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UniPo Series 2 Released


UNKL Brand has launched the 2nd line of their uber-popular UniPo series.  Series 2 includes 4 figures that are 2" in height (the same as series numero uno) and run about $8 a piece.  Oh!  Plus UNKL has released a 6" UniPo figure (300% the normal size).  The larger figure is limited to only 100 pieces, priced at $39.99 and has a slightly different color scheme.  (Thanks to Jeff Bell for pointing that out!)

Toy2R @ Toyexpo 2006


Toy2R had a great display at this past weekend's Hong Kong Toyexpo 2006.  Just check out the photos!  A number of new projects look to be in the plans for the upcoming year.


Suckadelic’s Spooky Booty




If you're a fan of bootleg toys...the wait for a new figure from the Sucklord is over!  Suckadelic is announcing the newest bootleg babe - Spooky Booty.  It's the first release since Mzre Yuen dropped at July's Comic Con.  The limited edition figure is available through the Super Suck Store for $30.  Oh! And Spooky Booty is the first Suckfigure to glow in the dark.

FluffyBadBad Pre-Order


OhNo!Doom has anounced that their first plush creation - FluffyBadBad - is now available on their site for pre-order.  Pre-orders will be limited to the first 50 customers (with only 500 plush figures in production).  The official release date will be December 15th, celebrated with a party at Chicago's Rotofugi.  The pre-order folks should get their FluffyBadBads before that date.

Oh Crap!


Sometimes, searching the internet reveals some strange and frightening things.  I came across a line of plush toys and plastic figurines known as The Turds...they definitely qualify as odd.  I'm not sure how well a line built around feces will do with collectors.  Maybe a gag gift?? 

Well, they do have a crapload of plastic characters.  There are a number of pop culture references in the line (think of Toxic Teddies - bears + poop).  I'm sure that about 50% of folks will crack up and 50% will think these toys really are crap.

REVIEW: Mark Beyer’s Amy and Jordan Bendables



Legendary "neo-primitive" artist/cartoonist Mark Beyer has influenced contemporary art and comics with his work over the last twenty years. Gaining attention through covers and stories in RAW magazine, he solidified his place with a long-running weekly comic strip, "Amy & Jordan," that appeared in alternative newspapers nationwide.

Dark Horse has worked with Beyer and the sculptors at Yoe Studio to create a bendable set of Amy and Jordan figures for collectors. 



The set is packaged in a window-front box with background artwork from Mark Beyer.  There is a single cell comic on the back of the box, which shows the characters in comic form.  Also, I must give Dark Horse credit for not inundating us with ties and tape.  You simply pop the figures out of the plastic casing.

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Perk Boy by Perk


You'll need to wait util early 2007 for adFunture to release the Perk Boy figure.  The  piece has been designed by Chinese Mainland creative duo - PERK. The Perk Boy represents reborn purity and is the most iconic character of Perk.  More info will be released as we get closer to a release date.

New Cheshire Cats Available


In addition to the Pirate edition of Span of Sunset's Cheshire Cat figure...they have now released 2 more.  The
Haunted Mansion and Punk Chehsire Cats are part of an ongoing series of figures sculpted by Monster5 and produced and manufactured by Span of Sunset, Inc and Disney.

Skywalkers – Magic In The Sky


is premiering
Scion’s Skywalkers Parade curated by the artist collective
FriendsWithYou during Art Basel 2006.  On Thursday, December 7
at 2:00 p.m.
, a full-scale procession of 18 balloons designed by a
select group of prominent
and emerging artists will take place along South Beach’s shoreline
beginning at
17th Street and continuing down to 5th Street.

Internationally renowned artists, FriendsWithYou, Ara
, Misaki
, MumbleBoy, PaperRad, David Choe, and DEVILROBOTS, have designed
multitude of 5’ to 60’ balloons.  Magnificent in size and beauty, they
will be manned by over 150
volunteers and paraded along Miami Beach’s shore. 

FriendsWithYou statement: "We view this as a procession to inspire and envoke
everyones spirit. We asked each of these artists to represent an idea from their
part of the galaxy.  They each created an entity that has been summoned from a
distant sector of the universe to pay its respect to our planet by sharing
their celestial power with us all!”

SHOW: Urban Art Experiments


This past weekend, The Banana Lab hosted the first installment of its Urban Art Experiments show. The show consisted of big name Detroit artists customizing both Nades and BUDs. Some artists were familiar with the world of vinyl toys, for others, the idea was foreign. The results were outstanding, and the large Detroit crowd in attendance was both awwed and amazed at the variety and detail throughout the show.

The pieces featured in the show are now available for purchase at The Banana Lab, and will be for the next few weeks.