481 Outlander

So Ni (Nicholas) from NiStuff and 481 Universe is showing off the above photo of the first test shot of his Outlander production piece. The Glyos compatible figure look pretty great to me. It has an insect-like feel to it.

Here's Ni's thoughts on the project:

It’s fun to finally see these two standing side by side. The Outlander is heavily based upon the lines and proportions laid out in the original traveler figure. The original Pheyden (and other travelers) is my favorite of Onell Design’s figure selection so being allowed to pay homage to them as well as put my own spin on a figure in the same vein is a real dream.

The legs and arms deviate from the original traveler formula. The arms have a peg and socket at the elbow and wrist so you can approximate a number of poses and arm configurations. The Legs have useful swivels in the ankles for added stability. The Chest piece can be reversed and used in two different configurations.

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