We resume our 2013 Plastic and Plush Awards with the last two categories. The Plush Toy of the Year category has been pared down to the top 5 releases of 2012. So here you have them...

PAPAs Gravescabs

5. Skell and Covers (Gravescabs - Sharkchild)
The Gravescabs feature a "base" Skell plush, which you can then customize by adding one of the several available (reversible) covers. It gives you a number of options, although I sort of prefer the regular old Skell.

PAPAs Goofy Grin Monsters

4. Candy (Goofy Grin Monsters)
The Goofy Grin Monsters are pretty much everything that their name mentions. The Candy character is the stand-out plush is this series. Why? Candy Corn, Licorice Ropes, Jelly Beans, Cupcakes...

PAPAs Worry Woos Twitch

3. Twitch (WorryWoos - Andi Green)
Andi's WorryWoos had a big year in 2012. She released several new books and a pair of new plush characters. The Twitch book might be my favorite in the series, and the plush character ranks right up there.

PAPAs Uglydolls Softy

2. Softy (Uglydolls - David+Sun-Min)
It wouldn't be a Plush Toy of the Year category if we didn't see an Uglydoll. While the brand has been gearing up for a jump to the big screen, we did see several new plush characters launch in 2012. Our favorite...the aptly named Softy.

PAPAs Worry Woos WorryBug

1. The WorryBug (WorryWoos - Andi Green)

The little WorryBug, from Andi Green's storybook - Don't Feed the Worrybug, sort of played second fiddle to Wince. It wasn't on the book cover and was the second plush from the story to be released. But while this plush is smaller than the other WorryWoos, it's my favorite of the bunch.

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