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SDCC19: Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. Exclusives

Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. will be attending San Diego Comic-Con 2019 at Booth #2607. They've announced a bundle of exclusives, including the following items...

Invader Zim Vinimates Extra Doom Vinyl Figure 2-Pack. Limited to 250 pieces. $20.00
Ghostbusters Movie Slimed Action Figures Box Set. Limited to 1984 pieces. $80.00
Real Ghostbusters Action Figures Spectral GB Box Set. $120.00
Marvel Comics Gallery SDCC X-Force Deadpool PVC Diorama. Limited to 10,000 pieces. $50.00
Muppets Select Deluxe Messy Swedish Chef Action Figure. Limited to 500 pieces. $30.00
Star Trek Starship Legends Gold Enterprise NCC-1701-C. Limited to 250 pieces. $60.00
DC Premier Collection Harley Quinn Gem Edition Statue. Limited to 200 pieces. $200.00
DC Gallery SDCC Speed Force Flash PVC Diorama. Limited to 7,000 pieces. $50.00
Legends in 3D Marvel Comic SDCC X-Force Deadpool ½ Scale Bust. Limited to 1,000 pieces. $50.00
Star Wars Concept Sandtrooper Mini-Bust. Limited to 750 pieces. $120.00
Marvel Comics Gallery SDCC X-Force X-23 as Wolverine PVC Diorama. Limited to 6,000 pieces. $50.00
Marvel Gallery SDCC Captain Marvel SHIELD PVC DIorama. Limited to 4,000 pieces. $50.00
John Wick Vinimates Chapter 1 Vinyl Figure. Limited to 250 pieces. $10.00
Forbidden Planet Vinimates Retro Robby Vinyl Figure. Limited to 250 pieces. $10.00
Lost in Space Vinimates Retro B9 Vinyl Figure. Limited to 250 pieces. $10.00
Iron Giant Vinimates Weathered Vinyl Figure. Limited to 250 pieces. $10.00
Pacific Rim Uprising Battle Damaged Gipsy Avenger Action Figure. Limited to only 250 pieces. $20.00

Diamond Select Toys Fall 2019 Releases

Diamond Select Toys has announced a number of figures that will be released in Fall of 2019. They include the following...

Bruce Lee Vinimates Vinyl Figures
These 4-inch vinyl figures of Bruce Lee in his casual clothes (one flashing the peace sign) feature poseable heads. They're designed by Barry Bradfield. They'll be available for $9.99 each.

DC Movie Classic Vinimates Batman & Catwoman Vinyl Figures 2-Pack
As seen in the classic movie Batman Returns, Tim Burton’s take on Batman and Catwoman are now together in one package, as a pair of 4-inch vinyl figures. The set is designed by Barry Bradfield. It will be available for $19.99.

Tron Movie Select Action Figures Series 1 Assortment
These 7-inch scale action figures include Tron, Sark, and Infiltrator Flynn in his red infiltration disguise. Each figure features approximately 16 points of articulation and interchangeable disc accessories and effects, as well as a piece of a buildable Recognizer vehicle (seen above on the right).The figures are designed by Eamon O’Donoghue and sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios. You'll be able to grab them for $29.99 each.

Look for these figures to be available over at

Avengers: Endgame Minimates

The Avengers: Endgame Minimates figure series, from the hit film and produced by Diamond Select Toys, is currently available to purchase. There's a special exclusive Marvel Minimates box set that includes four figures: Tony Stark in his Quantum suit (with alternate heads for Hawkeye and Ant-Man), Black Widow (with an alternate head for Nebula), Quantum Suit Hulk, and Quantum Suit War Machine. 

There are four two-packs available exclusively at Walgreens stores, each pairing two cast members from the sure-to-be-blockbuster film: Iron Man with Thanos, Black Widow with Hawkeye, Hulk with War Machine, and Quantum Suit Captain America with Quantum Suit Rocket. (The last pack also includes alternate parts to turn Captain America into Thor, complete with Stormbreaker)

You can currently pick up these, plus plenty of other Avengers: Endgame collectibles, over at

DC Comic Vinimates Series 5 Vinyl Figures

Diamond Select Toys has announced a new Vinimate lineup - the DC Comic Vinimates Series 5 Vinyl Figures. This new batch includes Justice League member Aquaman in his classic costume, Shazam! in his modern garb, and the ruler of Apokolips – Darkseid. Each 4-inch vinyl figure is sculpted in the Minimates block-figure style, designed by Barry Bradfield. Look for them to be released around August 2019...but you can currently pre-order all three from for $9.99 each.

Bruce Lee D-Formz PVC Figure Assortment

Diamond Select Toys has announced the Bruce Lee D-Formz PVC Figure Assortment. These PVC figures pack a 3-inch tall punch. Inspired by the life and looks of Bruce Lee, this blind-boxed series includes five different designs, plus two rare, one-per-case variants. Designed and sculpted by BigShot ToyWorks. Look for them to be released this summer and to run $7.99 each.

DC Movie Vinimates Aquaman Vinyl Figures

Diamond Select Toys has released their DC Movie Vinimates Aquaman Vinyl Figures. These 4-inch vinyl figures capture the undersea world of the Aquaman movie in their signature blockish style, striking dynamic poses inspired by the film. The three figure included in this series are Aquaman, Black Manta, and Ocean Master. You can currently pick up all three figures over at for $9.99 each.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Figures from Diamond Select Toys

With less than a week until the game drops, Diamond Select Toys has released several new figures from Kingdom Hearts 3. The Kingdom Hearts 3 Vinimates Vinyl Figures Series 1 features a trio of the game’s protagonists - Sora, Donald, and Goofy - in their Toy Story World looks. Each 4-inch tall vinyl figure retails for $9.99.

Also, the Kingdom Hearts Select Action Figures Series 3 Assortments are available. The Kingdom Hearts Select action figure line travels to the video game universe of Space Paranoids, where everyone gets a high-tech makeover. This assortment of multi-character figure sets includes Black Coat Mickey Mouse with a Heartless Assassin and a Shadow, or Space Paranoids Goofy with Tron, or Space Paranoids Sora (with Photon Debugger) with Sark. Each figure features multiple points of articulation and is sculpted in a 1/10th scale. Look for these sets to retail for $24.99 each.

All of these figures are currently available to purchase over at

DC Classic Dark Knight Trilogy Vinimates

Diamond Select Toys has announced the upcoming (Spring of 2019) release of a trio of characters from Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy as DC Vinimates. The DC Classic Dark Knight Trilogy Vinimates will include Batman, The Joker, and Bane. Each 4-inch vinyl figure is sculpted in the Minimates block-figure style and strikes a pose straight from the movie. Look for these to retail for $9.99 each.

Kingdom Hearts III Select Action Figures

With the release of Kingdom Hearts III (video game) fast approaching, Diamond Select Toys has announced their first-ever figures based on the title. The Kingdom Hearts II Select Action Figures Series will include a pair of two-packs: Goofy with his shield and Donald with his scepter; Maleficent with Diablo and Sora with the Starseeker Keyblade. Each 7-inch-scale figure features multiple points of articulation.

Look for these two-packs to be available in Spring of 2019, selling for $24.99 each.

Pacific Rim D-Formz Blind Box Series

Diamond Select has released the new Pacific Rim D-Formz Blind Box Series. Each blind-packaged box contains either a Jaeger or a Kaiju, sculpted in the adorable “chibi” style. Designs include Gipsy Avenger, Saber Athena, Bracer Phoenix and the hideous Raijin. Sculpted by Bigshot Toy Works, there are 7 different figures to collect.  

You can currently pick these up over at for $7.99 per blind box.