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Release Details from Science Patrol

Science Patrol 1

Science Patrol has announced some details about several of their upcoming vinyl releases (all expected to be released later this month). All of these figures are made in Japan and are Japanese soft vinyl. They're produced and painted by Science Patrol.

The red lantern looking guy (left) is Monochochin. This is the red "Izakaya" colorway. The purple hat looking guy (middle) is Avalon. This is his standard colorway. And the gold coin looking guy (right) is Obakekoban. This is the solid gold colorway which is one of two standard colorways - the second being solid silver.

The story for these figures is that they are benevolent, albeit lonely, artifacts that have hung around unsold in a small recycle shop in Koenji for decades. At night they roam the city's various alleys and shotengai in hopes of befriending people, but just end up terrifying everyone they meet.

Science Patrol 3
Science Patrol 2
Science Patrol 4

REVIEW: The Mythicals – Cthulhu

Monster Factory Cthulhu 01


Toronto-based Monster Factory started a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise funds to produce The Mythicals line of handmade plush toys. The Mythicals started as a series of three characters: Spencer the Dragon, Margot the Unicorn, and Louie the Cthulhu. Thanks to hitting a number of stretch goals, they’ve added some yet-to-be-named Mythical characters: Pegasus, Yeti, and Sea Monster.

The campaign has already reached its funding goal. However, on Thursday August 14th 2014 at 11:02 AM ET, the Kickstarter run will be finished. The plush line won’t be limited to only those who back it on Kickstarter, so if you miss out, The Mythicals will be available to purchase from Monster Factory.

For this review, we were able to get our hands on one of the first Louie the Cthulhu plush toys.

Monster Factory Cthulhu 02

The Facts

Louie the Cthulhu
Series: The Mythicals
Manufacturer: Monster Factory
Material: Micro polar fleece
Dimensions: Approximately 10" tall
Pricing: $47.00 CAD (about $42)

Monster Factory Cthulhu 06


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8 Bit and Beyond 2 Customs from One-Eyed Girl

One Eyed Girl Duck Hunter

Kasey Tararuj a.k.a. One-Eyed Girl has produced two customs for the "8 Bit and Beyond 2" show curated by Chogrin and taking place now at Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY.

The Duck Hunter (above) is a 4" custom Bub "inspired by the great game of Duck Hunt and the cute but annoying dog everyone loves to hate".

And the Yosh and Baby (below) are a 4" vinyl custom "inspired by my personal favorite Mario game, Yoshi's Island. I grew up on that game and it will forever be my favorite!"

One Eyed Girl Yoshi and Baby

Wananeko International Release


After selling out at the Tokyo Cat Fight show last July in Japan, Javier Jimenez has announced that the Wananeko figure will finally be available for worldwide purchase at tomorrow (Sunday August 10th 2014) at 11AM ET.

Standing approximately 4.8" tall, the resin figure will cost $60.00 each. This second run has a very limited number of pieces, and there aren't plans for another run in this colorway.

Wananeko Views

The "Wananeko Anatomy" print, a tribute to Shigeru Mizuki's series of yokai anatomy illustrations, will also be available at the web shop for $6.00 each. The print is on watercolor paper.

Wananeko Anatomy

Hot Toys’ Rocket & Groot New Bonus Accessory

Hot Toys Rocket Groot Bonus Accessory

With Marvel Studios’ Guardians of the Galaxy topping box-offices around the globe, Hot Toys is gracing fans of the film with an extra accessory in their sixth scale Rocket & Groot Collectible Figures Set. There will be a sixth scale Potted Groot included as a bonus accessory exclusively to those who pre-order the set.

Oh...and Sideshow Collectibles still has the figure set available to pre-order for $359.99.

Your Appointment at the Bambaland Clinic – Tonight

3A Zomb MD 2

Tonight (Thursday August 7th 2014) at - I'm assuming, since it's their usual release time - 9PM ET, 3A - via Bamabalandstore - will be releasing their sixth scale AKLUB Zomb MD and Albino Nurse Set and the Adventue Kartel Black Rose Zomb Nurse. The set will sell for $260.00, while the Zomb Nurse - these nurses have newly designed 3A breasts - will clock in at $120.00.

While there's no word of it, I would have liked an option of just picking up the Zomb MD figure.

3A Zomb MD 1

Mezco Presents: The Art of Living Dead Dolls Book

Mezco At Living Dead Dolls

Mezco has announced The Art Of Living Dead Dolls book, an artistic celebration of the beloved darkness created over 16 years ago. Featuring over 100 images from more than 80 different artists, the art book is now available to pre-order for $20.00. It's anticipated to begin shipping in September 2014.

The Art of Living Dead Dolls features works from artists such as:

Joshua Hoffine, Angus Oblong, Dan Brereton, Yuki Abiko, Emily Yishizawa, Michael Pasquale, Rotten Orange, Stephen Blickenstaff, Shelby Vogal, and many more.