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Toy Break Episode 316: Everybody Gets Naked!

Scott Tolleson and Shawn Kirkham join Ayleen and George for Episode 316 of Toy Break. Entitled Everybody Gets Naked!, this week's episode takes a closer look at SDCC exclusives from Skybound, The Walking Dead, and much more.

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Rocket Raccoon Fabrikation

Funko Fabrikations Rocket Raccoon

Guardians of the Galaxy appears to be a fairly marketable movie...especially on the toy and collectible front. The latest item is from Funko - the Rocket Raccoon Fabrikation. The 6"tall "soft sculpted figure" is filled with dense foam, features a rotating head, and includes a vinyl gun accessory. No word on when you'll be able to grab one of your own.

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SDCC14: Uglydolls x DC Comics

Uglydolls SDCC

Booth #3245 will be where the Uglydoll crew will be stationed at San Diego Comic Con 2014. This year, they'll be teaming up with DC Comics to release SDCC exclusive plush toys, phone cases, pins, tees, and prints.

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Kickstarter: Mayor 4 Crack

Created by artist Beck and Mindzai Labs, Mayor 4 Crack is a designer art toy project that's hit Kickstarter in an attempt to raise funds for production. Lampooning Toronto's "infamous crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford", the 5-inch Ford will include interchangeable signs...featuring some of his colorful quotes. And while there isn't a prototype available, the final 3D render is pictured below.

There are plans for various colorways, including a DIY version. The Early Bird Original Version is limited to 75 backers and is available for a $40.00 pledge (normally $45.00). This project will only be funded if at least $12,500 CAD is pledged by Wednesday, August 20th 2014 at 11:16AM ET.

Mayor 4 Crack 3D Render

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SDCC14: Funko Exclusives Part 3

Funko SDCC 5

The final batch of Funko's San Diego Comic Con exclusives has been announced. While this is part #3 on this site, they actually sent out 9 emails featuring multiple exclusives per email. So you know they aren't playing around when it comes to providing exclusives...where else will you find toys from the following licenses: Sharknado, Pulp Fiction, Saw, and Huckleberry Hound?

Funko SDCC 4

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SDCC14: October Toys Debut Releases

October Toys will at San Diego Comic Con manning Booth #4951. And amongst their SDCC 2014 Debuts will be the following:

October Toys SDCC OMFG quasar

OMFG Series 1 Quasar

The translucent hot pink 2" PVC mini figures: Crawdad Kid, Multiskull, Stroll, King Castor, and Phantom Outhouse
$10.00 for the set of five

October Toys SDCC OMFG ghoul

OMFG Series 3 Ghoul

The lavender PVC mini figures: Barbarianaut, Dr. Decay, Fruit Punch, TenCan, and Pugnacious.
$10.00 for the set of five

October Toys SDCC Metal Weapons

Skeleton Warriors Metal Weapon Set

The Glyos compatible weapons including a Skeleton Guard halberd, Skeleton Soldier axe, and Baron Dark's sword. These pewter weapons range from 2.25" to 4.5" and come with a mini print of the concept art for the Skull Hammer/Slasher.

October Toys SDCC Toy Break Calaverita

Toy Break Purple Calaverita

This purple and lavender Calaverita from The Beast Brothers is a Japanese vinyl sofubi Toy Break exclusive!
Limited to 20 pieces
$60.00 each

Also, they will be hosting a toy making panel...Toy Break Presents : Making It Happen - Independent Toy Design! Panel
Thursday July 24th 2014 from 8PM to 9PM in Room 32AB
Learn how independent toy producers are bringing their creations to life in plastic, resin, and plush.
George Gaspar (October Toys), Scott Tolleson (Stolle Art), Dave Bondi (Toy Designer), Carlos East (The Beast Brothers), John “Spanky” Stokes (SpankyStokes.com), and moderated by Ayleen Gaspar (Toy Break).

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SDCC14: Lana Crooks’ Plush

Lana Crooks Sylvan

Lana Crooks will have a number of plush collaborations available at San Diego Comic Con 2014. Gary Ham and Lana will be releasing Sylvan. The 19" x 14" handmade plush is an edition of 10 pieces with only 5 pieces available at SDCC Booth #5139. You can pick one up for $285.00.

Lana Crooks Beetaronomy

Lana and Scott Tolleson have teamed up for the Old Beetaronomy plush. The 19" tall plush includes a handy wooden cane. The plush is limited to an edition of 5 pieces, each available at SDCC Booth #5139 for $300.00.

Lana Crooks Kitsune

Finally, Lana has worked with Walter Gatus's Jungle Boy Productions to create the above pictured Kitsune plush. The 12" tall plush is a closed release with a maximum production run of 30 pieces. The first 5 pieces will be making their debut at SDCC Booth #1417 for $180.00.

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SDCC14: Fresh Monkey Fiction

Amazing Heroes SDCC Contest

Fresh Monkey Fiction will be at San Diego Comic Con to take it spread the word about their crowd-funded Amazing Heroes action figure line. Launched just last week, Amazing Heroes hopes to bring four classic and cult heroes to life as 1980s style vintage 4” action figures. The first wave includes Captain Action, the Golden Age Dare-Devil, Black Terror, and Stardust the Super-Wizard—with stretch goal figures of Champion of Mars and Silver Streak.

Fresh Monkey Fiction will be at the Captain Action Custom Figure Contest, Thursday July 24th 2014 at 3:30PM in Room: 24ABC.

They're also running the “Find Fresh Monkey Fiction” contest at San Diego Comic Con. If you find someone wearing a Fresh Monkey Fiction t-shirt, come across one of their SDCC flyers, or find a cosplayer dressed as an Amazing Hero...take a photo with the hashtag #AmazingHero (and tag the Amazing Heroes Facebook page in any FB posts), and a link to their Kickstarter page on any social media. All of the rules are available via the Fresh Monkey Fiction homepage.

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SDCC14: DKE Toys Cheat Sheet

DKE SDCC Cheat Sheet 2014

DKE Toys has released their entire San Diego Comic Con Booth #5045 Cheat Sheet. It's nice and simple...no timed releases and no signings. Just get to the booth and purchase what you want.

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SDCC14: Blurble Releases

Blurble SDCC Ooze 2

Blurble will be releasing some items at San Diego Comic Con at the Lulubell Booth #5045.

They include the Sparrow in Yellow/Black and Red/Black and Mini Rubber Oozys.

Also, Blurble and DskiOne will be doing a release on Thursday July 24th 2014 from 4PM to 5PM at the Lulubell booth. Both artists will be on hand to release a collaborative KidToxic and Oozy. Designed by Blurble and Painted by DskiOne.

Blurble SDCC Sparrow Blurble SDCC Ooze 1 Blurble SDCC Kid Toxic

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