Robert, from Kung Fu Toys, was able to sneak into Kidrobot LA for the Mini Circus Punks Take California event.  On hand for the signing were Joe Ledbetter, Greg "Craola" Simkins and Simone Legno (tokidoki).  They were all there to introduce Series 2 of Circus Punks.

Crowd2 Kidrobotcrowd_1


1.) Kidrobot sign  2.) Kidrobot window  3.) Mini Circus Punks picture
4.) Waiting line to get in  5.) Picture of the rare White fur 30" inch
Circus Pucks set only 20 made 6.) Line waiting to get stuff signed  7.) Line waiting to pay for
Punks  8.) Artists signing - Joe Ledbetter, Greg Craola Simkins &
Simone Legno  9.)
Craola signing Qee  10.) Joe signing Skate Deck 11.) Joe Ledbetter 12.) Greg Simkins 13.) Greg &
Joe signing 14.) Paul Cruikshank
- Owner of Circus Punks on left side 15.) Signed Mini Circus Punks

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