SDCC13: UNKL – Hamz

UNKL will be releasing an exclusive plush at San Diego Comic Con 2013. The guys known for their vinyl robots are going a little soft on us…or something like that. … Read More

UNKL will make their way to SDCC

UNKL will be at San Diego Comic Con this year with some new items at Booth # 3229 – the Toynami booth. They will have the new 6-inch D1 Series … Read More

SDCC10: Toynami Booth

Amongst the Comic Con bedlam was the Toynami booth with some interesting lines. First off, we saw the return of UNKL Brand with the revealing of several new lines – … Read More

DC x UNKL Double Label Project Graph + Sug‏

When DC decided to re-launch the Graph shoe, SUG caught wind of it and wanted to be a part of it. So, he contacted his mates at UNKL and suggested they do a limited edition glow-in-the-dark SUG figure and shoe…


The UNKL booth had a number of new products, which they were making available daily. The largest of them – Mak.Po – is one we have been eagerly awaiting. They also had a new lineup of HazMaPo, as well as…

UNKL’s Mak.Po at SDCC…got that?

UNKL’s much-anticipated MaK.Po will release at their San Diego Comic Con booth in late July 2008. A nod to Kow Yokoyama’s esteemed Maschinen Krieger figures, UNKL had the opportunity to present their idea for MaK.Po to Yokoyama in mid-2006. With…

First Ever UniPo Fan Series

UNKL has announced that their first ever fan designed UniPo series has been released. With 4 designs from artists around the globe, the winners were chosen right around a year ago. The four lucky designers are: Peter Creten (Belgium), Tummie…

UNKL x Boardeli Longboards

UNKL teamed up with Boardeli Longboards to design two styles of their 44-inch longboards. Each design is limited to a run of four total pieces. They will go on sale March 1 on Boardeli’s website. And if you pick up…

UniPo Series Five

UNKL has released their newest line of UniPo vinyl figures. UniPo Series 5: The Speed Demons consists of three racers and one angry lawman. (They are all the same size)

UniPo Series 5: The Speed Demons

Derek from UNKL Brand was awestruck after attending a NASCAR race in Texas…so inspired that he decided to create a line of racing inspired UniPo’s. The Speed Demons line of 4 figures includes their very own law abiding friend. Look…

Defcon SUG Version 2

UNKL Brand has revealed 2 new colorways for their popular SUG line of vinyl figure. The Defcon Version 2 should be available this April 1st…and I”m not foolin’ you.

UNKL’s Ipecac Toy Subscription

When you’re thinking about Christmas presents, this is probably much better than being enrolled in the fruit of the month club. UNKL decided to set up their Ipecac Recordings line as a monthly subscription. So you can sign up for…