2012 PAPAs: Plastic Toy Of The Year

Our final category for the 2012 Plastic and Plush Awards is the Plastic Toy Of The Year. Since resin has become just as popular as rotocast vinyl, they’re all included … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Plush Toy Of The Year

We resume our 2013 Plastic and Plush Awards with the last two categories. The Plush Toy of the Year category has been pared down to the top 5 releases of … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best Functional Toy

This is a new category for us. What’s a functional toy? Well, pretty much everything that doesn’t fit in the other categories. It’s a toy that can often be passed … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Sixth Scale Toy of the Year

We’re back, taking a look at the final four categories in our 2012 Plastic and Plush Awards. Today, I’m taking a look at the best sixth scale (or highly articulated) … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best Toy Line

In what is probably the most competitive category of the PAPAs, we remember the year that was in toy lines. There were a number of deserving line, so whittling it … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best New Line

With toy companies and toy lines constantly entering and exiting the marketplace, finding five new toy lines to feature is a fairly simple task. We saw new things from well-known … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best Blind Box Series

It seems like the blind box craze sort of slowed down in 2012. We didn’t review nearly the amount as previous years. And some series that were previously released blind-boxed … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best Sculpting

Covering so many different figure platforms and types, the sculpting work is likely to vary dramatically. For example, sixth-scale collectibles often have very important face sculpts when they are an … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Best Packaging

What might be only a barrier to some folks might be a work of art to others. I’m talking about toy packaging. Some people keep their collectibles mint in box…others … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Artist of the Year

Like Customizer of the Year, choosing a quintet of artists that excelled over the past year is a difficult task. (Finding photos of them on Facebook pages and their personal … Read More

2012 PAPAs: Customizer of the Year

Every year, we see so many great customs and there are so many talented artists (of every level) trying their hand at the craft. I guess that’s the great thing … Read More

2012 Plastic and Plush Awards: The PAPAs

It’s that time of year again – the time when we announce the Plastic and Plush Awards (PAPAs). So, I’m looking back at the last 13 months of reviews and … Read More