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SDCC 2009: Merit International


Merit International's San Diego Comic Con booth featured figures are artwork from Dez Einswell's Doodle Barn. While we've seen several of the products before, the little figures in the glass cans were something new to me.

Our SDCC Merit Int'l Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Sideshow


The Sideshow booth was yet again one of the busiest at San Diego Comic Con. The booth featured a number of popular Sideshow lines (Star Wars, G.I. Joe and Indiana Jones), a custom Stormtrooper display and several new Hot Toys products. We'll be providing more details on the new product announcements in the coming days.

Our SDCC Sideshow Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Toy Tokyo


If you were looking to be greeted by a topless Marilyn Monroe with Mickey Mouse...accoutrements, you'd obviously want to walk to the aisle right up against the wall at SDCC. If you've ever been to Comic Con before, you'll know that's where you can find the Toy Tokyo booth...which holds a treasure trove of collectible figures.

Our SDCC Toy Tokyo Photo Gallery

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Tonner Twilight Dolls


On Saturday of Comic Con, we strolled by the Tonner booth to find that they had surprisingly unveiled three new Twilight Tonner Character Figures - Laurent, James and Victoria. I only had my cell phone with me, so the photos aren't top notch...but you get the idea.


SDCC 2009: Cardboard Spaceship


The Cardboard Spaceship San Diego Comic Con booth had a bunch of amazing customs from artist Scribe. There were also several signings at the booth as well as small run limited edition resin releases.

SDCC 2009: Munky King


The Holy Grail of San Diego Comic Con might have been the Bronze Koibito at the Munky King booth. Limited to only 30 pieces, your chances are snagging one were slim. But t hey had several consolation prizes...and a bunch of booth signings.

Our SDCC Munky King Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Super7


If you saw our pre-SDCC coverage, you probably noticed the number of exclusives that would be at the Super7 booth. But one of them garnered the most interest was Big Sal by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.

Our SDCC Super7 Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Grass Hut


The Grass Hut booth is always one of the most colorful (and trippy) places at San Diego Comic Con. It's your own personal - legal - acid trip. All of the artists (APAK, Bwana Spoons, Le Merde, Martin Ontiveros and Scrappers) were well represented. Our top three favorite of the bunch? Babe Bunyan (Scrappers), Bill Patternmaker (Arne) and just about anything by Le Merde.

Our SDCC Grass Hut Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Flapjack Toys


The fine folks at Flapjack Toys had two lines of collectible figures on display at Comic Con. The Spooky Kookys and Symptoms are both made of PVC plastic and made by Mike Becker (the founder of Funko).

Our SDCC Flapjack Toys Photo Gallery

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SDCC 2009: Diamond Comics


As with most years, the Diamond Comics booth was loaded with the toys that they distribute to your local comic book shop. Among our favorites: Tonner's Previews Exclusive Catwoman, the Bunk Bots and the Watchmen Kubrick Set.