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Joe Grady designed the newest Circus Punk - named Maori Punk.  You've probably seen plenty of Grady's designs around, but this is his first CP.

As far as the two designs, I always dug punks that utilized both sides of the canvas, so that's why I created a separate back design. The front of this punk shows a Maori Male's facial tattoos called Ta Moko.  The back panel is actually a decorative pattern they carved into their wooden oars.

The body fabric is different than traditional Circus Punks, and they are also using a new printing process. This is the second punk produced using sublimation printing, which is used as an option for artists who have designs that go beyond screen printing limitations.

The Maori Punk is an exclusive that was released at the Black Friday 13th at FlyOver Gallery in Madison, WI.  It was released with two different fur options...the one above and one with black, brown and green fur.  Joe said that there are only 3 left at best of luck picking one up!


Black Friday 13th at FlyOver Gallery


The folks in Madison, Wisconsin will have a chance to see what's shaping up to look like a great well as being able to pick up an exclusive Maori Circus Punk designed by Joe GradyFlyOver Gallery has picked up the entire run of the Maori Punk (available with 2 different fur options), so you'll have to pick one up from them.  We'll be reviewing it later in the week, and will give you more details then.

A number of great artists will be displaying work at the show, so if you're in the area, you'll want to make an appearance.

Show runs: Friday, July 13th from 8PM until ???

Cafe Montmatre
127 East Mifflin St.
Madison, WI

Circus Punks: Out of Vogue in LA


Circus Punks are the modern day incarnation of these nostalgic American tradition but with a twist: these Circus Punks are designed and customized by the hottest artists around.  The Out of Vogue in LA show will feature artwork and handpainted Circus Punks from over 45 different artists.  In addition to the custom Punks will be limited production 15” Circus Punks by Craola, Shag, tokidoki, Reuben Rude, Thomas Han & Bob Dob. Each one of the exclusives will be limited to 20 pieces each.  To further bombard any CP fan, there will be plenty of hard to find Circus Punks production pieces as well as plenty of Circus Punks swag given away. 

Line up early ‘cuz the first 100 people in line will receive raffle tickets with half being winners of Circus Punks bags filled with CP goodness.

Opening Reception:
December 2, 2006 7-10 pm


36 W. Colorado Blvd. #5
Pasadena, CA 90015