Artists Travis Lampe and Travis Louie have created a “card throwing/tile game” called VAMPIRES vs. UNICORNS: Floor War. Released by Yumfactory, the game was constructed by game designer Jim DuBois … Read More

Hi Fructose x Alex Pardee Wood Print

Hi-Fructose will be releasing a series of wood prints from five artists during San Diego Comic Con. The first will be from Mr. Alex Pardee, who was featured in the … Read More

Hi-Fructose 5th Anniversary Show

Hi-Fructose Arts Magazine celebrates its 5th anniversary with a group show presenting a selection of some of the  most distinguished artists to have graced their pages. Taking place at Copro … Read More

Digested Rainbow Print

Hi-Fructose has released an exclusive giclee print by artist Alex Pardee. "Digested Rainbow" was the centerpiece to Pardee’s solo show "Letters from Digested Children" at Upper Playground SF last year, … Read More

Hi-Fructose Vol.14

Hi-Fructose starts 2010 off with an extensive cover feature with amazing painter Greg "Craola" Simkins; including a special sketchbook section, Kiel Johnson’s constructed reality, the natural beauties of Lola, powerful … Read More

SDCC 2009: Attaboy and Hi-Fructose

If you wanted to pick up Attaboy’s Gooberry plush, you’ll want to make your way to the Hi-Fructose booth. Pull the string for a special surprise. Attaboy also has a number of custom pieces and artwork on display. And if…

Hi-Fructose 2009 SDCC Signing Schedule

Hi-Fructose will bring an Oasis of Chaos to the San Diego Comic Con at Booth #4939. They have an extensive list of artist signings (featured below), exclusive print releases and special items premiering at the event. Score limited edition prints…

The Gooberry by Attaboy

We’ve been following Attaboy’s Gooberry since way back in 2005. New York Toy Fair was when I first got my hands on the “Sweet Talking Gooberry” plush. (Anyone else now have that ELO song stuck in their head?) Well, fast…

Mark Ryden and NTF’s YHWH

Hi Fructose and Brian McCarty dropped a bombshell on us. But it’s a good kind of bombshell. Long Gone John and his Necessaries Toy Foundation are back (had they ever left?) and previewing their upcoming Mark Ryden piece – YHWH….

Hi-Fructose Volume 11

The eleventh volume of Hi-Fructose Magazine arrives this April. It features exclusive coverage of Mark Ryden’s “The Snow Yak Show”, the art of Chet Zar, Tiffany Bozic, Brandi Milne, Brandt Peters, Damon Soule, the dangerous dioramas of Thomas Doyle, Charlie…

Hi-Fructose Magazine Vol.10

Hi-Fructose Magazine Vol. 10, 104 pages full color, ships in January 2009. The first volume of 2009 of Hi-Fructose starts off with a bang with cover feature Glenn Barr, the art of Chris Scarborough’s death clouds, Yosuke Ueno, Camilla d’Errico,…

Brian McCarty Koibito Shoot

Hi Fructose is making a new photo from renowned toy photographer Brian McCarty available for download (screen backgrounds and iPhone). The photo is of Yoskay Yamamoto’s Koibito vinyl and will be featured in the upcoming Hi Fructose Volume 10. And…

Hi-Fructose Volume 9

Hi-Fructose Vol. 9 will begin shipping this October. In this issue they will be featuring the art of Netherland painter Chris Berens, Stella Im Hulteberg, the art of Dan May, and they’ll also introduce you to Sam Gibbons’ symmetrical wood-cut…

Hi-Fructose Volume 9 Preview

As Hi-Fructose is putting the finishing touches on their latest issue – Volume 9 – which is due in stores during the first week of Ocotober. Hi-Fructose Vol.9 features articles on: Netherlands painter – Chris Berens, Stella Im Hultberg, Dan…

SDCC 2008: Hi-Fructose

The Hi-Fructose booth was manned by Attaboy and featured a number of his one-off custom figures. There were also artist signings, which included free prints to the first 50 people who purchased a shirt or magazine during the signing. But…