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LittleBigPlanet: Sackboy inFamous Second Son Premier Scale Statue


TriForce has announced the officially licensed LittleBigPlanet: Sackboy inFamous Second Son Premier Scale Statue. This version of Sackboy is done up as Delsin from inFamous Second Son. Cast in polystone, it measures 8-inches in diameter, 12-inches in height, and weighs in at 8 pounds. This statue is a limited edition of 500 pieces worldwide. It's estimated to begin shipping in Q2 of 2016. You can pre-order one now for $200.00.


One:12 SDCC Exclusive The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Boxed Set


Mezco has announced the One:12 Collective Limited Edition SDCC Exclusive The Dark Knight Returns Deluxe Boxed Set. The set features a new limited edition Batman vs The Mutant Leader. It will be available at Mezco's San Diego Comic Con Booth #3445 or available to pre-order from the Mezco site (linked above) for $150.00.

This set depicts the epic first encounter between Batman and The Mutant Leader from The Dark Knight Returns storyline. It includes both a battle damaged exclusive Batman and an exclusive deco variant Mutant Leader. There will also be a 10-inch long polystone display base of the Gotham City Junk Yard, the "Knock-Out Foam" accessory designed to fit over his enemy's face, alternate hands, and a crowbar accessory. Each figure is built on a One:12 crafted body featuring over 30 points of articulation with specially tailored cloth costuming, intricate hand painted decoration and state of the art solid construction.

Sea-Borg Claw and Sea-Borg Clamp


MonsterPants Toys has announced the Sea-Borg Claw and Sea-Borg Clamp. These two hard-headed guys are the powerhouses of the Sea-Borgs' world, both sporting a massive left appendage built for crushing the skulls of their Invader enemies. The Sea-Borg Claw is 100% translucent orange resin, while the Sea-Borg Clamp is filled to the gills with green glitter.

Each figure comes packaged in a clear bag with printed header card. Both figures go on sale today (Thursday, May 21st 2015) at Noon ET at the MonsterPants Shop for $24.00 each plus shipping.


Astrolapin: Noir / Light


The astrolapin: noir / light  is currently available to pre-order from artist mr clement. This set of astrolapin is priced at £99 each (about $155 each). The vinyl and PVC collectibles measure around 8.9-inches in height. They're currently slated to begin shipping around the end of June 2015. Available in two colors White (light) and Black (noir), the figures will be limited editions of 100 pieces of each color. 

Mezco’s SDCC Exclusive Breaking Bad Heisenberg Variant


Mezco has revealed their San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Breaking Bad 12-inch Heisenberg variant figure. This version of Walter White's alter ego comes complete with a removable hat, removable glasses, and removable sunglasses. This variant version features a blue shirt and black jacket not available anywhere else. It will be available at the Mezco San Diego Comic Con booth #3445...but if you're not attending, you can pre-order one via the above link for $40.00.

Hot Toys’ Avengers: Age of Ultron – Vision


One of the biggest highlights of the record-breaking Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is the introduction of the new characters in the film. Hot Toys has announced details about turning one of those new characters into a 1/6th scale version, in the Vision collectible figure. The movie-accurate Vision features a newly developed head sculpt with detailed texture and Mind Stone, specially tailored costume and cape, Thor’s hammer Mjölnir, and a specially designed figure stand.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the 1/6th scale Vision figure available to pre-order for $219.99. It's estimated to begin shipping in Q1 of 2016.

The 1/6th scale Vision collectible figure features:

  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of relaxed hands
  • Pair of open hands
  • Pair of hands for holding Mjölnir
  • Teal colored full body suit with texture and red-violet colored highlights
  • Yellow colored cape with patterns and red-violet highlights
  • Pair of red-violet and gold colored gauntlets
  • Pair of red-violet and gold colored boots
  • Mjölnir Accessory
  • Specially-designed figure stand with Vision nameplate and the movie logo

RETRO REVIEW: The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior


It was way back in 1982, while Toto was singing about Rosanna Arquette and Olivia Newton-John was coaxing you to get Physical, that Remco released one of their best remembered lines – The Saga of Crystar, Crystal Warrior. The toy line was released a little before the 11-issue Marvel comic book series of the same name. That series included a few Marvel crossovers, including Nightcrawler.

With a background story that sounds eerily familiar to L. Ron Hubbard’s creation myth, it’s not a surprise that the world of Crystallium (that’s really the name of where the story takes place) and the battle between the Order and Chaos didn’t catch on with youngsters.


I’m not sure why the line wasn’t more popular. Well…it might have something to do with going up against some new toy lines like Masters of the Universe, G.I. Joe, Return of the Jedi, etc. Plus, as you can see from the 1983 Sears Christmas Catalog, it’s not like the retailers were giving them much help. When your ad is basically space filler next to The Other World and Castle Zendo, it’s only a matter of time before you’re in the bargain bin at the local McCrory’s (I hope at least one person gets this reference).


The series of figures featured the good – the Order – and the bad – the Chaos. The leaders were a pair of twin brothers – Crystar and Moltar. Crystar, the good one, appears to be made of crystal, while Moltar, the bad brother, looks like molten lava.

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Battlesaur vs. Drone 2-Packs


The Goodleg Toys and Adam Pratt collaboration follows up their sell-out of the first series of War On Prehis x Small Angry Monsters figures. This release will be limited to 4 pieces only - two Battlesaurs and two Drones - available in Battlesaur vs. Drone 2-packs. There will be the Purple Battlesaur vs. Red Mace Drone and the Yellow-Brown Battlesaur vs. Green Claw Drone.

The 2-packs are priced at $150.00 a set plus shipping. They'll be available via the above link beginning today (Thursday May 14th 2015) at 5PM ET.