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ESC x SDCC 2014


Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy will be releasing some new stuff for San Diego Comic Con. Here's a flyer of one of the releases. But that's all you're getting. We'll pass on more info as we know it.

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SDCC14: Vannen – Rat Basterd: White

Vannen SDCC Kronk

Vannen has teamed up with 3D Retro to release a limited edition Rat Basterd: White  artist watch by artist KRONK. The watch is available exclusively via the 3DRetro San Diego Comic Con booth #5049 beginning on Preview Night.

There only 100 pieces available, with each watch running $60.00. each. And the first 30 people to purchase the Rat Basterd: White will also get a limited edition KRONK giclee print.

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The Lick of Death Print

Lunartik Lick of Death

Matt JOnes (Lunartik) has released a new print - The Lick of DeathProduced to accompany Matt's Series One 10 Doh! figure by Squidkids Ink, the print is a limited edition of 10 Giclée Prints. The signed and numbered print is available to purchase for £20.00 (around $34).

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SDCC14: 3DRetro – Shadow Ralf

3DRetro SDCC Craola 1

From 3DRetro, the 2014 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Shadow Ralf is a limited edition exclusive colorway from Greg "Craola" Simkins' forthcoming stop motion animated short film "I'm Scared". The 6-inch vinyl figure is an extremely limited release and will retail for $70.00 during the convention.

It will only be available at the 3DRetro Booth #5049. And Greg will be signing there on Thursday, July 24 2014 from 1PM to 2PM.

3DRetro SDCC Craola 2

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Toy Break Episode 315: The Woman Is In Charge

Sarah Jo returns to the Toy Break for Episode 315: The Woman Is In Charge. She joins Ayleen and George for the annual DKE Toys SDCC extravaganza.

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SDCC14: BeeFy & Co. Booth

BeeFy & Co. will be at Booth #5645 during San Diego Comic Con 2014. They will have a number of exclusives and new releases...listed below.

Beefy SDCC Earth Jade

Earth Jade Bad Bad Buddha
Limited Edition of 24 pieces
$188.00 each

Beefy SDCC Marvel Print

Marvel vs Titans
12" x 17" Giclee Print by BeeFy
Limited Edition of 25 pieces
$30.00 each

Beefy SDCC Piggipoo Print

Free Falling Bacon
12" x 12" Giclee Print by Ed He
Limited Edition of 40 pieces
$25.00 each

Beefy SDCC Unipoo Ryupoo

Unipoo, the magical and mystical unicorn
9 1/2” Plush
$25.00 each

5 1/2” Plush
$14.00 each

Beefy SDCC EQ Skyn Designs

5 Exclusive Skyns
Collaboration with Equilibrium USG
$25.00 each


BeeFy – All Day Every day
Zukie – Thursday and Friday 2PM to 3PM
Obscure – Friday Noon to 1:30PM
Ardabus Rubber – Friday 2PM to 3PM
Tasha Zimich – Saturday 11AM to Noon
DeeTen - Saturday 3PM to 4PM

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SDCC14: 3DRetro – Lavabear Classic Version

3DRetro Hamill Lava 1

3DRetro has announced another 2014 San Diego Comic Con release. From artist Nathan Hamill, they will bring you the Lavabear Classic VersionDebuting at SDCC 2014, this limited edition 8-inch vinyl figure will retail for $80.00 and be available during the duration of the convention at booth #5049.

3DRetro Hamill Lava 2

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TAG Exclusive Lab Mice Edition

TAG Lab Mice 1

Today - Friday July 18th 2014 - at Noon PTToy Art Gallery will release the TAG Exclusive Lab Mice Edition from Splurrt and Rampage Toys. This set of three figures are cast in yellow vinyl with red, pink, black and green spray and stand 3 inches tall. The TAG Exclusive Lab Mice set will be available for $50.00 each set.

TAG Lab Mice 2

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Bartholio OG Hand Paint Edition

Bartholio 2

The latest collaboration between tattoo artist AshMadeThis and the Disart ToyLabs will enchant the children of the 90's. The Bartholio custom bootleg is inspired by Ash’s hugely popular pin badge design of the same name. The figure has been booted by Disart’s Tru:Tek from a vintage 4" Beavis bendy toy, with an originally sculpted Bart head from NolanJP

The Bartholio OG Hand Paint Edition has been hand cast in a hard resin and hand painted by Ash. Each figure comes bagged with a custom header and will run £25.00 (about $43).

Also, the Bartholio “Naked Bart” and “Naked Beavis” jumbo keshi editions (keshi-style rubber) will be available for £10.00 each (about $17).

The figures will debut in limited numbers at the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Con this Saturday, July 19th 2014. Open pre-orders for all 3 versions will be up for grabs from the AshMadeThis web-store on July 21st 2014.

Bartholio 1

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Kitten Bear Trap Resin Set

Visell Kitten Bear Trap 2

Amanda Visell has released two versions of her Kitten Bear Trap resin set. Both cats and trap are hand sculpted, cast and painted. The original version (pictured above) is a limited edition of 55 pieces and sells for $90.00.

Also, the sparkly version are clear and infused with glitter in their guts. The limited edition of 35 sets will run $115.00 each.

Visell Kitten Bear Trap 1

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