Tesselate B6400 front

On Tuesday March 19th 2013 at 8PM GMT (4PM ET), Tesselate will be releasing the B6400. An edition of only 2 pieces, the 6"tall resin will run £70.00 (around $106).


The core ED-IT DJ's would struggle to put on a show without their trusty friends the B6400 series. Once confined to audio management of human concerts and internet broadcasts, these bots joined the ED-IT team and have put their skills to good use. From the very initial concept of a new show, through the to the final beat produced, B6400 are watching and tweaking via their expansive plethora of equipment.

They work closely with partner company Accex to develop new machines and push boundaries.

They are also partial to a good cheese burger.

Tesselate B6400 with desk

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