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Threezero’s Titanfall IMC Ogre


Threezero has announced the pre-order details for their Titanfall IMC Ogre figure. Standing in at nearly 20 inches tall, the monstrous collectible will be available starting on Monday May 24th 2016 at 9:00PM ET for $450.00 (worldwide shipping included in the price). In addition to massive 40MM Cannon (with detachable ammo drum), any Titanfall IMC Ogre collectible purchased at will include an exclusive ARC Cannon.

Each Ogre features fully openable hatch with detailed cockpit, comes with a 6-inch tall articulated pilot, missile launcher on the left side, light-up feature for top, hips and afterburner with interchangeable red and blue lights.


The Titanfall IMC Ogre collectible figure features the following:

  • Stands approximately 20 inches tall
  • Over 100 articulation parts
  • Real pistons control the movement of the waist and feet
  • 40MM Cannon with detachable ammo drum
  • Fully openable hatch with cockpit
  • Movable armor plates on both torso and legs
  • Light-up feature for top, hips and afterburner with interchangeable red and blue lights
  • Articulated tri-missile launcher (launcher hatch can be opened and missiles are detachable)
  • 6-inch tall IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure
  • R-101C Carbine and fabric clothing
  • Threezerostore Exclusive: ARC Cannon

Hot Toys’ 1/6th Scale Yoda Figure


Jedi Master Yoda was the most wise and powerful of all Jedi. For over 800 years, Yoda instructed young Jedi and instilled in them a profound sense of discipline, strength, and unity. During the dark times when Galactic Empire ruled the galaxy, Luke Skywalker went to Dagobah in search of Yoda for training to become a Jedi which led to path that will restore balance to the galaxy!

Hot Toys is has announced the 1/6th scale Yoda collectible figure from Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back. The highly-accurate collectible figure is specially crafted based on the image of Yoda from the film. It features two newly developed head sculpts, a specially developed body, finely tailored costume, a range of detailed accessories including a cane, crate container, small lamp, LED-light up power unit, and Dagobah diorama figure base with rocks.

You can currently pre-order the 1/6th scale Yoda figure from Sideshow Collectibles for $199.99. It's slated to begin shipping in Q4 of 2016.


The 1/6th scale Yoda collectible figure features the following:

  • Relaxed right hand
  • Two accessory holding hands
  • Brown-colored under-tunic
  • Beige-colored robe
  • Leather-like belt
  • Blissl necklace
  • Cane
  • Crate container
  • Small lamp
  • LED light-up power unit
  • Specially sculpted Dagobah diorama figure base with two rocks

Team Iron Man Cosbaby Bobble-Head Collectible Set



Hot Toys has announced another figure series from their Marvel Captain America: Civil War collectible license. This time it's the Team Iron Man Cosbaby Bobble-Head collectible set featuring Spider-Man with Captain America’s shield, Tony Stark in Mark XLVI armor, James Rhodes in battle damaged War Machine Mark III armor, Black Widow, Black Panther, and Vision. Each Cosbaby stands approximately 3.75 inches tall and features bobble-head functions. Look for them to be released around Q2 – Q3 of 2016.

Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty


Funko is releasing Pop figures from another show/film that I've heard rumblings about but never actually seen. The Pop! Animation: Rick and Morty series features - you guessed it! - both Rick and Morty. "Rick, the troubled scientist, and his kind-hearted grandson, Morty, embark on misadventures that send them through time and space!" this Back to the Future? And is that kid holding poop? Ahh...find out in July 2016.

BigManToys 3D-Printed Release



BigManToys is dropping a stack of hand-painted, home-made 3D printed figures tonight - Friday May 20th 2016 - at Midnight London Time (7PM ET). These are being produced for hardcore Puppet Master, Double Dragon, and Mortal Kombat fans - they've been inspired by those series, of course. The designs are all one-off pieces using the same sculpts that were used in recent Bigmantoys minifigure releases, but double, or triple the size (between 4 and 6 inches tall). A lot of effort has been put into making these feel like hollow, hard vinyl. The figures have been smoothed and strenghtened through a series of labor-intensive processes and painted to perfection - hence the super-limited release. Look for them to be priced around $30.00 to $50.00 each.

ALAVAKA “Pink Fan”


Devil's Head Productions has announced the ALAVAKA "Pink Fan" vinyl figure. DHP said "a new and very experienced vendor in Japan has taken control of the DHP sofubi and his first pulls are amazing." The hot neon pink version is a pre-order. 

You will need to prepay for the release, emailing by May 31st 2016 and saying "I'm in for a pink unpainted!" along with your Paypal email. An invoice will then be sent to you. You will have until June 18th 2016 to pay the invoice. Any payments received after that date will be refunded and the offer becomes null and void. The price is $70.00 (shipping included in US).


Raspberry Beret Infected Dunny


Clutter Magazine has announced the Raspberry Beret Infected Dunny colorway from artist Scott Wilkowski. Standing 3-inches tall, the Infected Dunny piece has been double cast in resin and is officially licensed by Kidrobot. This version is limited to only 50 pieces in this colorway. It will be available beginning today - May 19th 2016 - at Noon ET for $60.00 via the Clutter Magazine online shop.

Hot Toys teases Suicide Squad Collectibles


Well this shouldn't come as a big surprise. Hot Toys has the license to produce 1/6th scale figures based on the upcoming DC Comics super-villain film Suicide Squad. It seems like they've been touting this one for a while, but, apparently, that's what happens when you start showing off trailers and clips months before the intended release date. (That release date is still some ways away - August 5th 2016).