripping slice of pizza will be limited to 10 slices only and can be purchased at the Big Kev's Geek Stuff Booth #129 for $40.00. It's not a stretch saying that this will likely be the tastiest piece of pizza sold within the confines of the Davits Center. Likely the least stale as well.

Sofia Margherita-Back

Vinyl Idolz: 1960’s Batman


With the recent passing of Yyvone Craig, it's somewhat fitting that Vinyl Sugar has announced her inclusion (as Batgirl) in their upcoming Vinyl Idolz: 1960's Batman Series. In addition to Batgirl, there's (of course) Batman and Robin. And since they need an enemy, they've included the Joker. It's pretty amazing how even with the cartoonish spin, they've gotten the figures to look quite similar to their 1960's television portrayers. Look for the entire series to be available in October 2015.


Argonaut Resins’ YinYang Tuttz


Argonaut Resins has released a handful of these black and white 8-inch tall YinYang Tuttz cats customs painted by artist Eric Nocella Diaz. This is an edition size of only 10 pieces and there are only a few left from the previous pre-order sale that took place earlier this year. The remainder of the series will be heading to New York Comic Con in October 2015.

Each cat comes signed and numbered on it bottom and on it's custom box. It will include a mystery original art sketchcard, three Yin Yang Tuttz cat custom die-cut vinyl stickers, Gato Muerto Tuttz and Pharaoh Hound stickers, and one Yin Yang Tuttz cat face relief magnet. You can order a YinYang Tuttz now for $165.00 shipped in the US.

REVIEW: Distressed Baby Sperel



It was way back in 2011 when I featured Orion Spellman’s (or Orion Sperelman) Sperel plush in a toy review. At the time, they were touting the “Save The Sperels” campaign…which went something like – “adopt one of these endangered Sperels and give it a good home”.

Well, those original Sperels appear to be entirely adopted out. And the last four years must have been filled with copious amounts of Sperel breeding (there’s no National Geographic footage of this, luckily), as Orion is back with a new line of Baby Sperels.


The Baby Sperel plushie flock #002 consists of baby Sperels with three distinct personality types: Sadness, Distress, and Stubbornness. How can you tell which is which? Well, it’s all in the eyes. But be careful, because sadness and distress look very similar (there is a slight difference, though). We're looking at the Distressed Baby Sperel in this review.


Measuring in at 6-inches in height, the babies are 3-inches shorter than the original. They’re also a little slimmer, as they haven’t hit Sperel puberty. And, of course, the wings are much larger.

Those wings can actually wrap around the Sperel, and there’s a button that will fasten the two wings together. So you have the option of either secure, pupal-like Sperel or his unfurled, bat-like brethren.


My kids actually thought the Sperel plush was supposed to be a bat. It makes sense. The little blue guy with the crazy red hair looks like the lovechild of Skull the Troll (from Scott Kurtz’s PvP), a vampire bat, and a wild-haired troll doll.

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GOHST S001.50 Release


This coming Monday (August 24th 2015) at Noon CT, the Project Squadt Store will be taking orders for the GOHST S001.50 collectible figure. This 3.5-inch tall vinyl figure will be an edition of 200 pieces. Each figure includes two sets of arms, shotty, machete, hoodie, and a removable helmet. The figure runs $40.00 plus $20.00 for worldwide shipping (orders of 2-3 pieces will receive $25 flat rate shipping).


Vampire Hunting Miyu and Lizbeth Pre-Order


3A Toys has announced that the Vampire Hunting Miyu and Lizbeth, from the World of Isobelle Pascha, will go on sale today (Thursday August 20th 2015) at 9PM ET. ( says the 21st, but I believe that's HK time). These 1/3rd scale figures, created by T.P. Louise and designed by Ashley Wood, stand in at 24-inches in height. They'll only be available to pre-order via Bambaland, where you'll be able to pick the set up for them up for $320.00 each (free worldwide shipping included).

Pop! Heroes: Gotham


One of the surprise hits of this past year's television season was Fox's attempt at a Batman sequel - Gotham. Focusing on Detective Jim Gordon (and a much pre-pubescent Bruce Wayne), Gotham had critics (and this guy right here) buzzing. So it's only surprising that it took this long for Funko to announce a series of Pop! figures based on the show. The Pop! Heroes: Gotham give that cute Pop! treatment to that youngster Bruce Wayne, James Gordon, fellow detective Harvey Bullock, gangster Fish Mooney, Oswald Cobblepot (yeah...the Penguin),and another youngster in Selina Kyle (the future Catwoman). Look for these to be released in September 2015...right around the time of the Season 2 premiere.