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Funko x Stranger Things 3

Look away now if you don't want Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers...

Okay...I'm not actually sure if there are any spoilers, but it's quite possible. With Strange Things Season 3 being released on Netflix yesterday, Funko is already teasing a pair of new series based on this season. The Stranger Things Mystery Minis Series includes Jim Hopper, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, Eleven, Battle Version Eleven, Max Mayfield, Steve with ice cream, Mike Wheeler, Joyce Byers, Dustin Henderson, Billy, Karen Wheeler, Erica Sinclair, and Nancy Wheeler. Also, there are exclusives only available at Hot Topic - Karen Wheeler, Billy, and Eleven - and Target - Dustin Henderson, Eleven, and Nancy Wheeler.

In addition to the Mystery Minis, Funko has also announced a handful of new Stranger Things Pop! figures. They include Pop! Eleven, Pop! Mike, Pop! Joyce, Pop! Lifeguard Billy, and a 6” Pop! Tom/Bruce. Exclusives include a Pop! Eleven with a bear (Target) and a Pop! Eleven in yellow (Amazon).

You can currently head over to to pick up these or any number of Stranger Things x Funko collectibles.

Tomenosuke – Microbus Goes to Milky Way Release

The folks at Tomenosuke are releasing the latest Microbus color way - Microbus Goes to Milky Way - on Sunday July 7th 2019 at 23:59 JST (10:59AM ET). Designed by Aya Kakeda and produced by Tomenosuke, the 6.5-inch tall Microbus figure was sculpted and hand coloring by Yohei Kaneko (Mirock Toy - Japan) and manufactured at Obitsu Plastic Manufacturing Co. This colorway is limited to a run of only 10 pieces, with each one running ¥19,800 (about $185).

You'll be able to order them at the following: For Japan Orders and For International Orders

Fakir Design – King Kong vs Gojira

Fakir Design has released their latest custom figures - the King Kong and Gojira 1000% Bearbrick figures. King Kong vs Gojira has been released separately, with each one being a one-of-a-kind custom that's signed, numbered, and dated by the artist. They are priced at €2150 for King Kong ($2,445) and €2350 for Gojira ($2,673) plus shipping.

Cosmic Charlie

The Sucklord had teamed up with The Most Famous and Degenerate Deadhead in all of Brooklyn - TRICECAT - to produce a bootleg figure of his iconic character - Cosmic Charlie. The 3-inch tall hand-cast and hand=painted bootleg resin figure is mounted on a 6-inch by 8-inch blister card. You can pick one up now for $100.00 from the Suckadelic Shop.

Pop! Disney Series – Holidays

Funko continues to expand their Pop! Disney Series (of course...I'm sure it's bringing in the $$$) with several characters who are all set for the holidays. There's Pop! Mickey, Pop! Minnie, Pop! Winnie the Pooh, and Pop! Piglet all decked out in their festive Christmas attire. Because, apparently, it's never too early to begin thinking about December.

If you're interested in picking these up, you can head over to and pre-order the Pop! figures for $10.99 each.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Cosbaby Series

From the animated hit film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseHot Toys has announced the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Cosbaby Series. The lineup includes: Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peter B. Parker, Spider-HamSpider- Man Noir with additional magnetic function, a Hooded Version of Miles Morales with a city-themed base, and Peni Parker and SP//dr.

Look for this series to be available to purchase over at

TAG – Brachiosore GID Edition

Toy Art Gallery has announced a new edition of James Groman's Brachiosore vinyl. The Brachiosore GID Edition is dripping with juicy zombiefied detail. Standing in at 8 inches tall and featuring 5 points of articulation, this version  is cast in a subdued glow-in-the-dark vinyl.

The Brachiosore GID Edition will be available to purchase on Wednesday July 3rd 2019 at Noon PT from TAG for $95.00.

Nendoroid Captain Marvel: Hero’s Edition DX Version

Good Smile Co. has announced the latest Marvel superhero to join their Nendoroid lineup - the Nendoroid Captain Marvel: Hero's Edition DX Version. The fully articulated Nendoroid action figure features an interchangeable masked head part, a Transmitter Pager, an interchangeable face plate, an interchangeable torso part of her wearing her jacket, and Goose (the cat).

The pre-order window for this figure will be open until July 24th 2019 with delivery expected in November 2019. Look for this figure to be available to pre-order at

Nendoroid Winter Soldier: Infinity Edition DX Version

GoodSmile has announced the pre-order details for their Nendoroid Winter Soldier: Infinity Edition DX Version from "Avengers: Infinity War". The fully articulated Nendoroid figures includes a miniature Rocket figure, various weapon effect parts, and a Wakanda-themed base. It comes with three interchangeable face plates (serious expression, shouting expression, and gritted teeth expression) and a special interchangeable arm.

Look for this figure to be available via around $70.00. The pre-order runs through July 31, 2019, with a release in November 2019.

Symbiosis by Sad Salesman

From the playful imagination of Brooklyn's own Eric Althin, aka Sad Salesman, comes Symbiosis - a mystical woodland creature controlled by three interchangeable head symbionts. Produced by Clutter Studios, the 8.25-inch tall includes three interchangeable heads, possible arms, and a removable club accessory. This Woodland Colorway is a limited edition of 150 pieces. It can be purchased via the Sad Salesman Website for $85.00.