The April Fool's custom painted Hobart (Da Shaka Monsta) toy release will feature customs by Martin Ontiveros, Kiyoka Ikeda, Le Merde, Chanmen, Bwana Spoons, Koji Harmon, Brian Flynn, Naoya Ikeda, and Scrappers.

The release will happen at thedepartmentofawesome.com and you can get on the preview list by sending the secret password "Shaka" to

Hobart Scrappers

Here's how Justin "Scrappers"Morrison describes the character:

He’s based on a Hobie surf monster t-shirt I had as a kid (my son wears it now). I designed the toy and sent it to Naoya of Gargamel to sculpt and cast. It’s a collaboration we have been taking about for a couple years, but none of my designs clicked till this one. In all honestly I have never held a resin cast figure that is this professionally made and full of joy. Naoya is a master!

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