PAPAs Plastic Toy of the Year

Our final category for the 2012 Plastic and Plush Awards is the Plastic Toy Of The Year. Since resin has become just as popular as rotocast vinyl, they're all included in here (ABS, PVC, and any other kind of plastic as well). Whittling down to five pieces here was the most difficult of any category...

PAPAs Crazy Label 1000 Teddies

5. 1000 Teddies (Crazy Label - Philipp Jordan)
Sculpted to almost feel like a fabric teddy bear (maybe burlap over the sculpt?), Crazy Label converted Philipp's 1000 Teddies artwork into a single vinyl teddy sculpt. It's a great representation of Mr. Jordan's art show (all 1000 teddies) in vinyl form.

PAPAs Tomenosuke Calliope Jackalope

4. Calliope Jackalope (Tomenosuke+Circus Posterus - Kathie Olivas)
The T+CP label was introduced in 2012 and really picked up a head of steam throughout the year. With the quality of Japan-made vinyl and amazing paint-work, the release of the Calliope Jackalope helped to bring Kathie Olivas' artwork to life like we've never seen it before.

PAPAs Onell Armorvor

3. Armorvor (Onell Design)
There were actually a number of artists involved in bringing the Armorvor to production: Matt Doughty, Marty "Godbeast"Hansen, and Jason Frailey. The trio wanted to pay homage to the 1980's Battle Beasts line, while keeping everything Glyos Compatible. What they ended up with was quite possibly the be(a)st Glyos figure to date.

PAPAs ESC Turtum Micci

2. Turtum Micci (ESC-Toy - Erick Scarecrow)
The Turtum Micci is the lone resin representative on this list. An intricate sculpt combined with clear gradient resin make these a personal favorite. The character fits in with some of Erick's other 80's video game inspired art, but it's really about pushing resin somewhere new (and being affordable always helps).

PAPAs Tomenosuke Toxic Marshmallow Stingy Jack

1. Toxic Marshmallow Stingy Jack (T+CP - Brandt Peters)

While it's really a toss-up whether you prefer the Stingy Jack or Calliope Jackalope character, both are produced with the utmost attention to detail (especially paint and sculpting). So why did I choose Stingy Jack? I sort of have a Halloween/Jack-O-Lantern obsession, so he got a few bonus points.

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