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Scrambled Wood Series One – Final Details


While Wood Candy Workshop  has revealed all four figures that will make up the Scrambled Wood Series One, they left a little detail as a final surprise. All four figures - Auggie, Bricker, Crispy, and Decimus - are 100% interchangeable for limitless possibilities and combinations, as the pieces pop together with the help of embedded super strong magnets. If you're looking to pick some up, figures will be available at Designer Con 2014 on November 8-9.


Meet Jinja – The Soapstone Lion


Jinja, named after a town in Uganda, is a hand-crafted soapstone toy based on the image of a (loving) lion. Led by Jake Manion of Aardman Animations and being carved out of stone in Kenya by Geoffrey (picture shown below), the project will feature customs from a number of well-known artists. Eight customs have been created by artists in the UK, using resin figures they made.

Those artists are: Peter Lord (Aardman founder), Rich Webber (Purple & Brown / DC Funnest), Merlin Crossingham (Wallace & Gromit), Gav Strange (Aardman / JamFactory), Sarah Matthews (Aardman / BernysPlace), Sam Hadley (Slumberbean), Danny Capozzi (Aardman / Hero73*) and Peskimo.

Starting this Thursday (October 30th 2014) evening, they’ll start an eBay auction to sell each of the 8 customs. They're also making 30 Jinja toys, handcarved out of soapstone in Kenya, available as fixed price eBay listings. All proceeds from the auctions go directly to the Kenyan Orphan Project

We'll provide more detailed information of the auctions closer to Thursday.

3A Toys x Marvel – Doctor Doom

3A Toys has released the above images showing their second Marvel Comics collaborative figure (Iron Man was first). While we saw the classic version at New York Comic Con 2014, Ashley Wood has pretty much destroyed all three versions of Doctor Doom. They include the Classic, Ghost, and Stealth versions. There's no word as to whether there will be a 3AA exclusive version...or if one of these three will only be offered to members.

Jermaine Rogers’ Choices – Phantom Variant


This Friday, October 31st 2014, Jermaine Rogers will be releasing his Choices - Phantom Variant via his site. A limited edition of only 100 figures, this 8-inch tall clear, knife wielding bunny will be available to purchase for $75.00. While it debuted at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, this might be your first shot at picking one up.

The Choices (Phantom) will be released on Halloween at 3PM ET. Also, 10 random boxes will include a special 'art-ticket', which can be redeemed for an exclusive limited-edition 'Family' art print by Jermaine Rogers (shown below).


New Releases from Daniel Yu


Artist Daniel Yu released a number of new figures this past weekend. Ten new releases to be specific.

taupok king maggots

Taupok King
4-inch tall hand painted resin
Edition size of 6 pieces

halloween tofu head

Tofu Head Halloween Edition
2.5" x 2" x 2" hand painted resin
Removable pumpkin accessory
Edition size of 4 pieces

bronco flesh

Bronco Buster Flesh Edition
6 inches tall hand sculpted resin
Unplug his head to reveal a literary low blow

gory flesh

Gory Bomb Flesh Edition
5.5 inches tall hand sculpted resin
Includes swappable magnetic fist with foreign object

mystery mortis 2

Mystery Mortis Version 2.0
3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin
6 possible color variants

metalhead blind bag

Metalhead Blind Anarchy
3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin
Blind bagged - 6 possible colour variants

footmen neon tribes

Footmen Neon Tribes
3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin
Blind bagged - 6 possible color variants

footmen set 1

7 piece super set Army


3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin

gourdlike gid

Gourd-like GID Edition
3-inch tall hand sculpted and cast resin