PAPAs Functional

This is a new category for us. What's a functional toy? Well, pretty much everything that doesn't fit in the other categories. It's a toy that can often be passed off for something else, whether it's a puzzle, USBflash memory, or one of these...

Chuppi TADO

5. Chuppi (Mathmos)
Part nightlight, part designer toy. This light up vinyl, designed by TADO, includes two sheets of interchangeable stickers to create 18 different characters.


4. Cubebot (Areaware)
The Cubebot is pretty much a puzzle + a Rubik's Cube + a wooden robot. So not only is it a fun character, but it's fun to play with.

Mimobot Adventure Time Finn

3. Adventure Time - Finn Mimobot (Mimoco)
We've been covering Mimobots for years now. I used to have a 256KB Mimobot hooked up to my Tandy 1000 EX in the 1980's. Well, maybe not that old. Being a fan of Adventure Time...this collaboration just seemed perfect.

Close Up Fingerboard

2. CloseUp Fingerboards
Straight from France, these mini finger skatedecks brought me back to my heyday...pitifully attempting tricks on my old plastic fingerboard. Except these are manufactured like the real thing.

Boombot2 Camo

1. Boombot2 (Boombotix)

The Boombot2, which actually uses the design of the old Mini Skully designer toy, added Bluetooth to the original Boombot designer speaker. And while the design is cool, and they teamed up with some artists from the scene, it's really the excellent sound quality that stands out. So much so, that I listen to it every day at work.

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