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Hench “S.I.T.E.” Glow Edition by Pete Fowler

Superplastic has released their newest collectible - the Hench "S.I.T.E" Glow Edition by artist Pete Fowler. Standing in at 9 inches tall, this version of Fowler's Hench character features glow-in-the-dark soft vinyl, radium-resistant kicks, an electroplated silver grill, and an XXXXL hazmat jumpsuit. This colorway is limited to a run of only 333 pieces, and it's currently available to purchase for $75.00 (shipping now).

Janky Series Two Comes to Kickstarter

Superplastic has announced that Janky Series Two will be launched on Kickstarter beginning tomorrow (May 7th 2019) at Noon ET. For early-bird Kickstarter backers, they will be given the chance at an exclusive top-secret King Janky The Fourth Storm Edition.

Fashion Guggi SuperJanky by Guggimon

Superplastic has announced their newest SuperJanky figure - the Fashion Guggi SuperJanky by Guggimon. Shipping in the Fall of 2019, this piece is designed by international hip hop horror icon Guggimon. The Fashion Guggi SuperJanky features a “Walt" axe (used for destroying animated cartoon characters where they breed), the latest kicks, red handbag, and of course Guggi’s trademark stick & poke “GUG MOM” tat. With a limited run of only 333 pieces, you can pick one up for $65.00.

JankyFörtress SuperJanky

Superplastic has announced their newest SuperJanky release. Set to ship in Spring of 2019, the JankyFörtress SuperJanky figure is the second colorway to the extremely limited JankyTrooper SuperJanky collection, which has been created in collaboration with the legendary Munich-based street artist Flying Förtress. This 8-inch tall SuperJanky is "fully outfitted by classic fresh Timbs, a handful-o-crushed-missiles, and an adorably triumphant disposition". Limited to a run of 300 pieces, you can pre-order one now for $75.00.

Ovnik SuperJanky “Maui Edition” by Pete Fowler

Superplastic has announced the newest collectible figure - the Ovnik SuperJanky "Maui Edition" by artist Pete Fowler. Slated to begin shipping in March 2019, this version is limited to a run of 333 pieces. You can currently pre-order one for $75.00.

A posse of psychedelic sirens rescued Ovnik after his spacecraft crashed off of Hawaii. They traded his eyes for a pair of magic leopard skin sneakers. Now he slings Mai Tais at a tiki bar on the set of Magnum PI, and sidelines as the drummer in Max Ca$h’s band.

King Janky The Third


Superplastic has released the King Janky The Third figure. This 3-inch tall vinyl Janky is the third heir to the Janky throne. He's a royal rebel who only cares about three things: cash, cash, and pool parties. Infamous for getting naked in Atlantic City, NJ and shotgunning a Smirnoff Ice from a prosthetic arm, King Janky The Third is a reminder to all that money can’t buy class.

The 3-inch vinyl Janky comes with a donut pool float, Super money gun, and a bad habit of blacking out. The figure is limited to a run of 1,500 pieces and sells for $16.00 each.

GID SuperJanky by El Grand Chamaco

Amidst all of those Black Friday and Cyber Monday emails, you might have missed the latest announcement from Superplastic. Benito - the glow in the dark one-eyed SuperJanky made by Mexican artist El Grand Chamaco - is now available to pre-order. Standing in at 8 inches of soft and glow vinyl, this version is limited to a run of 333 pieces. You can order your own, now, for $75.00.

Max Ca$h – Gothic Sunset

Superplastic has revealed the third ultra-limited colorway of Pete Fowler’s aging raver - Max Ca$h - in vibrant Gothic Sunset. (These are the figures I'm excited about...since it was Fowler's work that got me into the vinyl toy scene about 15 years ago) Max Cash's removable head reveals a transparent orange vinyl skull underneath. He also includes a Superold logo speaker briefcase for portable parties.

This colorway is limited to a run of 333 pieces made. You can pick one up now for $90.00.

Trooper SuperJanky by Flying Förtress

Superplastic has announced their newest figure available for pre-order. Sporting a giant helmet, a handful of crushed nukes, and an attitude, the 8-inch tall SuperJanky Trooper, created in collaboration with legendary Munich-based street artist Flying Förtress, can be pre-ordered now. This limited edition of 400 pieces is based on his iconic anti-war army of Teddy Troops, seizing walls worldwide since the late 80's. You can pre-order your own for $85.00. It's expected to ship in Early-2019.

Hench: It Me! Edition by Pete Fowler

Superplastic has announced the pre-order availability of their Hench: It Me! Edition figure. Hench is the second figure in the new series by acclaimed artist Pete Fowler. The special "It Me!" edition measures 9-inches tall and features an interstellar varsity jacket, Wallabees, silver grill, and leopard skin gloves. This version is a limited edition of 555 pieces and it can be pre-ordered for $90.00. Look for it to ship in Early 2019.