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Shadow Keikotrooper (BAIT exclusive)


Fools Paradise has announced the Shadow Keikotrooper (BAIT exclusive). The nearly 12-inch tall hand-painted and hand-crafted resin figure is currently available to pre-order, with an anticipated shipping date in August 2015. This version looks very similar to some of the other Keikotroopers. does appear to be a half naked female Stormtrooper. This variant is limited to 50 pieces being available via Fools. You can pre-order one for $219.00 ( plus $20.00 Global EMS Shipping ).

The Minatorg Release


The Minatorg is a collaboration between Boyd Braden a.k.a. BOObotcher and Scott Kinnebrew a.k.a. The Forces of Dorkness (sculpt, cast, and production). The Minatorg stands 4.5-inches tall and has 2 points of magnetic articulation, allowing you to position both his clawed arm and blaster arm in any position you want. Each figure is cast in transparent red resin and bagged with a custom glossy header card designed by BOObotcher.

Limited to 13 pieces, the Minatorg will be available beginning on Friday July 24th 2015 at 10PM ET at for $25.00 each (plus shipping).

For thousands of centuries the Minatorg has been trapped on planet P. A cybernetic organism designed for a war long forgotten. The evils of hell directly injected through carbon nanotubes into the nervous system of this bio-robo. The Minatorg needs to find a way off planet P. The planet orbits a black hole and has existed in an anomalous state of time. Time is running out as the planets decaying orbit draws it closer to being sucked into the black hole…


Yep…Hot Toys is making a 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon

Hot Toys - See the 1-6th scale Millennium Falcon

Hot Toys has showcased their impressive 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon cockpit at San Diego Comic Con 2015. That one has garnered a lot of interest amongst Star Wars fans. But they aren't stopping there...yep...there will be a highly detailed 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon measuring close to 18 feet long by 12 feet wide. It will be making an appearance from July 24th to 28th, as Hot Toys will once again be participating in Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong at booth E15-16. If you're lucky enough...go check it out. I would likely need to add a room onto my house to contain this beast.

Threezero’s FullMetal Ghost – Shadow Blade Pre-Order


Threezero's third release from their collaboration with Bandai and Kunio Okawara is the FullMetal Ghost - Shadow Blade. They will start taking pre-orders for 16.5-inch tall FullMetal Ghost - Shadow Blade on Thursday July 23rd 2015 at 9:00PM ET via the above link. The pre-order window will be open around 8 weeks. And you'll be able to purchase the figure for $360.00 (with worldwide shipping included in the price).

The FullMetal Ghost - Shadow Blade comes with fully articulated and extremely detailed 6-inch tall pilot. It features over one hundred fully posable action joints (including articulated fingers), an openable hatch with detailed cockpit, and is equipped with light-up features in the eyes, shoulders, front chest, upper back, and cockpit. Any Shadow Blade purchased at the threezerostore will be coming with pair of Tekko-Kagi (detachable claws) in addition to the impressive list of weapons you can see below.

The FullMetal Ghost - Shadow Blade figure features the following:

  • Interchangeable helmet and head for pilot
  • Two pairs of interchangeable hands for pilot
  • Dual Fighter Blade X 2 for pilot
  • Massive Katana with scabbard
  • Tanto with scabbard
  • Spikes Cases X 2
  • Throwing Spikes X 6
  • Cyclone Blade Shuriken (foldable spikes) X 2
  • Kunai Throwers X 2
  • Threezerostore Exclusive: *Tekko-Kagi (detachable claws) X 2

Plaseebo x Gorgoloid – Three Custom Night Gamers Release

Plaseebo (Bob Conge) is offering up 3 new one of a kind custom Night Gamers in collaboration with Barry Williams aka Gorgoloid. These will be available from the Plaseebo webshop this Friday July 24th 2015.

Hawaiian Dino-Gamer - $350.00

This one of a kind custom by Barry Williams aka Gorgoloid is a 6-inch tall vinyl mash-up of an M-1 Gorugosu head on the Plaseebo Night Gamer body with hand cast resin arms sculpted by Barry and a Hawaiian paint scheme. Signed and dated by Gorgoloid.

Cotton Candy Night Gamer - $400.00

This one of a kind custom by Barry Williams aka Gorgoloid is a 7-inch tall Plaseebo vinyl with hand cast resin arms sculpted by Barry and inset taxidermy eyes. Signed and dated by Gorgoloid.

Aurora Belly Night Gamer - $700.00

This one of a kind custom by Barry Williams aka Gorgoloid is a 9-inch tall vinyl mash-up of a Plaseebo Night Gamer head on a glow in the dark M-1 Gorugosu body, with red glass eye inserts and filled with a number of motion activated color-changing LED units. Signed and dated by Gorgoloid.

REVIEW: Marvel’s The Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide


Back when I was a kid, one of the memorable birthday gifts I ever received was a book where I was a character. It was a customized book that was printed with my name as the main character. I’m not sure where one would get such a thing back in the 1980’s – maybe a shopping mall kiosk? – but it was memorable for me because I apparently had some hand in helping an alien return to his home planet (I think the story was just an E.T. ripoff).

Jump ahead 30 years and, thanks to the Internet, it’s not that surprising that customizing a book to have a child’s name in it would be possible. There’s actually a site – – that specializes in it. I was given a code to produce my own personalized version of Marvel’s The Avengers: Black Ops Field Guide.


The Black Ops Field Guide is personalized with your child’s name, photo, and a special message from you, to them, on the dedication page. It also comes with a personalized S.H.I.E.L.D identification card for your child. In addition to the personalized pages, there are profile pages of a number of Avengers characters. Kids can write in the book and answer questions about their favorite superheroes.


It’s a fun, interactive experience for kids. They can be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent just like the ones in the movies or on television. Plus, the book is well produced. Measuring in at 8.5-inches wide by 11-inches tall, the full-color, hard cover book features 38 pages. You can personalize and order your own for $34.99 at

T+CP: Kathie Olivas – Clementine Release


The newest figure release from the Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus  partnership (T+CP) is Kathie Olivas’s Clementine sofubi. The Japan-made vinyl will be a limited edition of 100 pieces. Half of them will be available from Tomenosuke for worldwide customers (excluding North America) and the other half will be available from Circus Posterus (North America only).

Clementine will go on sale from Tomenosuke beginning on Saturday July 18th 2015 beginning at 11AM Japan Time. They will be priced at 9,770JYN (around $80). There's no word yet as to when the Circus Posterus allotment will go on sale for North American customers.


Hot Toys’ Ant-Man Cosbaby Series


With Ant-Man being the new, hot upcoming Marvel superhero flick, Hot Toys has returned with a few new Cosbaby figures. The series includes Ant-Man and the movie’s villain - Yellowjacket. They each stand around 3.75-inches tall and have a bobble-head function. In addition to the two individual figures, a collectible set of three figures is also available. The set features the two aforementioned characters plus a special Ant-Man (Black Out Version) that is only available in this set.

Sideshow Collectibles is currently taking pre-orders for both the individual figures as well as the set of three figures, with each expected to begin shipping in Q4 of 2015. The individual figures run $15.99 each and the set runs $46.99.